Swift Bed – Easy to Deliver, Even Easier to Sleep On

Consumer Update

It’s no doubt about it, moving is just one of those necessary evils in life. And if you’re moving into or currently living in a tiny apartment, you have to deal with stairs or narrow doorframes. Well, the time has come for beds and furniture to fit into not just our doorframes but our different lifestyles.

Swift Bed provides stylish, ready-to-assemble mattresses and furniture so it can be easily moved into your home.

What’s great about Swift Bed is that you’re able to purchase it straight from the website, get it at your door promptly, easily move it inside your home, and have it go from box to sofa in 15 minutes or less.


Swift Bed has a premium mattress made with the best materials available as well as their sofas that are made for easy access into your home.

When you look at other traditional mattresses, they’re typically difficult to ship and get into your home. Swift Bed takes that process out of play. Their mission is to not have you go to the mattress store and not deal with the shopping and haggling.

You can simply log on to their website and order their bed and you can expect it at your door in 10 days.

What’s great about Swift Bed is that they use an innovative Talalay latex top layer in addition to gel-infused memory foam that provides a cool night’s sleep. Due to this, Swift Bed guarantees one of the best night’s sleep you’ll ever get.

So do yourself a favor and take away the hassle of moving heavy mattresses and furniture by heading to swiftbed.com.




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