SleepBliss – Solving Two of the Most Major Sleep Problems

Consumer Update

Do you ever struggle to get an adequate’s night rest? Maybe you’ve got a case of endless tossing and turning? Simply put, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Studies have found that people who suffer from insomnia or who don’t get proper sleep are actually suffering from distorted brainwaves where the brain is unable to switch off at bedtime due to overactivity/activeness.

So, without further ado, check out SleepBliss.

SleepBliss is solving two of the most major sleep problems and has come up with a solution to alleviate insomnia and help you get a deep sleep in the most natural way possible. Specifically, they’ve designed “Deep Sleep Brainwave Tuning Technology.”

SleepBliss is a 100% non-invasive sleep aid mat embedded with deep sleep frequency of 3.4Hz. And as previously stated, this is a totally non-invasive method and comes with absolutely zero side-effects. In addition, using it is super easy; just keep it below your pillow.

This technology not only ensures a good night’s rest but a deep sleep – we’re talking full REM cycle. It’s a dreamless state where bodily consciousness is lost. Essentially, it’s the most important stage of the sleep cycle that the body and mind yearn for.

Ahhh… after a good restorative sleep, you would wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for the day!

To pre-order SleepBliss, head over to, with delivery starting in August 2018.



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