UnEarthed Candles – Luxury and Environmentally-Friendly Candles

Consumer Update

If you’re a candle-lover, you know the calming effect it can have on us to help us relax. So what’s not to love about candles?! Well, okay, they can be potential fire hazards, but if lit responsibly, they can really do something with your home’s ambiance. But it is important to know that not all candles are created equal.

UnEarthed Candles are not only luxurious, but they’re environmentally friendly in regards to their wax formula. In addition, they’re known to be long lasting power-scents.

UnEarthed Candles come in amazing fragrances such as Willow, with hints of Bamboo and Mediterranean-fig, or Vanilla Silk, that’ll make you feel nostalgic and cozy.

UnEarthed, Roman antiquity inspired candles offer a variety of styles such as the 24.6oz jar, the 14oz. glass, the perfect balance gift set of seven votive candles and more.

These candles offer an upscale glow to your home, with notes of copper shine and a perfectly formulated, smooth, clean burn. This holiday season, UnEarthed will be right at your fingertips to give as the perfect gift.

And when you send these gifts to your friends and family, they will receive the royal treatment opening experience. You can also get free shipping on your first purchase from UnEarthed by using the promo code NEWSWATCH18.

To start filling your home with these little pieces of joy, head to unearthedcandles.comtoday.



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