Plant Hero – The More Efficient Way to Keep Your Plants Growing

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Not everyone has a “green fingers” or a single green thumb for that matter. And though housing plants may seem like a good idea at the time, the cool aesthetic does come with responsibility. Not as demanding as a pet, but nonetheless, your plants need some attention and TLC!

Enter Plant Hero.

Plant Hero

This nifty self-water plant gizmo is on Kickstarter and seeks to solve the problem of negligent plant owners.

As described in their campaign, Plant Hero is the “no-green-fingers-needed” solution to growing strong, healthy plants. The idea behind the design is to create a mobile setting where plants are watered naturally as they would in nature.

The #1 cause of dead plants is overwatering or underwatering and let’s face it, not all of us are inherent botanists. Plant Hero takes all of that effort out of the equation. In a nutshell, it’s an automatic irrigation system that imitates a plant’s natural water cycle and absorption pattern, eliminating any guesswork.

With a normal potted plant, for example, you’d have to make sure that you water it once a day or two. With Plant Hero, you’re looking at a once-a-month watering cycle – that’s equal to water your plant 12 times a year!

Plant Hero makes this possible by integrating the smart design of its self-watering planter with using a ceramic medium in place of soil. The unique clay is an ideal deterrent to overwatering while simultaneously boosting hydration and nutrient absorption. In addition, it means no mess, no pests!

Want to get your hands on this cool plant-saving system? Head over to their Kickstarter and help get this puppy off the ground.


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