SafeWander – The Best Bed Alarm for Fall Prevention

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There are many stories of loved ones who get up in the middle of the night, suffer a fall and not get up for hours. A thought like this can truly be disheartening to think about and makes you feel pretty helpless.

Luckily, this is where a revolutionary new product called SafeWander comes in. This product is a wearable wireless sensor that your loved one wears on their shirt or pajamas using their patented OneTwist technology.

The moment your loved one gets up in the middle of the night and before their feet hit the floor, SafeWander alerts caregivers and family members immediately on their tablets or phones. You are then able to instantly provide assistance to your loved ones. This way, you can prevent falls and sleep with peace of mind.

The sensor connects directly to the SafeWander gateway so you can monitor your loved ones from anywhere. And because it connects to the cloud, you’re able to see a log of their bed exits so you have a better understanding of their sleep habits and provide better care.

SafeWander provides the following:

  • Sensor – securely attached to clothing with their easy, patented OneTwist that sends an immediate alert when it detects a change in body position
  • Gateway – plugged near the sensor, relays the alert to your phone/tablet via WiFi, no matter where you are.
  • App – instantly beeps on your phone/tablet when receiving the alert. It also allows multiple caregivers to simultaneously monitor from different locations.

Unique Features and Benefits

  • Easy and discreet attachment. Hard to take off by the wearer
  • Alerts on mobile device while sensor is silent. No more alarm noise
  • Replaceable long-life battery. No charging necessary
  • Log of bed exists available on your mobile device

So, if you want to protect your loved ones and keep them safe, head to safewander.comtoday.


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