Lienion – Free Social Media Training Program for Schools


There is just no escaping social media, it’s simply everywhere. While it can be wielded for good to connect one another and encourage positivity, we know that it can be used in a negative way.

This is why Lienion launched a free social media training program for schools called LSMTP. Through education, they can train kids early on how to properly use social media. This training program is 100% free and includes access to a real social network environment.

The network is only accessible by kids and is guided by teachers and parents.

Lienion has created their own social network called Shoution. It’s not just any social network, but one that’s a dedicated network for your company or organization. It combines the simplicity of common social networks with the professional environment needed in a company.

You can make teams and groups where members can share ideas and collaborate with colleagues and customers. And through this efficient platform, you can create timesheets, to-do lists, and checklists as well as like, comment and share documents, links, and videos.

To find out more about Lienion and their social network Shoution, head on over to today.



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