Athena Pro – Preventing Crime Through Artificial Intelligence

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Did you know that there has been, on average, at least one school shooting per week in the United States in 2018? It goes without saying that this is a serious epidemic and something needs to be done about it immediately.

Athena Security Pro is a software that is here to help stop crime in its tracks.

This software is an A.I. that recognizes dangerous objects and dangerous motions, such as someone pulling out a gun. There is a feature where you’re even able to talk to the gunman and say “Hey, please put down your gun.”

If, for example, a client doesn’t think that is appropriate, the software still notifies authorities and the police in real-time. This helps in efforts to get people to the crime scene faster and hopefully prevents the crime.

The vision Athena Pro has is to take away the concern of being mugged when you’re walking down the street. It offers safety and protection, which is exactly the mission that Athena Pro wants to bring to the world.

Athena Pro has been installed at Archbishop Wood High School, in Pennsylvania and has worked seamlessly. The school feels far more protected and has even spoken to several parents, reassuring them that the proactive camera helps stop crime and does something about it.

In addition, Athena Pro not only records the crime but works tirelessly to prevent any casualties.

Learn more about Athena Security by heading to today.


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