Outvote – Outvote Helps You Use Public Data to Get Your Friends to Vote


Midterm elections are coming up and there’s usually one question to ask: are you going to vote? Or perhaps you’ll be asked, “Are you registered to vote?”

Let’s never underestimate the power of voting and how everyone’s vote counts. The future is honestly in our hands and we should never turn away an opportunity to give our input.

That’s why Outvote was created.


Outvote is an app that empowers progressives like you to mobilize your friends to get out there and vote. You text them, they go vote, and democracy wins! Because in a world filled with dark money, fake news, and Russian bots, that’s exactly what friends are for.

Outvote tells you which of your friends can vote, which candidates they can vote for, and whether they live in a swing district Democrats need to win back Congress.

You can text friends with information, remind them to vote, and strike a blow for democracy – all from the comfort of wherever you are. It’s that simple.

And if you’re searching for a way to impact the elections this November, all you have to do is take 5 minutes to remind your friends to vote with Outvote and join the blue wave to take back Congress.

Again, Outvote only takes 5 minutes to download and you can get it in the App or Google Play Store today.




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