Atelier Wen – Modern Watches Consisting of Chinese Heritage

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Though “Made in China” seems to be a bit of taboo these days, there are items that truly live up to that statement. For instance, Atelier Wen doesn’t shy away from it when it comes to designing and promoting their luxury watches. In fact, they couldn’t be any more proud of their Chinese culture that’s inspired these gorgeous timepieces.

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Born out of collaboration by French and Chinese designers, Atelier Wen intended to redefine modern Chinese chic. Chinese horology dates back at least 1,000 years, encompassing plenty of history to mine in the design of the timepiece.

A lot of the time, several people will tell you that Swiss-made is the way to go when selecting a watch, but what you may be unaware of is that the number of “Swiss” watches are created by Chinese watchmakers in China. And by applying some smoke and mirrors and other branding tricks, these companies aim to make you think one thing when it’s actually not even 100% true.

Atelier Wen is nothing but genuine when it comes to its branding. They’re only interested in embracing China’s vast history and culture and let it run through the design. By going straight to the manufacturer rather than using an “assembly team” in Switzerland, they are able to cut costs without hindering quality.

They’re able to offer an affordable watch with sapphire crystal instead of glass and a high-end mechanical movement. The series of Atelier Wen watches include Ji (“A blue shade of Yuan-dynasty potteries, similar to that of the sky after a storm”) and encompasses blue porcelain in its dial with a rich palette of various hues that change under different kinds of lighting.

Then there is Hao (“A white that is resplendent and without blemish”) which opts for a lighter touch with jasmine white porcelain in its dial accented with blue elements all over.

The watch offers three strap options:

  1. Blue Calf
  2. Grey nubuck
  3. Blue salmon

Each strap also comes hot-stamped with a Chinese proverb that translates to “to ride the wind and break the waves.”

Atelier Wen is currently running a Kickstarter allowing you to be one of the early adopters of the newest embodiment of Chinese chic.



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