O-YAKI – Your Kebabs of Choice on the Grill or in the Oven

Consumer Update

Alright, so let’s get something straight. Grilling isn’t just for the summertime anymore, it should pretty much be for any time! And because let’s face it – when you’re hankering for some kebabs, should you really let the cold weather stop you?

Well, this is exactly where O-YAKI skewers come in.

O-YAKI skewers were created to provide a more efficient way to cook – whether it’s outside on the grill or in your oven. It can cook several skewers at once and reduces the risk to uneven cooking – as well as a loss of precious marinade juices. In addition to that, you’re able to enjoy grilled skewers whatever the weather.

This set of metal skewers sit on a specifically designed stand and let you cook anything you want right in your oven – from kebabs to shrimp and even a whole chicken!

The set of nine high-grade steel skewers stand up vertically to cook evenly on all sides so there’s no need to turn them as you would with traditional skewers. And because you place the stand directly on the baking sheet, the grease won’t touch the grates in the oven.

And of course, the O-Yaki Skewer System can even fit in a grill, so long as the dome is at least 8 ½ inches high.

So, if you want to give this one-of-a-kind skewer system a try, head on over to oyakiproducts.com.


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