Soggy Food Sucks – Do Your Food a Favor

Consumer Update

It happens to the best of us: you order food and when you open the container, it looks less than fresh. Your fries are mushy, your sandwich bread is falling apart. It’s honestly just gross.

It’s because soggy food sucks and that’s what brings us to our next Company, aptly named…Soggy Food Sucks.

Soggy Food Sucks was developed by an aerospace engineer to combat condensation ruining your meal.

Here’s how it works. The simple peel and stick patch is placed on the inside lid of the container where your food sits. While in transport, the patch will actively force condensation and absorb it as it forms, keeping condensation away from your food. Your food stays crisp and tastes fresh when you are ready to eat.

Fries, burgers, bread, salad, chicken, are all at the whim of their natural enemy, condensation. The Soggy Food Sucks frozen patch is your best weapon against the forces that stop you from enjoying your meal. The frozen patch won’t make your food cold because…well, because Science.

Condensation and melting ice cancel each other out. It fits into any existing carry out box or container you might travel with. Give it a shot and let your favorite restaurant know about it too!

Head on over to today.


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