Taser Pulse Plus – Making the World a Safer Place

Consumer Update

A company named TASER Self-Defense has made it their mission to make the world a safer place with their new connected self-defense tool.

Pulse Plus is their latest taser product. The way it works is by connecting to the Noonlight mobile application which will automatically dispatch law enforcement if your Taser Pulse Plus is used.

The features of TASER Pulse Plus include a safety which you flip up if you want to use the taser and a laser that shows you exactly where you’re aiming so you can find your target and pull the trigger.

Once the trigger is pulled, two darts will fly up to 15 feet and hit that attacker and lock will lock up their muscles. This will last for 30 seconds which will leave you with enough time to drop the taser and flee the scene.

There are several situations where people may feel unsafe and tasers are a great solution for that because they’re very simple to use and easy to carry.

Tasers prove effective for when you need it and don’t require a lot of training or complexities like other solutions do.

The thing about tasers is that anyone can carry it and feel confident about having it and being able to use it if they need it.

The moment you think about self-defense, you want to do what you can to keep your attacker at a distance as well as hoping to have peace of mind and comfortable with whatever tool it is that you’re using. This is why TASER Pulse Plus is a great solution for anyone who may feel uncomfortable walking by themselves or in unsavory areas.

Learn how you can protect yourself by heading to buy.taser.com today.


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