Sewer Skewer – Keeping Your Vents Clean All Year Round

Consumer Update

If you live in colder climates, you probably know how awful it is when your sewer vent freezes. Not only does it create a snow cone-like effect outside of your sewer pipe, but a nasty methane smell infiltrates your home and makes it difficult to flush your toilets and drain your sinks. Since no one wants to deal with the stench or the annoyances, everyone should protect their sewer vents with the Sewer Skewer.

Sewer Skewer draws heat from the warm sewer gas, which is then conducted to the top of the sewer vent, meaning there won’t be a ghastly snow cone at the top of your house. There’s essentially no installation with the Sewer Skewer. You simply have to place the Sewer Skewer in your sewer vent and you’re good to go. That’s it. The top part of the T sits across the vent and the tail of the T rests inside the pipe. 

You can purchase the Sewer Skewer for $59.95 or the Sewer Skewer XL for $97.95. But if you want it sooner, you can check out their website to see all the available retail locations that sell this handy tool across the United States. And if you do end up purchasing a Sewer Skewer, profits from the sale will help support, allowing you to protect your home and your loved ones, while supporting our vets.

Whether you live on a farm, ranch, or in a home, learn how you can get yours at today.


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