Care3 – Staying on the Same Page with Medical History


When it comes to tracking health, it can get pretty confusing. However, the best way to stay on the same page with a care team is implementing a collective effort and using a platform that lets everyone see progress.

This platform/app is called Care3.

This award-winning, free task management and health messaging app allows friends, family and healthcare providers to stay on the same page. No more stacks of written up documentation or annoying spreadsheets, Care3 makes it easy to share information across the board.

Care3’s features include:

  • A calendar
  • Task reminders
  • Secure messaging

Its purpose is to provide seamless correspondence and convenient access for all parties who use the Care3 app. Its objective is to bring you, caregivers, family, and others the flexibility to view assigned tasks. Care3 ensures that no important jobs or reminders fall through the cracks because, ya know, it’s not cool to mess with someone’s health.

What’s great about Care3 is that it requires less than a minute to setup. All you have to do is invite your team and get to assigning tasks.

If you need to care for your aging parent or relative, Care3 is your go-to app for staying on the same page. Go above and beyond medication management by assigning individual tasks to each team member.

Whether the one you care for is an aging parent or a relative who needs assistance due to an injury, Care3 provides a holistic care plan that will promote real-time communication.

Care3 also lets you send messages with text, images, videos, and audio that keeps everyone in the loop. So let these resources help you give the best care you can offer someone that you love in need. Especially with it being so easy to install and whatnot.

Free to download on iOS and Android devices, head to Google Play or App Store and search for “Care3” today.

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