If you have an Apple smartphone or tablet, and you use the Nintendo Switch Online application, you should check if you can still use it. The Japanese company has just announced that its application will no longer be supported by several older generation iPhones and iPads.

If you play on Nintendo Switch, then you probably know that Big N’s little hybrid console doesn’t include chat functionality. Users must go through a dedicated mobile app, called “Nintendo Switch Online,” which is downloadable from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Nintendo Switch Online app separates from some iPhones and iPads
The information of the day concerns only the devices of the apple brand. As the website 9to5Mac informs us, Nintendo has just announced, via its Japanese Twitter account, that the application will soon no longer support the old iPhone and iPad. Indeed, within a few months, the Nintendo Switch Online app will raise its requirements and will therefore no longer be supported by versions prior to iOS 14. Until now, it still worked with iOS 12.

While Nintendo has not officially communicated a reason for this decision, 9to5Mac reminds us that only 4% of iPhones and iPads on the market run on versions prior to iOS 14. Specifically, this concerns the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, first generation iPad Air and iPad Mini 3.

In any case, this update will be deployed during the summer, without further details for the moment. And although they represent only a tiny part of the market, owners of older Apple devices will unfortunately be left out in the cold…