PlantSnap – An App for All Your Plant Identification Needs


When you walk outside, do you ever wonder how many plants there are to identify? Honestly, the average person can’t name many plant species, but did you know that there are over 400,000 species of plant on this planet? Yeah, we’d say there’s plenty of room to learn there.

Well, you guessed it, we have an app for that.

With PlantSnap, all you have to do is snap a picture of a plant, flower, or tree to find out exactly what it is. Instantaneously, PlantSnap will identify vegetation using powerful A.I. technology and a large resident database.

This database is ever-growing as it’s added by users who photograph and upload the plant species to the platform. Currently, PlantSnap recognizes 103,000 species of plants and trees that cover most of North America and Europe. About 50,000 species are added every month to the algorithm in efforts to help recognize more exotic plant life.

PlantSnap functions by a powerful learning and artificial intelligence, meaning it actually learns and improves with every image you provide so it can better grow its Plant Database.

This app doesn’t only offer an educational experience, but an active one. You’ll learn the name of plants, flowers, and trees with just a snap of a picture – thanks, technology! – while also getting your exercise on.

PlantSnap hopes to fully cover nearly every known type of plant on Earth by the end of 2017. We’d say that’s a pretty achievable goal since identification can be easily made in just a matter of seconds. Did we also mention that the app is ad-free? Yep, it is. So when you’re on a mission of knowing your plants, you can do so without the interruption of pesky ads.

Once you access the Plant Database, you can stay up-to-date on newly identified plant species. So, for all the plant enthusiasts and aspiring botanists, download PlantSnap today for $3.99 in either the Google Play or App Store today.


AIMM – Your Personal, Virtual Matchmaker


When it comes to dating, it’s become highly prevalent to scout out prospects via your mobile device. One app in particular that helps virtually match you with your best suitor is AIMM.

If you’re looking for someone serious to settle down and have a future with, AIMM can help weed out the best candidates.

AIMM is essentially a matchmaking service that uses artificial intelligence. Once you open the app, you’ll be greeted by an automated voice to tell you more about your suitor. And after some time, the A.I. matchmaker will facilitate a phone call between you and your match.

In addition, AIMM uses the world’s most advanced servers and technology to find your matches. With its ability to learn face recognition, you’ll never encounter a virtual matchmaker this spot on.

AIMM will begin by asking questions that have to do with what you prefer to do on your first date. This app is always eager to learn and know more about you in order for you to experience a fantastic first date that is hopefully followed by much more.

Once AIMM has gotten to know you, it starts by introducing prospects like a real human matchmaker would.

AIMM also includes the following:

  • A 100% conversational app as it works as the world’s first fully conversational app
  • Offers artificial intelligence that simplifies your dating life and allows you to guide your matches
  • No passwords or usernames are required and you can enjoy facial recognition to access the app
  • Automatic reminders

AIMM is loaded with features that can be used either online or offline with a day and night mode.

Start fishing for your match today by heading to today.

The Travel Angel – Fly Within Your Rights


We don’t have to regale you with the horror stories of booting passengers off their flight after they’ve rightfully purchased their ticket. And let’s face it, flying can be scary enough all on its own, but wondering if your seat is guaranteed shouldn’t have to be another concern. Something you may not know is that right when you purchase a ticket, you gain fly rights.

An app that lets you have these rights on demand is The Travel Angel.

If something unfair happens to you while you’re at the airport or during your flight, you can open the app to the Federal Governments Rules and Regulations on Airline Travel -a.k.a., your fly rights.

The Travel Angel’s goal is to inform passengers that once they purchase a ticket, there is a contract put into place.

For example, if your flight is oversold, you can determine if you have the right to be properly compensated by the airline. This method is great to literally have in your back pocket as you can also use The Travel Angel to book hotels, dinner reservations, and Uber rides. It’ll also send you weather and worldwide travel alerts throughout your trip.

When it comes to your flying rights, you should always stand up for them. This app facilitates that process to make it simpler.

If you’re interested in downloading The Travel Angel, you can for 99 cents on either iOS or Android.

StepsApp – Your Chosen Calorie Counter and Goal Tracker


If your lifestyle revolves around staying fit, then chances are you have an app on your phone that facilitates keeping track of it.

If you are, however, looking for an app that’s a change of pace from the one you have or just need one in general, we’ve got the solution. It’s called StepsApp.

This app is a simple-to-use step counter that fits conveniently into the casual lifestyle so you can get moving.

All you have to do to get on track is download the app from the App Store and start moving. Once you start walking, StepsApp will set goals such as the number of steps taken, calories burned, and distance walked or run. When your goal is reached, the app will notify you of your achievement.

With StepsApp, you can check in on various colorful graphs to see how well you’re doing and the kind of progress you’re making. Take a look at your progress from a month to a year ago.

And StepsApp works seamlessly with the Apple Watch and Apple Health by merging any past data. If you have the Apple Watch, you can leave your phone behind and all your data from your steps will be accounted for within the app.

StepsApp aims to be a simple step tracker app and is intended for those looking for a more casual activity tracker to ease into.

Make StepsApp the perfect addition to your day! Not only is it a beautifully colored and stylized app, but it’s meant to aid an active and healthy lifestyle.

Head to StepsApp today to get the app for free today at the App Store.

Rx.Health – Superior Digital Medicine Solutions


It’s no news to say that technology has come a long way. In fact, it only continues to advance as the years go on.

One method riding the wave of technological innovation is Rx.Health. Rx.Health is an enterprise app prescribing platform that lets hospitals and doctors prescribe apps and wearables that actually improve health.

See for yourself:

This app essentially brings Digital Medicine into health systems. Rx.Health finds apps that are proven to enhance health, typically through clinical trials. And with their Prescription Universe Platform, it simply allows doctors to prescribe those apps from right within their medical system.

With this system in place, doctors bring you right to the app store to download apps to your phone, so there’s no guessing which app the doctor ordered.

Rx.Health isn’t an app development company, but rather an app store for hospitals, showing them the best Digital Medicine solutions. This efficient and new practice of prescribing medicine provides patients the ability to directly link with their doctors via a download link sent through text message or email.

To make efforts even more efficient, Prescription Universe notifies the doctor when a patient clicks on the link to download the app and ensures the patient is using their prescribed Digital Medicine Solution.

Patients that the app will particularly improve quality of life are those who are struggling with managing chronic conditions. In fact, a recent study showed that three out of four doctors in hospitals are looking to use Digital Medicine and more than two-thirds of patients are eager for Digital Medicine apps.

Because of Rx.Health’s Prescription Universe, doctors, and patients can immediately start using Digital Medicine while hospitals and health systems get some major financial benefits.

If you have an upcoming doctor’s appointment, be sure to find out if they’re prescribing Digital Medicine through RxUniverse or let them know to visit to learn more.

SingleCare – One-Stop Shop for Discounted Health Services


We all know how costly health services and medications can be. Even with a good insurance policy, health care ain’t cheap.

Luckily, an app called SingleCare is taking the industry by storm and can help you find the care you need at a decent price.

All you have to do to access these discounted health prices is open the app, tap the prescriptions, search for the drug you’re in need of, edit your prescription, then select the price and location that works for you. Same goes for your appointments such as dental or vision exams.

The great part about SingleCare is that it compares prices and you can select what works best for you. If anything, you can think of it as the of healthcare.

SingleCare lets you know what you’ll owe before you go. And the more you use it, the more you’ll save. Start with a single card and watch the savings multiply.

SingleCare savings include:

  • Prescriptions
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Video visits

SingleCare has provided savings of up to 80 percent on FDA-approved, prescription medications, up to 55 percent on dental care, and up to 75 percent on vision services.

SingleCare gives consumers access to great care for less money and partners with the best providers so you can save without compromising. Once your visit is complete, your provider will charge the payment method on file in your SingleCare account, and you’ll see the price – and savings – for every service rendered.

If you’re in a bind and on a budget money wise, seek out SingleCare so you can start saving money on health services and prescription medication. Check out the SingleCare app by heading to Google Play or the App Store today.

Seaking Hunter – Seek This Action-Packed Game


If you’re a fan of shooting games then you’re going to like this one.

Seaking Hunter by Game Attack is a game that takes place in deep seas where giant underwater creatures with tentacles, claws, and razor-sharp teeth have emerged to take back what was originally theirs.

Your mission is to track down these monsters and eradicate them before they destroy Earth. You’ll have been hired The Seaking Hunter Association in order to complete this task.

So let’s get into how you play.

Being that this is a shooter game, you’ll be firing nonstop. Your duty is to determine where to aim and your location on the battlefield. By just tapping on the screen you can change where you’re aiming and switch targets.

You’ll also notice that when you tilt your phone, you can float up, down, left or right. In addition, you can run along the seafloor for faster movements. And your character is a simple choice made with a virtual joystick.

Be sure you pay attention, though! This game will test your vigilance as these bosses have loyal little minions that will try and take you down with guns.

You’ll also see how good you’re getting when you see the bosses getting bigger and their defeats harder. But with any bigger and badder bosses, come deadlier and stronger weapons.

To test your fighting skill and shooting accuracy, search for Seaking Hunter in the App Store today.

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