DakApp – Music Lessons Straight From Your Phone


If you’re hankering to learn or pickup an instrument, you guessed it, there’s an app for that. It just goes to show that technology rules and will continue to rule as we go from being physically present somewhere to virtually present.

When it comes to being taught musical lessons, this too now falls into the virtual category. Thanks to DakApp, you can receive classes right over your phone and straight from where you are located.

DakApp works with you to provide the convenience of learning over one hundred lessons from teachers worldwide and delivering them to wherever you are. This music app also provides a catalog of original videos to teach anything from Bach to Beethoven from the palm of your hand and of course, only in the highest of quality. The catalog also offers comprehensive pieces that include intermediate and advanced levels in classical music.

Where DakApp gets even more versatile is in its ability to show its app in different languages. What can it display in different languages you may ask? Take a look:

  • Scores
  • Interviews with teachers and research about interpretive evolution
  • Historical, political, and geographical content

DakApp is also regarded as an interactive app because it can, not only be immediately accessed to analyze score from high caliber musicologists, but grant you in-depth interviews that can help bring you closer to the artists.

Any questions that you may end up having during your musical journey, can be directly answered by masters. Talk about 0ne-on-one lessons!

On either your iOS or Android device, you can have the chance to learn classic music. DakApp’s mission is to break boundaries regarding economical and/or location issues so anyone can have the chance to master an instrument.

DakApp is also free to download and if you want to learn even more about it, head to DakApp.com.

AdBlock- Block Ads When You Surf the Web or Play Games


So, you’re waiting on that favorite sandwich of yours at the deli and you’ve got 10 minutes to kill. How do you spend the time? By surfing the internet on your favorite iOS device, of course! All goes smoothly until a pesky ad rears its ugly head. Annoying, right? Fortunately for the iOS users out there, AdBlock has come up with a solution to block these invasive advertisements so you can surf the internet in peace.

This means that no more time is wasted before you play your favorite game or watch a video. In addition, this tool blocks ads from popping up on your iOS device. It works with, not just Safari, but every app to remove banners, popups, and video ads whether you’re on WiFi or Cellular data. Optimize your mobile viewing experience by cutting down on bandwidth and watching a smoother played video.

AdBlock even takes it a step further to protect your privacy by blocking user tracking. Set it up once and never have to worry about the rest as one swipe is all it takes to block them all.

Don’t settle for advertisements hijacking your phone. With the simple installation process, you can rest assured that it’s working in the background from a list of pre-defined domains that you want ads blocked in.

Once you download AdBlock, you’ll be guaranteed time to focus on your video playlist or gameplay of choice instead of anticipating a disruptive ad. AdBlock aims to filter content for desktop and mobile users and also includes optional donations to developers who wish to give.

Working with all iOS devices, AdBlock is available to download from the App Store for $1.99. All you have to do is search for “AdBlock” or you can simply visit the website,

http://www.adblockios.com and download it from there.

Akeakami Quest – Resolve Differences with Just a Simple Game


Find your friends or gather your co-workers for a journey full of team building. Akeakami Quest gives you and those you’re playing with the challenge of working together to make it to the next level. Usually, when you play games with others, you’re in competition, but Akeakami Quest has you rely on other players in order to make it through the game.

Whynot mix entertainment into an experience that promotes commitment, motivation, and the ability to have your team work closer together? You’ll need to solve problems as each player will require a group effort to race to the finish.

In your quest to save the Akeakami tribe, your mission will be to find the crystals of life as a team. These events will promote a cohesive work environment and have you work as a whole so you can restore the island and salvage the tribe.

Not only can you look forward to succeeding in the game by coming together, but you can develop bonds with your teammates that can be appreciated in the long run. So, it’s time to pull in the shy guy at work who doesn’t say much and have him join the quest to achieve tribal salvation.

If you’re also facing adversity in the work environment or someone just can’t go with the flow, pick a time to play Alkeakami Quest. Who knows, this can lead to resolved conflicts and learning valuable lessons along the way. From sales teams, to product managers, to executives and even students, Alkeakami Quest gives you the opportunity to work together with others to achieve a solid goal.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick a game night with your friends or colleagues and download Akeakami Quest for your iOS or Android device for free today. And if you happen to see a nice change of pace at work or in your group of friends, you’re welcome.

Spread Free WiFi Access with WeShare


We’re pretty sure you’re one of the hundreds of millions of mobile device users who depend on WiFi in order to conserve cellular data. We’ve all been there when the cellphone provider alerts you saying that you’ve used nearly all of the data on the family plan and you’re waiting on that text from mom telling you to cool it with Facebook.

Lucky for you, WeShare app offers millions of free WiFi hotspots all over the world that cover:

  • Transportation hubs
  • Retail areas
  • And other spots that may require an internet connection

As long as there are hotspots nearby, you can connect to this free WiFi without the need for a password.

These hotspots are shared by users globally and provide better chances of accessing free WiFi when you need it.

Other handy features WeShare comes with are:

  • WiFi map
  • Staying connected while traveling: With 23 million WiFi hotspots worldwide, WeShare lets travelers stay in touch with family and friends.
  • Free WiFi reminder to recognize users’ WiFi connection status and sends real-time reminders of free & open WiFi that’s close by.
  • No registration required
  • Ability to share your personalized WiFi channel
  • And more

You are all probably familiar with the expression, “Sharing is caring.” We’re pretty sure that WeShare is the definition of that.

With it’s goal to provide freely and more accessible internet, WeShare is dedicated to making this happen.

With a lightweight SDK, WeShare makes it easy to integrate and set up with just 5 minutes of your time.

If you’re convinced to get WeShare and are also developer, go to the website to download the WeShare WiFi SDK. If you’re a regular user, download the WeShare app for free in Google Play or the App Store.

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Go On Head, Retweet Yourself: Twitter Gets an Update

We bet that quite a few of you are on Twitter. And since there are over 300 million active monthly users, the odds are in our favor. Well, just so ya know, Twitter got a whole lot cooler this week. Here’s our breakdown of what’s new in the Twitter-sphere:


  1. Say bye-bye to harsh 140 character restrictions
    • You heard us right. Twitter just got a little more lenient with the character count. You’re now able to add pictures, GIFs, quoted tweets, and videos without adding to the total number of characters. Alas!
  2. Go on head, retweet yourself.
    •  Did we stutter? You can retweet yourself. Feel free to share all the glorious comments from your Twitter’s past.
  3. Replies sans @username
    • When you’d reply to a tweet, the tweet would start with @username before your comment. That’s no longer the case. Now there’s a thread line that shows who you’re replying to with your tweet below. So that just means that you have even more characters to share your reply.

So what do you think? Was this update everything you hoped for and more? If so, you can – shameless plug – tweet us @newswatchtv. Or if the update didn’t live up to the hype, you can still tweet us; we’ll be happy to reply.

Instagram Drops New Features and Kills One

Courtesy of Endgadget.

Courtesy of endgadget.

By: Hazel Lovely Saunders

A couple of weeks ago Instagram released a surprising new feature called Stories, which allows you to share all the moments throughout your day. Similar to rival app Snapchat, stories consists of mini video clips or pictures stay up for 24 hours, appearing as a mini slideshow or video series. Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, attempted to purchase Snapchat a couple of years ago. They couldn’t buy the app, but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t integrate their ideas in their app.

But Instagram released a feature that Snapchat doesn’t have: zooming. This gives the users the ability to zoom in on other users’ photos and videos by pinching the post. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for iPhone users, but they say it will be released soon on Android.

The new zoom feature allows marketers to get even more creative with content on Instagram. Instead of watching a video in one perspective, users can now zoom around and choose a certain focus to view.

Courtesy of Tech Crunch.

Instagram will also take advantage of the new iPhone 7 plus dual camera. Courtesy of Tech Crunch.

The problem with this new feature is that Instagram images content can look grainy if you zoom in too much. But this isn’t stopping users from using this new feature—there’s even a trending hashtag about Instagram’s latest addition.

These features are here to stay, but the photo map feature is on its way out. This classic feature allowed you to see a map of where a users’ photos were taken (if you allowed it). Instagram said in a statement to Mashable, “Photo Map was not widely used, so we’ve decided to remove the feature and focus on other priorities.”

So what are your thoughts? Are you sad to see the Photo-Map feature go? Or are you happy that you can zoom? Tweet us your thoughts @NewsWatchTV.

Planet of the Apps: Unscripted

Courtesy of Apple Insider.

Courtesy of Apple Insider.

By Hazel-Lovely Saunders

A new series is on its way and you will never guess what it’s about. Well from the title above you’ve guessed it already.

Courtesy of Deadline Hollywood.

Courtesy of Deadline Hollywood.

Apple Inc., a multinational technology company is launching its first original TV series about the “app economy.” Executive producers will.i.am., Ben Silverman, and Howard Owens, are teaming up to create this unscripted series about the people who create innovative apps for the world. The show is also being co-produced with Propagate, a production company co-owned by Ben Silverman and Howard Owens.

Actress-entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow will also be on board to mentor contestants. Paltrow stated, “Developing and launching a business based on your own original idea can be exhilarating, but intimidating.” In addition, Tech Investor Gary Vaynerchuk is also joining the project and will serve as an advisor.

Planet of the Apps partnered up with Product Hunt, a website for discovering new technology products, mobile apps, and websites, went on a four-city tour in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin and New York to meet entrepreneurs and discuss the concept of the new TV series between August 1-3.

Courtesy of Citrusbits.

Courtesy of CitrusBits.

There is a casting call looking for app creators who have a vision to “shape the future, solve real problems, and inspire change within our daily lives” says Silverman. If you want to apply you can visit the series website. Applications are accepted until Friday, August 26 and only 100 of you can make it.

If accepted you have the chance to receive:

  1. Mentorship: Hands-on guidance from tech experts.
  2. Funding: If you make it to the final round you’ll get investment for your app created.
  3. Marketing and Promotion: Placement of your app will be featured in the App Store at the end of the show. Basically, millions of people will see your app everywhere.

Interested applicants must be 18-years-old and be available for shooting later this year through Spring 2017. 

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