Karnage Chronicles – The Ultimate VR Experience


It’s hard to find someone who isn’t a fan of virtual reality. How much more immersive can gaming get when you’re basically being put in the setting itself? Exactly.

So this brings us to a company of long time gamers and developers who go by the name of Nordic Trolls. Their industry experience range from titles like Age of Conan, Path of Exile, The Secret World, and more. Now, Nordic Trolls has come out with a pretty bomb game called Karnage Chronicles.

Karnage Chronicles provides an action RPG and includes an immersive experience you’ll most certainly want to check out.

In this game, you’re essentially under siege by unknown horrors and creatures capable of bending the Laws of Magic. What should you do when you’re placed in this situation? Fight. At least, we hope that’s what you would do.

Choose your unique classe of either Warrior or Archer and play as a Murkwraith. Pause, let us explain what a Murkwraith is. A Murkwraith is an undead entity on a mission to defeat enemies of the lands in efforts to restore order onto the world.

This game paints good and evil shades of the same color while you play as a part of a Murkwraith. The questions you’ll need to find answers to will be where you come from and what your purpose is in order to uncover and shape your future.

This fantasy epic will leave you wanting to play more as you immerse yourself in stunning visuals and awesome depth. In addition, you’ll be battling monsters and apply action-focused VR combat that will provide incredible realism and detail.

And sit tight for their support of 1-4 player co-op which is coming during early access as well as online multiplayer. The full version of Karnage Chronicles will also feature two extra classes, additional content, additional RPG elements, game difficulty settings, a village hub hand-crafted Steam Trading Cards, and more.

If you want to get started with Karnage Chronicles, you can download it on Steam today. It’s compatible with HTC Vive and will be made available for Oculus and PlayStation VR. Head to karnagechronicles.com for more information.

iGon – Make Plans and Make Friends


“Oh! I know her,” you say to yourself as you roll by in the car. Just FYI though, this app we’re about to talk about can let you know from the get-go that your friend is right around the corner.

The app that’s taking a new way to connect and meet up by storm is iGon.

With GPS implementation, you’re able to see what people are up to within a 5-mile radius of you. You can take a look at all the close by activities and see whether you want to join them or not.

Now, we’re pretty sure the benefits to knowing who’s in close proximity are well implied, but we’d thought we’d list them out anyway.

  • Know the specific proximity of your friends as well as other people you may want to meet up with
  • Invite friends to enjoy activities that you plan with them
  • Continue to meet people and connect with new ones by discovering similar interests that you may share!

Conversely, you can also post your own activities via iGon and choose to make friends by seeing what they’re doing. If you’re feeling social and looking to make friends, make what activity you’re up to, public. And as an iGon tip, plan and set up a ride-share so someone can pick you up on the way to your activity.  It’s basically like an Uber for making friends. All you have to do is set your location and destination.

With iGon’s messaging feature, you can text your friends or prospective friends. These messages can be categorized according to plans such as “Bike Ride to Mordor” or “Hang-gliding off the Cliffs of Insanity.”

So, revolutionize the way you meet and greet! iGon paves the way to enrich your life with people you probably never thought you could have kicked it with before.

If you’re hesitant to give this social app a try, just know there’s no harm in trying it out! However, iGon is only available to iOS users. So those with the iPhone, iPad, etc., head on over to the App Store and search for “iGon” today!


iAmSapien – Collectively Thinking of the Next Best Thing


Everyone has great ideas, or so they claim. Imagine if there was a platform that was dedicated to getting unheard thoughts and ideas off the ground? Well, with iAmSapien, there is.

Created by WorldWisePeople, iAmSapien is a revolutionary way to collaborate and create with others worldwide. For anyone and everyone on a single mission to think of the next best thing, iAmSapien provides the platform to do it.

Realistically, there is just too much information that gets lost and isn’t thoroughly maintained on the web. This information overload gets frustrating to suss through and for the most part, merely falls into a black hole of the internet. iAmSapien’s mission is to form plans with ideas and resources and put them all in one centralized location.

iAmSapien makes the platform easy to use with just these simple steps:

  • Ask anything of the collective group.
  • iAmSapien will present the best ideas from the collective.
  • The final step is crowdsourcing for the most appropriate plan of action where people are brought together to get the job done.

What kinds of things can you discuss on iAmSapien?

  • Liberal Arts Education
  • Where Good Ideas Come From
  • Designing Social Media that Drives Real Change
  • Visual History of Human Knowledge
  • And much more

iAmSapien’s goal is to ensure that humanity will speak within a creative space to construct ideas that can create a chain reaction and be shared.

So if you’ve been sitting on an idea, get inside your headspace and discuss it with others! For all you know, it could simply be the push you need to turn your thoughts from concept to reality.

If you want to jump in and get involved with the beta version of iAmSapien, sign up at iAmSapien.com or to just try it out for yourself check out Beta.iAmSapien.com.

Care3 – Staying on the Same Page with Medical History


When it comes to tracking health, it can get pretty confusing. However, the best way to stay on the same page with a care team is implementing a collective effort and using a platform that lets everyone see progress.

This platform/app is called Care3.

This award-winning, free task management and health messaging app allows friends, family and healthcare providers to stay on the same page. No more stacks of written up documentation or annoying spreadsheets, Care3 makes it easy to share information across the board.

Care3’s features include:

  • A calendar
  • Task reminders
  • Secure messaging

Its purpose is to provide seamless correspondence and convenient access for all parties who use the Care3 app. Its objective is to bring you, caregivers, family, and others the flexibility to view assigned tasks. Care3 ensures that no important jobs or reminders fall through the cracks because, ya know, it’s not cool to mess with someone’s health.

What’s great about Care3 is that it requires less than a minute to setup. All you have to do is invite your team and get to assigning tasks.

If you need to care for your aging parent or relative, Care3 is your go-to app for staying on the same page. Go above and beyond medication management by assigning individual tasks to each team member.

Whether the one you care for is an aging parent or a relative who needs assistance due to an injury, Care3 provides a holistic care plan that will promote real-time communication.

Care3 also lets you send messages with text, images, videos, and audio that keeps everyone in the loop. So let these resources help you give the best care you can offer someone that you love in need. Especially with it being so easy to install and whatnot.

Free to download on iOS and Android devices, head to Google Play or App Store and search for “Care3” today.

MedHealth – Your Prime App for Health Storage and Medical Records


Being in touch with your health is a necessity and the future of healthcare. Fortunately enough, MedHealth has created an app that can track and record your health stats. MedHealth also makes it easier to be in touch with Physicians.

With the touch of an app and the convenience that MedHealth offers, you can be in better contact with your health. Store information such as medical history, immunizations, allergies, blood pressure and more.

We’ve got to say, the app being able to take your blood pressure by detecting a pulse from your index finger is pretty impressive.

Features of taking your blood pressure include:

  • Easy blood pressure input
  • Multiple entries and backdating capabilities
  • Managing your blood pressure and tracking your progress
  • Accessing all your blood pressure measurements

In addition, the MedHealth app can measure your heart rate. The steps are simple:

  • Use your iPhone to measure your heart rate
  • Enter heart rate manually
  • Monitor how your heart rate relates to exercise

Overall other features include:

  • Keeping all Physicians information at hand
  • Storing your health insurance information and ID to have it available at any time.
  • Walking/running stats
  • Weight tracking
  • Glucose monitoring

In our opinion, nothing is more efficient than being able to have your health information literally at your fingertips.

With MedHealth, you can conveniently track your blood pressure, heart rate, weight and walking activity. Keep it all in one place so it’s easily stored and accessed. Not to mention, there are also integrated push notifications that are supported by the Apple Watch to send you reminders on when to take medication.

The option for sharing or printing your medical information in the cloud is a feature that MedHealth will be launching soon. Download Medhealth onto your iPhone today for $1.99.

And don’t worry Android users! MedHealth has plans for bringing this app to your platform soon.

Post Scriptum – Enhanced Security for Sharing Documents and Sending Texts


When you share documents online or send text messages, do you feel safe? In efforts to prevent data breaches and privacy leaks, large organizations rely heavily on end-to-end mobile device security. The good thing to know, however, is that you don’t need to spend a dime in order to secure your communication.

And though it’s unfortunate but true, hackers, snoopers, and cyber criminals are waiting to pounce on your susceptible pieces of information.

Post Scriptum is more than aware of this severe problem and aims to protect your methods of communication.

How does Post Scriptum work to prevent hacks and privacy leakage?

This app uses the most advanced end-to-end encryption systems where there’s no room for third party access. It does this in efforts to secure communications and files in real time so no one can follow your sent/received messages or documents.

In addition, Post Scriptum allows the user 100% anonymity with the option to become public to others. It also guarantees your privacy by offering a reward for breaking the code with their Post Scriptum challenge!

Hey, if you think you can crack the code, go ahead and give it a try! If you break their encryption, you’ll win $1 million! Click here to learn more.

Other features you can expect are:

  • No SIM card needed
  • Easy setup
  • Secure calls
  • Secure messages
  • Secure files and passwords

What’s even better is that Post Scriptum is available for free and works to secure your real-time calls and messages with the most advanced encryption available on the market.

Communicate with confidence and security when you download Post Scriptum. Fight back to hackers and cyber criminals when you install this app on your phone.

Post Scriptum is available for download on both iOS and Android devices for free. So jump on the security train today when you head to the Google Play or App Store today!

Great Grandma Escape – There’s No Stopping this Granny


This game takes it up a notch with its fun gaming app, Great Grandma Escape. Let’s just jump right into it, shall we?

You’re currently playing as G.G. (Great Grandma) who’s mission is to hightail it out of the hospital and to your grandchild’s birthday party. Tactics include executing stealth attacks despite being feeble-bodied.

You require observation in the hospital, but it’s not going to stop you from partying it up! And though your body is weak, your mind is strong. Your objective to get out of the hospital unsuspected and prevail in your great escape.

As little ol’ granny, you’ll need to heavily rely on stealth attacks in order to sneak through the halls in efforts to avoid nurses, doctors, and other obstacles.

What’s around that can assist you in your grand plan? Pills and weapons. And if you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, you’ll be using these weapons to attack people from behind.

There are four levels to make it through and each with different environments. There are also in-app purchases you can make to further upgrade granny’s skills, abilities, and weapons.

And as an additional special announcement, starting May 15th, Great Grandma Escape will have a month long contest. If you can make it to the 4th level of the game and take a picture of yourself, and the granny character next to the security guard you could be the one chosen to win a prize. Post the picture on the Facebook fan page, or email the picture to IMortley@IAM4Laughs.com to be considered.

Free to download and fun to play, Great Grandma Escape is currently in the App Store and will be soon released on Android devices. Simply search for “Great Grandma Escape” to download it today or visit the website, greatgrandmaescape.com.

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