Caret – A New Take on Social Media


It can be a gamble for whether we are truly speaking to someone who’s available on the other end of digital communication or not. But imagine if we could actually find out peoples’ statuses and share our own in real-time?

That’s where Caret comes in.

This new app allows you to essentially turn your phone’s address book into a social media platform all on its own. Essentially, you’re harnessing your phone’s unexploited sensors through the cloud.

You can personalize your presence info with automated context and interactive B2C/B2B services. You can also manage which contacts see you, call & end-to-end encrypted status based messaging for free, customize your statuses to meet business needs and discover contacts’ interests in real time.

These automatic statuses are triggered when you are on a call, have a low battery or turn the silent switch on. And if that wasn’t enough, you can create any trigger you want, like status-based triggers.

Caret offers free calls and encrypted status based messaging so you can see where, how far, what weather and what time zone your contacts call you from. Companies connect their business logic and promotions to enhance their B2C and B2B needs as well.

In efforts to keep private things private, Caret uses Tresorit’s end-to-end cloud encryption technology called “ZeroKit.”

Caret’s goal is to bring your business’ contacts closer to private and business customers so you can simply take your own service through Caret’s marketplace and its public interfaces.

You can download the Caret app for free in the App, Google Play, or Amazon store today.


Convo – Voice Interpreter Service for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing


Though it’s something seamless for most, those who are Deaf or hard of hearing will always find making or receiving a phone call challenging

Luckily, there’s a technological solution that can help them out. This video relay service connects those who are deaf with a real-live interpreter. Pretty awesome, right?

This video relay service is called Convo.

Convo is a communications solutions company that has one of largest Deaf-owned businesses in the world. Convo has developed a video relay service app that Deaf people use to make phone calls and can more effectively communicate with others.

This American Sign Language translation service functions by connecting callers with a live interpreter who relays every word VERBATIM from the hearing caller and vice versa.

The interpreter goes back and forth, signing to one caller and speaking to the other.

To make things even more efficient, the interpreters are trained to incorporate cultural understanding as they translate in order to remain authentic to the Deaf person’s essence.

Convo is also available in the workplace which can heighten the communication experience and help make the most of the workflow. Those who use Convo can create an automated greeting message and customize it to how they see fit. Convo also offers voice and visual customization options for your Deaf and hearing callers.

In addition, Convo includes contacts, a directory of Deaf-owned businesses and other resources for Deaf people, and a pretty cool visual ringing system that employs Philips Hue.

The app is available for download for macOS, iOS, and Android. If you’re interested in learning more about Convo, you can head to their website by visiting today.

MedHealth – Your Health Records All in One App


It’s imperative that you keep tabs on your health. But sometimes it can be easy to lose track. Luckily, there’s an app designed to integrate into your smartphone and make recalling medical information simple.

MedHealth has you access your medical and health information anytime, anywhere and all at your fingertips. MedHealth also makes it easy to share your information with family and healthcare providers in emergency situations.

You can store information such as medical, surgical, social history, allergies and immunizations as well as your family medical history in the MedHealth app.

Log and track your blood pressure, heart rate, weight, walking activity, and glucose levels. You can measure your heart rate using the iPhone camera, and monitor your pulse while you exercise.

In a pinch, you can always have access to your list of medications and with features like push notifications supported by the Apple Watch, you never have to worry about missing a dose of medication.

In addition, you can store emergency contacts as well as your physician’s health insurance information. If you’re also interested in sharing or printing medical information, as well as saving data in the cloud, MedHealth is making that a feature to come soon.

You can download MedHealth onto your iPhone today for $1.99, with future plans for the Android platform. Search for “MedHealth” in the App Store to download today.

Dockwa – A Spot for Your Boat or Yacht, Guaranteed


Summer isn’t totally gone yet! And before fall sets in, be sure to stretch those sea legs and prepare to set sail. Well, we’ve got something pretty handy to send your way so you can have a spot for your boat, guaranteed.

Wait for it as we’ve got something pretty handy to send your way so you can secure a spot for your boat or yacht.

If you’re the type who’s an avid boater, Dockwa helps make the ocean, bay, lake, etc. feel like home. Its software puts boaters in touch with marinas in a pinch.

What’s convenient about Dockwa is that there is no middleman needed in order to reserve slips or moorings at marinas, yacht clubs, and boatyards all over the country. That’s right, nationwide.

To get started, boaters can sign up for free and download the app. Once their boat and credit card is added, their account is ready to use.

All you have to do is submit a reservation request through Dockwa and receive fast confirmation that you’re required to show upon docking.

Whether it’s last minute or months in advance, Dockwa can hook you up. Avoid dealing with web forms, phone calls, and whether you’ll be OK to dock or not.

To add even more to Dockwa’s convenience, there are no booking fees or price mark-ups. Allowing you to constantly discover new marinas, view their amenities, photos, rates, and more, Dockwa’s the one-stop-shop for marina finds and dock booking.

Dockwa is the best way for boaters to reserve slips and moorings all over the country!

Download the FREE app here:

xSky – Virtual Telescope for Star Gazers and Aspiring Astronomers


Staring at the stars is something that can go back for as long as we can remember. Only recently has star gazing been made more efficient and further optimized through the invention of the telescope. Throw in a smartphone and you have yet another tool to venture through the night-filled sky.

The telescope app that can take your star staring to the next level? Enter, xSky.

Whether it’s distant stars, nearby planets or just multiple galaxies, xSky lets you do it all through your phone.

All you have to do is set your location and point your phone towards the sky. As you’re staring, you can decide what it is that you want to see. You can also lock the screen to stop any shaking or motion so you can also zoom in to explore things in greater detail.

xSky will identify thousands of objects like planets, moons, stars, constellations, and anything else you can think of that you want to explore!

When you use the search arrow to locate exactly where you’re looking, the app will accompany your search with soft music and sound effects. How much more ambiance could you get with these features?

If you want to download xSky for free, head to the App Store.


Diabetes:M – Track Your Condition With Ease


Did you know that 30 million people (9 percent of the U.S. population) suffer from some form of diabetes? Though that sounds like a pretty big number or a discouraging bit of information, it’s good to know that with a change in lifestyle and proper management, diabetics can live a relatively normal life.

A way to help manage this condition? With the app, Diabetes:M.

Whether it’s Type 1, Type 2, or Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes:M helps to either monitor yourself or a loved one. This logbook is the ideal app that can keep whichever type of Diabetes you have under control.

Its benefits include tracking almost all aspects of diabetes treatment and offers detailed reports, charts, and statistics.

In addition, Diabetes:M provides you with the tools needed to help track trends in blood glucose levels and other significant patterns and events.

If you want to continue keeping your diabetes on track, be sure to supplement your tracking with Diabetes:M with a healthy lifestyle.

The app also contains a vast nutrition database that can help you out. You can track your food intake, nutrition information, and calculate insulin doses. If you also happen to be forgetful and miss any checks, Diabetes:M has a feature that acts as a powerful reminders system.

Diabetes:M’s various tools help find trends in blood glucose leve3ls that allow you to calculate normal and prolong insulin blouses using an efficient, high-quality bolus calculator.

With zero ads, additional profiles to monitor loved ones, extensive food databases, and ability to sync multiple devices for seamless data updates, subscription plans are available for Diabetes:M.

If you’re interested in this app, you can download it for FREE by heading to the Google Play or App Store today.

Degoo – Finally! Affordable Storage


Cloud storage solutions are definitely the way of the future and if you’re looking for one that isn’t Google Drive or Dropbox, be sure to check out Degoo. With this storage service, you’re offered 100 GB of free storage.

Let’s break it down. Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage while Dropbox only allows 2 GB. Wow, Dropbox is pretty stingy, isn’t it?

Degoo does not require you to have an account in order to access content sent. Basically, this makes for the recipient you’re sending a document to, be able to view it with ease and with no hassle. In addition, you can send an unlimited number of files of any size to anyone.

For photos, Degoo offers a feature to Android users that allows them to store 10 times more photos on their phone by uploading them to the Degoo server and reducing the size of the photo on their phone.

With Degoo, you don’t have to worry about a backup as you can choose your important files while it takes care of the rest. All you have to do is power off your computer and Degoo will continue your backup once it’s powered on again.

Degoo will also detect any changes that you make to your files and ensure that your backup is up to date. Let’s hear it for efficiency and a cloud storage solution that actually works WITH you.

Once you sign up for a free Degoo account, you receive 100 GB backup space for free. You’re also able to upgrade to Premium and get 2000 GB backup space and more. And if that wasn’t enough of a bonus, the newsfeed feature shows photos from your past by usually artificial intelligence to predict what content you want to see. Hmmm, that feature seems a little off-putting.

Compatible with Mac OS, Windows, Android, and iOS devices, Degoo can offer you the cloud storage solution you’ve been looking for. To sign up for free, head over to today!

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