Solitaire – Reinventing a Traditional Card Game


Solitaire is a standout amongst the most prominent single-player activities. It could for all intents and purposes be viewed as a national leisure activity. With its prevalence and the presentation of versatile applications, a thousand and one diverse solitaire recreations hit the market, all vague from the following.

Enter Solitaire – Grand Harvest.

Made by a group of Solitaire enthusiasts, this application sprinkles in a turn to the exemplary card amusement by including a stupendous reap subject.

There are in excess of a thousand excellent levels, distinctive ones to the following, are based on the essential consecutive standards of Solitaire.

Each level completed will have you develop and gather your products. Be that as it may, keep at it. You can open products and reap your fields each hour to get free credits. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find the fortunate haggle free treats.

The illustrations are fun and brilliant, refreshing the dreary look of most Solitaire amusements. Rather than an artificial felt foundation or some backdrop that resembles something out of a 90s Mac, you can appreciate lovely vistas, mountains, and trees as you vanquish each level and are compensated with rewards.

You can download Solitaire – Grand Harvest for nothing with discretionary in-application buys from the App Store today.


Pal App – Make Friends Around and Meet New People


Move over Facebook, Pal has swooped in as the new social networking platform that connects you, not just to people, but people who are in close proximity to your location.

Whether it’s to make new friends or to expand your already-established circle of friends, Pal App helps you to build a group and to search together.

Pal has bridged the gap between finding activities you love and making friends.

Features that you can expect Pal to include are:

  • Pal Feed- see what others are doing around you and join them
  • Create your activity –  Couldn’t find the right activity? Create your own and let others around you join
  • Search – If you’re bored and your friends are busy, search for people that are close to you! Meet for a drink or go for a hike
  • Go local – Tired of exploring other cities alone or with a guide? Find people who would love to show you around
  • Chat – Chat with new Pals with just you or your group
  • Pals – Manage friend requests and see who has recently sent one your way!

With the objective to connect you to activities and those around you, Pal wants to put you in touch with those who share the same interests as you. Though if you already have a group of friends, add more to the bunch with those who want to partake in your activities!

Interested in getting started? Just simply download the app! Once you’ve done that, create a profile, post an activity and invite others to join. It’s that simple. If you wish to find an activity or someone you’d like to get to know, send a request to join the fun!

But if you’re in the mood to just browse, Pal App lets you do that too! See who’s doing what, when, and where.

Pal also lets you set specific parameters so you can control who gets in contact with you. This helps to filter who you wish to spend time with and those who may spam you. In addition, this filter can let you select gender and age.

So whether you’re the new kid on the block or you just wish to expand your circle of friends, Pal is the app to facilitate those efforts.

So if you’re ready to get out there, download Pal on either your iOS or Android device today in either the App or Google Play  Store.

iAPPROVEAPP – Empowering Individuals Everywhere to Prevent Sexual Harassment


Recent movements like TimeUp and MeToo have made it understood that consent must be at the forefront of any sexual encounter or relationship.

This app is the first relationship management app that supports individual empowerment. It’s an iOS application that defines and communicates relationship status, decisions, personal permissions and expectations easily, clearly and securely.

With this app, you always know where to stand with your associates, friends, and romantic partners.

Features you can expect with iAPPROVE are:

  • Support and promotion in personal safety and security
  • PIN activated
  • GPS location enabled
  • Panic features including direct dial to emergency services
  • Secure, HIPAA-like encrypted cloud-based data storage

In addition, iAPPROVE offers a patent-pending design and an easy-to-use intuitive interface.

And if you’ve been under the influence, iAPPROVEAPP helps to define your limits and requirements for any encounter, safety and panic features.

The app is also location enabled and supports compliance with laws governing sexual consent including reporting requirements and other data analytics that can be used in criminal and civil legal procedures, private investigations, and individual claims.

iAPPROVE can be implemented into any sized organization with the option for licensing. In addition, it’s easy to use and scale.

Sexual consent is an incredibly important issue. It’s never an awkward moment if you feel the need to assert yourself and say “No.” iAPPROVE finally has a solution for communicating consent and additional expectations between individuals with documentation to back it up.

If you’re interested in downloading iAPPROVE for free, head to the App Store today. – A Communication Platform for Moms Everywhere


It’s without question that being a mother is one of the most rewarding things in life. They play a vital role in our society as they raise future generations (which is no easy task might we add).

For hard-working moms everywhere, they should get all the support they can get and with the app,, that’s what they got.

Focused on growing a global vibrant community where they can find their support base, exchange advice, and make money in the process, offers it all.

Their goal is to build a digital economy for the modern mom. The digital currency, called Blooms, allow mothers to earn income from, growing and managing the community, helping others with advice and support, creating content, promoting brands, goods and services, engaging with advertising campaigns, selling their personal data and providing freelance services.

In turn, moms can use these tokens to purchase items. This fuels direct peer-to-peer commerce between moms.

Online employers can hire moms on the platform and pay them in Bloom tokens.

With a full self-sustained economy for moms and a supportive community in place, free of Mom-sharing, aims to be the dominant online community platform for the modern mother.

For more information or to join the community head over to today.


Fly Away – Get Lost in this Timeless Adventure Mobile Game


You know what time it is when you play Fly Away and that’s to strap on those wings as you immerse yourself in this addictive mobile game.

Join these small-winged creatures on their adventure through their playgrounds. Fly through beautifully designed landscapes such as the Fairy Lands, Ancient Egypt, The Snow, The Wild West and more.

Take flight through the golden rings, collect stars, dodge obstacles, and be sure to not get electrocuted while challenging your reaction. In addition, you can charge your fairy dust and you will become invincible.

And with over 50 costumes to collect, you can challenge friends and race to the top of the global leader-boards.

Features you can expect with Fly Away:

  • 5 awesomely-crafted worlds
  • Dynamic weather, and lighting fly from day through night, sunshine to thunderstorms
  • Control/gamepad support
  • Collect upgrades along the way including the helmet, magnet, and fairy dust!
  • Easy-to-maneuver flight controls to fly up, back and around!
  • Smooth and fluid physics-based game-play
  • And much more!

Reach each and successive golden ring to add time to the clock and keep yourself in the race! And don’t forget to collect stars along the way to unlock new costumes. Dodge obstacles like lasers, windmills, and moving blocks too!

And once your fairy dust is fully charged, you can use it become invincible.

Now, we do want to warn you not to get caught up in all the fun as you have upgrades to make along the way, including helmets that let you bounce off walls, magnets that attract and collect stars, and not to mention a time freeze.

Download Fly Away today by searching for it in the Google Play or App Store.

Sun Seeker – Get to Know Your Sun


Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a tool that showed us exactly where the sun will be at any given time on a given day?

And if last year’s total solar eclipse has taught us anything, it’s that the sun is wildly fascinating and capable of affecting the activities of billions of people.

Well, we got just the app for you and that’s Sun Seeker.

Sun Seeker provides a flat compass view and an augmented reality 3D view of the solar path, its hour intervals, rise and set times, twilight, magic hour, and so much more. In addition to all the aforementioned, Sun Seeker shows the solar direction for each daylight hour. Imagine the possibilities for photographers planning for optimal light conditions?!

And when it comes to real estate buyers wanting to know more about how much sunlight a room will get, they can resort to Sun Seeker – even if the day is overcast when they view the home.

You can view the solar path for any date of your choosing and select any location on Earth. This app is fully packed with additional features including the ability to view details like rise, set and culmination times, maximum elevation and even civil, nautical and astronomical twilight times.

You can purchase Sun Seeker for $9.99 on the Google Play or App Store today.



PromSocial – Plan, Organize, and Share Your Prom


Prom is one of the most special nights of a lot of a teen’s life, so it pretty much goes without saying that it deserves its own app.

Luckily, there’s an app centered around prom planning and loaded with features that help prom-goers get the most out of their big night.

From finding a date to planning parties to voting for your friends, PromSocial does everything.

Once you download the app, simply sign up with your specific high school and the prom you’re attending. Once you’re in, you can begin creating a checklist of all things you’ll need to make the night perfect.

And of course, having a date would be nice so let’s start there. With PromSocial, you can ask someone to prom, send a “promposal,” or just show them you’re interested.

Finishing touches would be planning your limo and the amount of people you’ll have in your party. Simply start planning your limo party and invite your friends so you can arrive in style.

Keep an eye out for an invite to your friends’ so you can arrive in style. And also be sure to check out your prom feed to see everything your classmates are planning for the big day.

The coolest feature to keep a lookout for? The Prombook. Similar to a yearbook, the Prombook highlights the epicness of the night all in one place so you can remember it for years to come.

You can download PromSocial for free on the Google Play or App Store today.

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