MedShift – X-Change – Offering a Way to Solve Staffing Needs


It’s not a secret that anyone who works in the medical field has a fairly demanding profession.

It’s incredibly imperative that they’re available for scheduled shifts and to provide important patient care. But what happens when unexpected events get in the way? The MedShift X-Change app offers a new and innovative way to help solve staffing needs in the form of a low-cost, high-value, simple-to-use app.

MedShift X-Change works on a peer-to-peer exchange. Providers easily post shifts they are unable to fill, available providers will receive and accept via a push notification. When the provider offers a shift, the receiving provider accepts, and everything runs smoothly without a hitch.

With continuous access to this network, organizations and providers can quickly and confidently find someone to fill shifts, ultimately improving patient care satisfaction metrics and lowering organizational costs.

If you’re an organization seeking to help solve staffing needs, MedShift X-Change allows you to review available shifts and accept one that meets your need, without making a single call or sending a text.

You can download MedShift X-Change for a low-cost, high-value alternative in staffing in the Google Play store today.



Kidslox – Controlling the Amount of Time Your Child Spends in Front of a Screen


Children spend a significant amount of time looking at screens every single day. But do parents truly know the amount of time their children spend looking at their devices? Are they aware of the content that their children are viewing?

Luckily, this is where Kidslox comes into play.

Kidslox is a mobile application for iOS and Android that helps parents set boundaries about the number of times their kids spend in front of their mobile devices.

There are five main features:

  1. Instant lockdown mode
  2. Daily limit – this allows you to set an amount of time per day that the screen will be on
  3. Allows you to set a specific period of time for the device to be in lockdown mode
  4. Content filter which allows you to block over five million adult sites
  5. Restriction of specific apps

Kidslox is unique from other parental control software and applications in that it’s totally cross-platform. It functions universally on iOS and Android. You can control it on an iOS device from an Android and an Android device from iOS.

In addition, Kidslox uses a different approach to content filtering which doesn’t drain your battery, slow down the internet, or cost a lot of money for the device.

Kidslox also has a three-way toggle which is their almost patentable technology. This is where they define the device either in parent mode, child mode, or lockdown mode. It’s simple and intuitive and parents seem to think that it’s the best part. Kidslox also has individual app blocking on iOS devices.

Start managing your family’s screen time today by heading to or by visiting the Google Play or Appstore.


Vidii – Making the Way You Text More Fun


You probably couldn’t count the number of times you wish you responded to someone via text with a movie quote. What about movie lines like, “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” or “You can’t handle the truth!”

Sometimes, letting the pros say it for you is the best move to make. But if you’re anything like us and wish to shell-out movie lines at a moment’s notice, check out Vidii.

Vidii is the next step from saying how you feel but without the emojis. It lets you express yourself in a more meaningful way and it’s easy to understand.

All you have to do to acquire Vidii is go to the App Store and the app tells you exactly how to put it in the iMessage. Basically, it’s just another keyboard that’ll equip you with the most perfect responses in the form of one-liners.

Just tap on it, pull it up, and it’s as simple as using emojis. Currently, anything from the Deadpool movies is a great pick.

Text messaging has become the most common way people communicate now over long distances. Just those words going back and forth we have kind of lost that human element and that human emotion. Vidii kind of replaces that so Vidii is for anyone who texts.

To start sending your favorite movie lines, download the Vidii app for free in the App store today.


Asana Rebel – Fitness and Yoga Hybrid App


There are several different philosophies when it comes to finding the best way to get fit. Some say you should go hard in a shorter amount of time, whereas other regimens have you take your time to achieve results.

Asana Rebel falls into the latter category. Being a hybrid of a yoga and fitness app, Asana Rebel is designed for anyone who wishes to get fit, lose weight, and begin a healthy lifestyle.

With over 100 different workouts that were designed by yoga and fitness experts, the idea behind this app is to personalize workout routines according to one’s personal health and fitness goals.

There are a total of 5 themes that the Asana Rebel app focuses on:

  1. Get in shape
  2. Strength building
  3. Flexibility
  4. Balance & Focus
  5. Breathe & Relax

You can browse through different routines using filters such as goals, duration, and intensity.

Every workout has a video preview that will also show you what you’re getting into. The app even includes the option of doing mini sessions if you don’t have time for a long grind, due to a hectic schedule.

So if you want to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle, download Asana Rebel in the Google Play or App Store today.

Affinity Designer – Bring Out the Graphic Designer in You


When it comes to graphic designing, the tools have never been more at one’s disposal. With tablets and smartphones capable of processing at speeds significantly faster than computers from a decade ago, designers are able to do their work on the go.

However, not all tools are created equal. It’s no secret that some of the apps and software out there are little more than bloatware with limited efficiency and functionality.

One app, in particular, that was developed after exhaustive research and input from leading professional graphic designers is Affinity Designer. To say the least, this is one of the most ambitious creative apps currently available on a tablet.

It employs velvet-smooth vector tools resulting in curves with pinpoint precision. From initial sketches to handing off your design for professional print or web, everything is covered in this app. And speaking of the export function, this is an extremely important feature for any design work.

Affinity Designer’s export engine covers all major file types, whether you’re intending for your design to be printed, show up on the web or appear in an app. In order for any graphic design app to be taken seriously, it’ll have to be notorious for its precision.

With its pencil stabilization, it allows you to produce the smoothest and most accurate lines possible on a tablet. Whether you’re drawing using the freehand pencil or brush tools, Affinity takes it even further. You also have the option to zoom in over one million percent so you can get down to even the finest detail.

Affinity offers over 100 brushes so you can execute any design with as much rich media texture as you need. In addition, it delivers 22 non-destructive adjustment layers that preview instantly, with full support for masks, stacks and clipping layers.

This app was built from the ground up to take full advantage of the iPad’s capabilities. So download the Affinity Designer app on your iPad today with a one-time payment of $19.99.

Pilates on Fifth – Access Hundreds of Workout Videos Right at Your Fingertips


Taking their studio to the next level, owners of New York’s premiere Pilates studio, Pilates on Fifth, Katherine and Kimberly Corp have been pioneers in the industry.

They’re currently taking it up a notch with Pilates on Fifth online. This app offers hundreds of workout videos right at the touch of a button.

Pilates on Fifth is accessible anywhere, anytime with the option for offline access, this handy platform offers subscribers workout calendars to help meet their unique goals.

For example, if you wish to achieve flat abs in six weeks, not a problem! Just use the calendar and of course, put in the work.

There are hundreds of workouts for every fitness level so you’ll never feel overwhelmed or like success is out of your reach.

You’ll be able to find the right workout to match your lifestyle. Some workouts are as short as ten minutes, making it simple to find just the right workout to fit your busy schedule. In addition to workout videos, Pilates on Fifth offers technique videos to ensure that you’re doing the exercises right and getting maximum results.

Furthermore, Pilates on Fifth is more than just a Pilates exercise app. You’ll also find Barre, Cardio dance and more with new videos posted each week.

Want to get started? Head to today.

Songkick – Never Miss a Beat from Your Favorite Band or Artist


It’s no question that music is probably the most accessible it ever has been. With multiple streaming platforms available, it’s not hard to listen to your favorite song. However, there is something to say about seeing your favorite musician/band live.

Songkick understands this excitement.

The Songkick app is on a mission to deliver the magic of live music to fans everywhere by making the process of finding and going to concerts effortless. The moment you sign up, you’ll have the option of importing and tracking your favorite artists from Spotify, Facebook, and other platforms. From that moment forward, you’ll get alerted anytime your favorite artists has a nearby concert.

For example, you want to see Drake. You’ll instantly receive a notification whenever he announces a show in your area. All the information you’ll need to purchase tickets will be right there with a link to snag them immediately. Songkick even rewards its users with access to free, intimate concerts and opportunities to meet their favorite artists.

Currently, there are over 150 million users tracking artists through Songkick, making the app one of the most popular platforms to discover live music. Songkick also has 6 million concert and festival listings and 150,000 artists using their platform.

You can download the Songkick app for free in the Google Play or App Store today.

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