Inmagine – Spice Up Your Life with Royalty-Free Images

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We don’t know about you but finding quality images without having to pay for them can be quite the nuisance. Royalty-free images are considered the safer way to go rather than using a potentially copywritten image

Luckily, there’s a one-stop shop that has several kinds of images for you to choose from.

Inmagine provides quality images, sound, and video by world-class artists, as well as software solutions and services. They have developed a creative platform for clients to tap into when they wish to express themselves.

Being the parent company to 123RF, Inmagine has a content library of over 72 million images – so yeah, pretty good chance you’re going to find the photo that you need. And in addition to images, Inmagine also has vectors, footage, audio, and more.

123RF is the very first stock company of its kind to create a Google Chrome extension that allows users to search for images across a variety of categories.

Inmagine had a mission to curate categories that are hand-selected by designers for designers. And by being a royalty-free stock image provider that they are, Inmagine works to meet the demands of advertising agencies, graphic design firms, and corporate businesses.

Categories you can expect to find with Inmagine are:

  • Picnic
  • Music
  • Ocean
  • Vintage
  • Dancing
  • Landscape
  • And more

And if you’re a fan of Pixlr, 123RF has acquired them too. If you haven’t heard of Pixlr, it’s basically just the world’s most widely used cloud and mobile photo editors – no biggie.

With this acquisition having propelled Inmagine towards 50 million monthly active users, there have been over 100 million installs of the Pixlr mobile apps – again, no biggie.

Best of all, Inmagine creates a solid user-friendly environment and enhances the user experience in the creative realm. You should take our word for it, but in case you don’t, see for yourself! Visit today.


WireX – Your Key to Incident Solutions

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It’s unfortunate, but cyber-attacks happen and require businesses to respond quickly in order to minimize damage. Another unfortunate event is that several businesses fall short of the tools necessary to meet enterprise needs. And hey, if the agilest and well-funded security systems struggle, hope can remain pretty bleak for the rest of the gang.

Luckily, there’s a remedy that can enhance security investigations and doesn’t require several days to do it. WireX is a solution that instantly provides the necessary intelligence to take action. What’s efficient about WireX is its instantaneous response to taking action out of the overload of raw data.

WireX performs with constant security measure in mind. It’s objective is to retrieve a solution the moment that malicious activity is detected. It completes this by allowing a search to go across all NFP sensors  in order to acquire clear and comprehensive data needed for investigation.

WireX enables you to automate analysis efforts with its Contextual Capture Technology. This technology is used to collect and analyze network data for security investigation purposes. With WireX’s NFP platform, you can break through limitations of full packet capture and enhance productivity of your security investigation team.

Benefits of WireX include:

  • Delivering complete visibility – increases enterprise visibility beyond log and flow data to gain understanding
  • Removes skill-set barriers – with human-readable intelligence, it can provide the whole team better efficiency and preparation to handle complex investigations
  • Boosts forensics history – stores several months worth of forensics data with greater context and visbility
  • Streamlines SOC and IR processes – integrates with existing tools and workflows as well as automates investigation strategies

To learn more about WireX and how they can keep your business safe from online threats, visit today.

Smart IDReader – Scan Identity Documents in Seconds

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Digitization constantly finds new ways to make our experiences faster and more convenient – well, at least that’s its intention. With that said, there’s now an app that can thoroughly scan your identity documents such as passport, license, debit, and credit cards.

Take a look at Smart IDReader:

Within a machine readable zone, this app can scan your identity document in seconds.

It works by identifying and capturing identity documents while using videos/photo cameras and scanners in mobile, desktop, and terminal solutions.

All you have to do is point the app camera towards the identity document you wish to scan and it will do so in 3 seconds. Neat, huh? Now, being late for that flight to Jamaica won’t be so bad with a few minutes shaved off.

Companies that implement this Smart IDReader SDK into their system will maximize efficiency and save time.

Recognition of the Smart IDReader:

  • On mobile devices
  • In real time
  • Of documents in video stream
  • Of documents in various lighting conditions

Other features of Smart IDReader:

  • White label license
  • Only device RAM is used. No personal data is being copied or transferred over the internet

Regardless of the lighting conditions, the high-resolution capture will take all information necessary from the document.

And as mentioned before, you won’t need to worry about your information floating around out there. The data is so sensitive that no information that’s captured is sent over the internet. You can rest assured of this as all the complicated internal processing is done directly on the device.

In addition, Smart IDReader recognizes a large number of international documents so those outside of the United States have a workable solution.

To know more about the Smart IDReader technology, head to or download the Smart IDReader demo app in the Google Play or App Store to see for yourself.

Perfect PDF Ultimate – The Ultimate PDF

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Being a leading manufacturer of PDF software with flexible solutions since 1995, Soft Xpansion is the platform to turn to.

Let’s get right into it. Soft Xpansion’s premiere software app is Perfect PDF Ultimate. Take a gander for yourself below:

What are the perks?

Perfect PDF Ultimate allows you to create, convert, edit, annotate, merge, encrypt, and digitally sign PDF files. What’s super convenient and easy about it is that it integrates with an array of Windows applications in addition to tools for managing electronic documents.

With these additional features, it helps to make the software much more than a PDF or print program.

And also being a member of the Perfect PDF family for Windows 10, the “family” consists of 8 apps including the freeware product, Perfect PDF Reader. While you can also purchase each of the apps separately, Perfect PDF Ultimate includes the full set of PDF features that Soft Xpansion offers to clients.

Having Perfect PDF Ultimate be the all-in-one application that it is, it will permit you to process PDF files from viewing to creating and editing on all Windows based platforms. Talk about convenience!

Further features you can expect:

  • Combine and split PDFs
  • Merge multiple print jobs into one document
  • Create PDF files with a full PDF editor

What can you integrate Perfect PDF Ultimate with?

  • Microsoft
  • Windows Explorer
  • SharePoint access
  • Import metadata

Soft Xpansion’s goal is to provide immediate access to editing PDF documents. It will help you edit page content, create new pages, make interactive forms, process links, bookmark and outline structures.

Did we also mention that’s it’s available in 10 languages? Yep, 10 languages including German and Japanese.

You can purchase Perfect PDF Ultimate for Windows by heading to today.

Analytics Engines – Don’t Lose Your Mind and Keep Your Data

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It’s a given, businesses of a great size deal with large quantities of data which has to then be organized and analyzed. Frequently, when copious amounts of data take over, it can potentially cause your resources to become lost.

Is it something to just sit back and accept as a possible circumstance? With Analytics Engines, it never has to be.

Analytics Engines XDP offers a feasible platform where any data can be curated, orchestrated, and analyzed. It’s also optimized for rapid deployment so it reduces infrastructure development time and speeds up the analytic process.

Analytics Engines heart of functioning is to provide businesses the backbone they need regarding data analytics and management. Certain sectors that could on Analytics Engines’ efficiency? Life science and healthcare.

Precision in medicine is only growing and is more in demand in drug development and patient care. Analytics Engines steps in by allowing researchers and healthcare providers to integrate different datasets that they are faced with and then automates the analytic process in a streamlined way.

Features of Analytics Engines:

  • Reusable – info can be transferred in-cloud or on premise
  • Unified View – a whole view of enterprise data and allows joins across data assets in separate silos
  • Push-Down Query Capability – run analytics queries against native source systems
  • Source Control – Software Defined Infrastructure definitions can be placed under source control
  • Best in Class – Using high standard tools and data to deliver a range of data stores to match your data

Researchers are now able to concentrate on analysis instead of wrangling data into a cohesive form or integrating patient data with outcomes.

Analytics Engines is a strong platform that can house raw data, metadata, and interim analysis results that provide tracking, monitoring, and analyzing of all data.

AppSolid – Protect Your App from Fraudulent Activity

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We all know that this world gets technologically savvier each and every day. Apps keep flooding the smartphones and hacking starts to increase in possibility. In fact, per tech research company Gartner, 75% will fail basic security tests. The downside to this is app developers just don’t have the tools, time or resources to amp up security.

What are the most common hacking methods in the market, exactly? We’ve got…

  • App piracy
  • IP theft/copycats
  • Behavior modification
  • Malware injection
  • Vulnerability identification
  • Data manipulation

Which to say the least is most inconvenient, but fortunately can be prevented.

We understand that these are major issues, however, AppSolid vows to have the solution, a cloud-based security solution that is.

Its method begins with scanning the app for any susceptibilities and will then apply binary protection. Once that’s said and done, all of its maintenance is automatic.

AppSolid will then continue to keep tracking and monitoring your app’s security status in real-time to control suspicious activity. It will scan and diagnose your app with any vulnerabilities and will retrieve results in seconds. It proceeds to apply the binary protection in minutes so it can track your app’s security status in real-time. Moving forward, it will manage suspicious activities.

AppSolid Plugin for Unity

  • Protecting your game from the Unity developer environment
  • Strongest level of protection for games such as source code protection, memory hacking prevention, etc.

AppSolid for MultiDex

  • Binary security for Android MultiDex
  • Easy to apply – simply upload and download your APK

In order to use it, all you have to do is upload your file, correct your options and download it in a file. This is essentially a solution before your app heads to the market, or even if your app already is live, you can still apply AppSolid in future updates.

If you’re a developer for apps on iOS, Android, Unity 3D or other platforms of the like, check out today.

Apps I Like – Creating Apps People Will Want

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So, you want to make an app, but you seem to struggle with having it take off. That appears to be the common denominator among several app developers, but what you should know is that it doesn’t have to be.

Apps I Like is a company that will help your concept come to life. It will assist you in making apps that are iPhone, Kindle, and Android friendly. We have to say, the selling point for Apps I Like is that it doesn’t require you to be an Xcode expert, a Java guru or software developer- unless that’s your jam. But rest assured if you solely have a concept, but aren’t sure how to execute it, Apps I Like will help you to build your own iPhone or Android app.

Apps I Like makes it easier to follow your passions and having your dream app come to life. What’s even more convenient about is its simple-to-use application that will help you create your app in less than an hour and sans coding knowledge.

What you can expect with Apps I Like is  that its subscribers have access to hundreds of templates to select from, can easily edit and format the content. Where your expertise comes in is figuring out which template speaks to your app the most.

And if you change your mind, you can simply go back to change the text and pictures and submit it for creation.

Apps I Like will then takeover with their technical support team and build the app to submit it to the App Store or provide a code that subscribers can upload to Google Play or Amazon developer accounts.

Further features you can expect:

  • Sync – new content for your live app as well as updates through the cloud to every device that contains your app
  • Push Notifications – pop-up messages from the website to all your users’ devices
  • In-App – providing digital content such as virtual currency, expansion packs, upgrades, and more

Did we also mention revenue potential?

Apps I Like is part of the ShareASale affiliate program and by just simply sharing a specific link with others who subsequently click on it, subscribers get paid for referrals who sign up.

So stop procrastinating and get to creating! Head to today.

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