Habitat Soundscaping – Minimizing Distracting Conversations

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As humans, we are intrinsically drawn to nature – the sounds, the views, anything that assures us we’re living on this gorgeous earth.

Steamrolling over the very essence of what allows us to breathe and be at peace, this is the most obvious to be observed in modern offices. Luckily, Plantronics Habitat Soundscaping reconnects humans and nature in the office by using sight, sound, and science to reduce distractions and bridge the gap between modern life’s demands and our basic human needs.

Custom designed for each office, this system uses software to dynamically adapt to the surrounding environment to minimize distracting conversations. You may have paid attention to things such as humming lights and closeby conversations which can be very distracting and cause stress.

The Habitat Soundscaping system is designed to mask unwanted noises by replacing them with soothing audio that we’re meant to hear. Your custom design may include waterfalls, digital skylights or digital windows, as well as the sound of peaceful flowing water and other sounds of nature.

Habitat Soundscaping solutions create environments that naturally minimize distractions in order to cultivate concentration for the individual and collaboration for the team.

For more information head on over to habitat.plantronics.com today.


LA Police Gear – Tactical Gear for Military, Camping, or Police Wear

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It’s a hard endeavor to find one store or site that carries everything to satisfy your survival or tactical needs. Whether you’re searching for the right clothes or accessories to get the job done, there’s a place that’s just for you.

It’s called LA Police Gear and it’s your one-stop-shop for all things police, military, and camping.

This company was founded in 2001 by LAPD officers with the mission of bringing awesome deals to the law enforcement community. Since then, LA Police Gear has expanded beyond clothing and gear for law enforcement and currently provides a wide array of items for all walks of life.

As previously mentioned, LA Police Gear is a one-stop-shop for all things police, military, camping, survival, and everyday carry gear. On their site, you’ll notice brands like Oakley, Under Armour, and 5.11, as well as accessories for just about any rough and tumble situation. And among their most popular sellers is apparel, but they’ve got anything you could think of.

From pants, shirts, and shoes to socks, boots, sunglasses, LA Police Gear doesn’t leave you in the dark. In addition, it has a large selection of tactical flashlights and lanterns and all accessories to go with them such as patrol bags, equipment bags, utility pouches, and pistol holsters. When it comes to bags and holsters, you’d be hard pressed to find something they don’t have.

There are thousands of quality items for anybody whether it’s for a hobby or life-saving and emergency preparedness equipment.

To discover what they have, head over to LAPoliceGear.com today.

ROI Healthcare Solutions – Saving Healthcare Leaders Time, Money, and Stress

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Recognized by KLAS and Modern Healthcare, ROI earns the trust of healthcare leaders by saving them time, money, and stress through project management, consulting implementation, and support services related to ERP, Clinical, and Revenue Cycle initiatives.

ROI also combines their project management skills with clinical and business software experience in order to offer a broad suite of services to holistically meet your healthcare IT and departmental needs.

A “partnership” is a term that several vendors use, but at ROI it’s truly their clients who refer to them as their partner. It doesn’t matter if they focus on their ERP practice, application management practice, or their capability as a project management leader.

ROI Healthcare Solutions constantly sees the level of trust, integrity, and collaboration that it has with its partners. Clients also testify that ROI truly connects the dots between their systems, their organizational expectations, and the patient experience to impact the way they do business.

If there was a sum-up of what makes ROI different, it’s that they invest in their people to allow them to do what they love. This translates into happy clients that allows them to continue to be a growing business that never sacrifices on integrity or quality.

Learn more at roihs.com today.


Mythereum – Blockchain-Based Collectible Trading Card Game

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If you’re a fan of collectible trading card games PLUS cryptocurrency, stick around for this brand new product.

Mythereum is an easy-to-learn, multiplayer Collectible Trading Card Game, set in the Sci-Fi Fantasy World. With this game, you’ll collect and build unique powerful decks to go against enemies in personal duels, multiplayer brawls, or tournaments.

So what exactly makes Mythereum unique? Well, it’s the first playable collectible card game built on Ethereum blockchain.

Each card is a different blockchain-based asset that you can openly trade, transfer or sell, on open markeplaces such as OpenSea. Everyone can claim 4 free card packs or purchase powerful limited edition cards that can grow in value over time.

As you play, you’ll gain rewards such as Mythex tokens which you can use to upgrade your cards or sell to other players for cryptocurrency and convert to dollars. Each edition of this unique trading card game has a limited number of cards that are sold. Once that cap is achieved, the edition will no longer be available for purchase, leaving players to trade and buy from one another.

In addition, there are free Mythereum tournaments where you can win cryptocurrency worth THOUSANDS of dollars. eSports leagues are also coming to Mythereum with large prizes and competitive professional play.

So, if you’re a fan of Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, or other trading card games of the like, then check out mythereum.io today.


Foresite MSP – Specializing in Cybersecurity for the Sake of Your Business

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The more we depend on the internet, the more we should make sure we stay protected, especially in the workplace. Foresite, a leader in managed security and cyber-consulting services, ensures that your company is protected with ProVision, a flexible and customizable security management tool with deep insights into your security.

Foresite is a cybersecurity company that specializes in cyber compliance and managed security services. They offer 24/7 monitoring, alerting, or a company’s security and network infrastructure as well as the incident response if necessary if they experience a threat.

Provision is a proprietary security service platform that was created and designed to help Foresite MSP facilitate management monitoring and instant response of customers’ network.

There are several examples of how Foresite has assisted companies in analyzing millions of alerts every day. In those alerts,  they’re usually coming from known threats in foreign countries and they’re trying to breach networks. With this, Foresite is able to identify those threats and stop them before they’re actually able to breach.

If you’re looking for benefits to working with Foresite, it can be the well-being of your company for one and that you’re working with a security partner that has several years of experience in handling the challenges that you are faced with.

In addition, there’s quite a shortage of talent in the security pool and they’re quite expensive. Foresite charges half the cost but doesn’t shortchange professional quality.

Start protecting your business today by heading to foresite.com.

EngageOne Converse – Reducing the Cost to Serve While Increasing Customer Satisfaction

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When it comes to direct messaging, businesses are beginning to implement it more towards customer service efforts. And according to Facebook, over 1 billion messages are sent between people and businesses on their Messenger platform each month.

Well, if you’re looking to set up your very own chatbot to manage the influx of DMs, check out EngageOne Converse by Pitney Bowes.

Today, chatbots are becoming increasingly more relevant and more popular among everyday consumers. About 4 billion users every month are on the top 4 messaging applications and they’re using chatbots through their phones and home automation to interact with companies. It seems to be that companies have no other choice but to keep up with consumer technology in order to sustain a booming business.

This is where EngageOne Converse comes in. They bring several benefits to companies as they provide the ability for the company to engage with their customers on messaging applications and other online channels. This reduces the cost to serve while increasing customer satisfaction and customer engagement. In addition, it’s a faster time to value which also increases the return on investment.

A final element that EngageOne Converse provides its businesses users is allowing them to engage with their customers and control the conversation. The benefit to consumers of businesses using chatbox applications is that it allows them to communicate with those businesses in the medium of their choice.

Essentially, the support and help you need is constantly available and you’re not stuck having to wait until you get back to a certain location in order to get assistance. EngageOne Converse makes it available any time, anywhere, 24 hours a day.

For more information go to pitneybowes.com and search for EngageOne Converse today.

D2C Directory – Creating Synergies Between Workforce Needs and Job Seekers’ Career Aspirations

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It’s safe to say we’re all pretty familiar with the stories about students who can’t seem to find jobs after graduation. It’s no secret that finding the path towards a sustainable career can be a bit of a struggle.

Well, this is why Dream2Career (D2C) exists. This crowd-sourced social media platform creates synergies between job recruiters and job seekers.

Job seekers are able to search for career interests and discover entry-level salaries, educational requirements, tuition costs, and other program information pertaining to work-based learning collaboratives.

Job seekers also have the ability to access employer program recommendations about learning opportunities to getting hired at each specific company. In addition, individuals can comment and rank program effectiveness. The D2C directory equips soon-to-be works with pertinent information to assist them in where to get trained and hired for their dream career. Simultaneously, this helps companies spread the message about work-learn programs they have to offer.

D2C features programs for all community members, including K-20 students, special needs groups, veterans, and displaced workers. In addition, D2C promotes some of the most forward-thinking industries such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and IoT.

If you’re a company looking to increase your talent pool or just simply want to find your way into the workforce, head to  Dream2Career.com.

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