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So, you want to make an app, but you seem to struggle with having it take off. That appears to be the common denominator among several app developers, but what you should know is that it doesn’t have to be.

Apps I Like is a company that will help your concept come to life. It will assist you in making apps that are iPhone, Kindle, and Android friendly. We have to say, the selling point for Apps I Like is that it doesn’t require you to be an Xcode expert, a Java guru or software developer- unless that’s your jam. But rest assured if you solely have a concept, but aren’t sure how to execute it, Apps I Like will help you to build your own iPhone or Android app.

Apps I Like makes it easier to follow your passions and having your dream app come to life. What’s even more convenient about is its simple-to-use application that will help you create your app in less than an hour and sans coding knowledge.

What you can expect with Apps I Like is  that its subscribers have access to hundreds of templates to select from, can easily edit and format the content. Where your expertise comes in is figuring out which template speaks to your app the most.

And if you change your mind, you can simply go back to change the text and pictures and submit it for creation.

Apps I Like will then takeover with their technical support team and build the app to submit it to the App Store or provide a code that subscribers can upload to Google Play or Amazon developer accounts.

Further features you can expect:

  • Sync – new content for your live app as well as updates through the cloud to every device that contains your app
  • Push Notifications – pop-up messages from the website to all your users’ devices
  • In-App – providing digital content such as virtual currency, expansion packs, upgrades, and more

Did we also mention revenue potential?

Apps I Like is part of the ShareASale affiliate program and by just simply sharing a specific link with others who subsequently click on it, subscribers get paid for referrals who sign up.

So stop procrastinating and get to creating! Head to today.

Haulme – Simply Connecting Shippers and Drivers in Just One App

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We all love efficiency and organization, right? Well, let us tell you a little something about Haulme. Haulme is an online, software-based alternative to conventional load boards and brokers. And in addition to long boards and brokers, Haulme allows small and medium business shippers to locate and use capacity of highly qualified, insured owner operators and small fleets.

Shippers receive the ultimate benefit with full disclosure pricing in addition to in-transit tracking and speedy proof of delivery confirmation. By doing this, it allows for complete supply chain visibility and heightened efficiency. See? We’re all about efficiency, here.

Other benefits to lookout for?

  • Unlock capacity with no broker calls
  • On-time delivery and pickup
  • Transparent pricing
  • On-demand freight visibility
  • Fast delivery confirmation

Shippers also have the convenience of INSTANTLY receiving an estimated price for shipment after inputting just a few pieces of information.

Drivers will too benefit from transparent freight rates, know-before-you-go visibility and quick payments. They’ll know how much to make for each load via Haulme’s convenient mobile app.

Drivers can expect the following benefits:

  • Make more money by finding more loads
  • Get paid faster
  • Decrease empty backhauls
  • Paid in just 3 business days

If you’re a driver who wants to increase his or her income, then Haulme wants to help you. Receive more load opportunities by gaining more access.

Small fleets, we didn’t forget about you! Download the free app right to your smartphone and see your transparent freight rate and quick payments. Nothing is better than knowing how much you’ll expect to receive for a booked load. Another benefit? Haulme will increase awareness to shippers who they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

For more information, visit today!

Hawk Search – Optimizing Your Brand So You Can Stay Ahead of the Competition

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Every company is thinking it, “How can I be better than the rest?” or “What’s going to give me that competitive edge?” Well, for starters, you have to be sure you’re tackling your online marketing correctly and successfully turning those who are just browsing into actual customers.

This can be a tough situation to tackle, but luckily there’s a solution that can take care of those kinds of concerns for you.

Hawk Search is designed and formatted to augment any E-Commerce platform and offers features to accelerate revenue and growth.

How does it do it?

First, Hawk Search drives shoppers to find products and helps them to discover products they may have never known they wanted.

Whether a shopper begins from the site search box or landing on a content landing page, Hawk Search has customized features that will enhance the experience up to checkout and successfully convert a browse into a sale.

Essentially, Hawk Search is your total site search and e-merchandising solution for your business. Its built upon experience and designed to be future-proof. In a nutshell, Hawk Search is the next generation site search platform.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C, Hawk Search can find solutions for both intelligent search and predictive recommendations.

Let yourself as a merchandiser, have complete control over the experience all from one unified Workbench tool provided by Hawk Search. This will be the heart of all your configurations to create a custom digital experience for online shoppers.

For more information on how to increase your E-Commerce conversion rates head to today.

Zang – Organize & Optimize Your Work Environment | NewsWatch Review


Attention all small and medium-sized businesses, if you’re looking for ways to improve relationships with your customers and employees, Zang has the ways to do so.

With its robust platform, Zang Cloud allows you to create what it is you need to make the workflow the most conducive and a better environment to work in. Who doesn’t appreciate consistency with their workflow? All we know is here, teamwork makes the dream work.

Zang Cloud can provide any of the following features to facilitate a better business flow:

  • Building intelligent, reliable messaging apps
  • Enables voice to be added as well as calling features
  • Gaining valuable insight into the origin of callers
  • Analyzing efficiency of marketing campaigns

With today’s competitive economy, Zang provides a leg up to the small and medium-sized businesses.

What’s efficient about Zang is its customizable cloud-based business phone service that’s reliable, affordable and very simple to set up.This can help businesses get a better understanding of their call stats as well as marketing campaign analytics.

Online meeting platforms are rapidly becoming the norm amongst successful companies as well as providing convenience to all members of the team.

Do you need a way to track communication and manage tasks? Zang Spaces provides simple and effective ways to control individual task lists without having to consider purchasing expensive communication platforms.

In addition, Zang Spaces allows you the ability to:

  • Document and screen share
  • Organize communications and coordinate work across teams
  • Use your smartphone to access what you need from the cloud

Zang Cloud also allows you to build intelligent and reliable messaging apps using their API to develop voice calling features as well as to buy local and toll-free numbers for your business.

Get further organized with Zang Cloud, Office and Spaces as they give you the tools to do so. For more information on Zang products and pricing, visit today.

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The Smart Marketing Solution

MWC 2016

It is too often companies promote themselves using only one or two methods, such as a mail flyer or an email. But now there is one great way to promote your company that is too often overlooked. Think about it for a second. What is the one item that you can guarantee almost everyone carries around with them daily? Their phone. Go4Clients provides you with the perfect solution for all things in the realm of mobile promotion.

The creator of Go4Clients, Telintel, has been the one-stop shop for anything that involves mobile engagement since 1997. Now with the addition of Go4Clients they have truly taken it to the next level. This unique advertising platform allows for personalized robocall and SMS campaign creation. The personalized campaign includes relevant information that specifically applies to individual clients. Even better, it allows you to easily reach thousands of your customers all within five minutes. The user intuitive platform also offers landing pages, text2speech, IVR or interactive voice response, sms2call and click2call. All these options and a global reach. Reaching customers from all over the world has never been so easy! These services Go4Clients provides are not only valuable if you are a marketing agency, collection agency, contact center, but is also a perfect and simple solution in any situation where you need to reach a large mass of people easily and all at once. Each message, call, or landing page can be completely customized and tailored to your business’ specific message.

Go4Clients is a pay to go system with a basic package starting at $49. So if your brand or client needs to target an ad towards a large, global mobile audience, head on over to to sign up now.

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Help With Receiving A Patent

Protect your inventions and ideas.

Patent ServicesComing up with a great idea is just the first step to success. For those who have a concept or innovation they’d like to get patented, it is important to know that it is a very long and detailed process to receive a patent. Those businesses looking for a little assistance throughout the process should look into working with Patent Services.

Patent Services USA has a reputation for helping smaller businesses and individuals. Patent Services USA gives you guidance in the 1 -2 year process of receiving a patent. When you use the Patent Services Launch Center, you get a consultant to help you throughout your case. This consultant will create a plan for your project and negotiate discounts from patent attorneys and researchers. Patent Services USA can’t take on every patent filer, but ty have the top services those selected projects.

To learn more, visit today.


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Endless Possibilities For Domain Names

Add some flair to your domain name.

Minds And Machines(2)In this day and age, your website is a very valuable part of building your brand. Having a unique website can help you stand out from possible competitors. Your web address can be even more specific to your product and brand by getting more creative with the domain name. Minds and Machines makes it easy to create the best domain name for you.

Minds and Machines gives you endless possibilities for your domain name. Minds and Machines own and operate 34 TLDs to search for the name with the ending that’s right for you.

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