Wintelligen – The Virtual Assistant You’ve Always Wanted

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Usually, small teams or companies don’t manage their travel plans. Instead, they’ll have their employees operate their trip, using Expedia or something similar. This arrangement increases cost by 25%.

Luckily with this next product we have, you’ll have the burden of travel planning taken away from you. Your salvation? Hannah, the travel AI driven bot, from Wintelligen.

This AI-Driven travel management virtual assistant offers optimized itineraries and real-time analytics, leading to cost conservation and time savings.

First users establish their travel policies and preferences. Hannah knows which options work with which policies and preferences you’ve come up with. In addition to that, it offers a curated list of options for the trip.

And talking to your AI-Driven virtual assistant is simple! Open your chosen chat platform like Slack, Skype or whichever your teams use and begin chatting!

Every interaction makes your virtual assistant more intelligent, it will learn from you and your team. It will assist you before, during and after your trip just like a human would.

Wintelligen works for single users and companies; this way, users can save time, money and reduce frustration. Just fill in your information once and let the bot do the rest! And there you are, you get to worry about one thing less.

For more information, head on over to today.


RushHive – From Zero to Mobile App for Your Business in Minutes

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No one ever likes to make the call to customer support – sometimes, it can even be a nightmare. Whether you’re the customer on a, what seems to be a forever hold or a business with hundreds or even thousands of customers calling in at once, it can be stressful for both parties.

Luckily, a company called RushHive provides a mutual digital meeting ground where customers and businesses can effectively communicate.

RushHive means that when a person “connects” with your organization or business, they will see a page on their device that contains your logo, contact information, links to their previous communications with you and a list of templates that you’ve made available for them to use.

And just so you know, setting up an online account couldn’t be easier. Here’s what you do:

  • Establish an account
  • Put together options for your users
  • Allow connections
  • You’re all set!

And RushHive is designed for a mobile presence. For businesses, here’s what to expect:

  • Make website forms more mobile-friendly by availability in an app
  • Allow customers to engage your business without the need to call
  • Use as a help desk for your business
  • Create a private communication system between you and customers or staff
  • Keep your customers informed using push notifications and real-time chat
  • Use as a part of a marketing strategy to reach customer mobile devices

Essentially, RushHive’s goal is to make things more efficient for everyone. Their system is adaptable for any business that seeks to create communication with clients and customers.

Let’s give an example on a customer’s end of things. You’re heading out of town and need to board your dog for the weekend. It’s a time-sensitive task to call the boarders and relay all necessary instructions and can result in important information getting lost in translation.

What RushHive does is lets you fill out a quick form with all the required information the business needs and can send it off.

Once the form is received, they acknowledge receipt and you’ll immediately receive a notification.

If you have any questions or comments about your request, you can chat with the business directly through the app. You can continue your day while they take care of your online request.

The app is available in the App Store and Google Play and you can also learn more about RushHive by visiting

Social Media Link – Helping Brands Develop Authentic Consumer Engagement

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When it comes to building direct relationships with consumers, it’s basically a vital cornerstone of a company’s success.

Unfortunately, brands tend to rely on third-party mediums such as Facebook to foster these relationships.

Because algorithms are constantly changing and privacy can be an issue, brands don’t have total control over these relationships. In addition, few CRMs allow for back and forth dialogue where a customer feels like they’re being thoroughly heard.

What Social Media Link aims to do is solve this problem by devoting its service to harness the power of community for your brand.

As a leading consumer engagement and activation company, Social Media Link develops next-gen marketing technology that lets brands inspire meaningful stories and build long-lasting consumer connections.

Brands demand a home-base in order to cultivate multi-way relationships with consumers, thus creating loyalty and advocacy brands.

Social Media Link is the leading consumer engagement and activation company to drive 1:1 relationships at scale for deliberate interaction and streamlined activation.

What EngageTech offers is 3 different solutions:

  1. The first solution is Vesta which offers a way to create a customized online brand community to spark genuine dialogue and encourage loyalty. Its efforts are to create a welcoming hub for the people who love your brand and enable effortless interaction to inspire advocacy, capture insights and foster loyalty at scale.
  2. The second solution is Smiley360. This is a group of trendsetters from Social Media Link’s community of nearly 1 million consumer influencers to create content on behalf of the brand. It implements relevant consumer influencers culled from Social Media Link’s Smiley360 and amplifies your brand via user-generated content, recommendations, and reviews.
  3. The third solution is SightPoint and offers the ability to make fast strategic decisions based on reliable research from respondents for a fraction of the cost. This essentially lets you make better decisions and strategic pivots with instant access to on-target respondents for legitimate research that won’t break the bank.

For more information on these game-changing solutions head over to today.

Digital Display Solutions – Mastering the Craft of Audio/Visual/Commerical Integration

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It’s safe to say that with any place you go,  you will undoubtedly observe some sort of digital signage along the way. Regardless of whether you’re out shopping or going to the doctor’s office, seeing some sort of digital announcement is likely to get noticed.

It’s no news that this industry is constantly developing since, after all, advanced signage brings a huge incentive to both the organization and the end shopper.

One organization taking off in this developing industry is Digital Display Solutions, a woman, and minority-run organization.

Digital Display Solutions is a business/sound/video integrator so when you stroll into gathering rooms or meeting rooms, you see the speakers and push a button and things turn on, that is the master of DDS’ craft.

Their fortes are assembly rooms, stadiums, or anything that requires sight or sound to have the capacity to see or convey a message.

DDS sees things in sound/visual six years prior to when you’ll see it in Best Buy, thus being sure to seek the latest in electronics a consistent undertaking. DDS is watchful for where the “electronics” current is going, how it’s doing, and to ensure that when a CEO pushes the button, everything turns on as it should, and everything works swimmingly.

DDS particularly prides themselves as a private venture that is doing it right. They are what isolates from other business/sound/video enterprises since they focus on doing it right and offering the best quality that they can give.

You can learn more about Digital Display Solutions by making heading to their site, today.

SkyStem – ART Will Automate the Closing and Account Reconcilliation Process

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One of the most popular trends in the business world continues to be an increase in automation, tighter data security, and real-time monitoring and management in every aspect of running a national or global enterprise.

So, we got pretty excited when we had a chance to sit with CEO of SkyStem, Shagun Malhotra.

SkyStem, the maker of ART, is a web-based month-end close and reconciliation solution that automates the way accountants do their work at the end of the month.

ART lets you get real-time status updates and insights into the actual process right at your fingertips.

Gone are the days you have to be concerned about manual signatures – everything is electronic and all your data resides in one place. And with having a central repository, it’s simple to access for auditors and no longer have to photocopy, etc.

With ART, its goal is to make everything accessible and convenient. In addition, there are some automated functionalities that assist the accountant and essentially make everything go on autopilot. Think of it as your own personal assistant telling you what you need to do at that very moment.

ART is designed for those who may be “less tech-savvy” individuals and provides a friendly user interface. In addition, it allows you to do what you were doing in Excel, but just in an automated way.

ART is the ideal solution as you don’t require a lot of maintenance and support so that things are effortlessly implemented.

To learn more about SkyStem or the ART software solution, head on over to today.

SkyFlok – Better and More Secure Cloud Storage

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With cloud services, it gives us the liberty to work anywhere in the world by offering a single location for document storage and sharing.  However, it’s difficult to find one cloud service that offers full control of your data location and privacy.

This is where SkyFlok comes in.

SkyFlok is the next generation of Cloud storage and sharing. It’s encrypted and designed to help their clients store files privately worldwide. It also enables you to choose the locations for where you want your files.

Any team, personal or client files can be managed and organized online.

Features of SkyFlok include:

  • Customer’s Data – many companies aren’t protecting their most vital asset: customer’s trust with their DATA
  • Choose Storage Locations – you can tell customers exactly where their data is located
  • Share Files with Customers – sharing is important and it shouldn’t be difficult or risky. Assuage clients’ concerns when holding and sharing their data
  • Enterprise Grade – bringing enterprise-grade storage to small businesses everywhere
  • One World: One Bill – they provide a single bill and simple subscriptions with worldwide service
  • Patents – They have 10 patents and the team has even more on the way. They take technology seriously as it’s their origin and ethos. Their team members are contributors to EU Secure cloud; IEEE and multiple research programs

And if you’re worried about ransomware, SkyFlok is always back up to reduce the risk of becoming infected. Are you potentially worried about a disgruntled team member? SkyFlok lets you set roles and restrictions to any file you choose.

Concerned about client file privacy? SkyFlok will have a Client Space that will let you privately manage your customer’s files.

Furthermore, SkyFlok offers an unparalleled level of security in the cloud industry. Their patented technology spreads your files across various locations. Even if one of those locations happens to go down, clients will still be able to access their private files.

Learn more by heading over to today.

Brainjocks – Making it So Anyone Can Manage a Website

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We learned a lot about Brainjocks when we attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for their new U.S. headquarters in metro Atlanta. In fact, we learned much more about their latest product, SCORE, a Sitecore accelerator, and component-based framework.

Brainjocks has essentially evolved into a more digital marketing company, so instead of just delivering technology and websites, they are now consulting with companies on how to leverage technology to achieve marketing goals.

If you look at it this way, content management on its own is worthless if a non-technical person can’t take a website and manage/edit it.

So with this, Brainjocks wanted to focus on how to give marketers more power and capabilities. With this question in mind, they built a product that lets you quickly put together and deploy websites on a content management system platform known as Sitecore.

This platform will basically allow companies to create a reusable component library and submit it to an enterprise. In addition to this, they’ll build anywhere from 1 to 1,000 websites which empowers the marketers. This effort helps to take over that website and manage it without constantly going back to the engineering team asking for revisions.

Brainjocks has started to develop two additional product lines that are imperative to the company’s future. One of them is referred to as management services and that is a site that will help you create using your favorite content management platform, but Brainjocks will host, monitor, and maintain it if need be. And if you so choose, they’ll do all your content management hands-on work for you too.

The next service by Brainjocks is Digital Strategy.

Several companies have difficulty with the fact of “How do I take advantage of marketing technology?” So Brainjocks’ objective is to, not just show how it’s completed technology-wise, but show them when it’s right to adopt that strategy and how to measure the effect of that strategy.

If you’re interested in learning more about Brainjocks’ SCORE, head over to today.

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