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Attention all small and medium-sized businesses, if you’re looking for ways to improve relationships with your customers and employees, Zang has the ways to do so.

With its robust platform, Zang Cloud allows you to create what it is you need to make the workflow the most conducive and a better environment to work in. Who doesn’t appreciate consistency with their workflow? All we know is here, teamwork makes the dream work.

Zang Cloud can provide any of the following features to facilitate a better business flow:

  • Building intelligent, reliable messaging apps
  • Enables voice to be added as well as calling features
  • Gaining valuable insight into the origin of callers
  • Analyzing efficiency of marketing campaigns

With today’s competitive economy, Zang provides a leg up to the small and medium-sized businesses.

What’s efficient about Zang is its customizable cloud-based business phone service that’s reliable, affordable and very simple to set up.This can help businesses get a better understanding of their call stats as well as marketing campaign analytics.

Online meeting platforms are rapidly becoming the norm amongst successful companies as well as providing convenience to all members of the team.

Do you need a way to track communication and manage tasks? Zang Spaces provides simple and effective ways to control individual task lists without having to consider purchasing expensive communication platforms.

In addition, Zang Spaces allows you the ability to:

  • Document and screen share
  • Organize communications and coordinate work across teams
  • Use your smartphone to access what you need from the cloud

Zang Cloud also allows you to build intelligent and reliable messaging apps using their API to develop voice calling features as well as to buy local and toll-free numbers for your business.

Get further organized with Zang Cloud, Office and Spaces as they give you the tools to do so. For more information on Zang products and pricing, visit today.

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The Smart Marketing Solution

MWC 2016

It is too often companies promote themselves using only one or two methods, such as a mail flyer or an email. But now there is one great way to promote your company that is too often overlooked. Think about it for a second. What is the one item that you can guarantee almost everyone carries around with them daily? Their phone. Go4Clients provides you with the perfect solution for all things in the realm of mobile promotion.

The creator of Go4Clients, Telintel, has been the one-stop shop for anything that involves mobile engagement since 1997. Now with the addition of Go4Clients they have truly taken it to the next level. This unique advertising platform allows for personalized robocall and SMS campaign creation. The personalized campaign includes relevant information that specifically applies to individual clients. Even better, it allows you to easily reach thousands of your customers all within five minutes. The user intuitive platform also offers landing pages, text2speech, IVR or interactive voice response, sms2call and click2call. All these options and a global reach. Reaching customers from all over the world has never been so easy! These services Go4Clients provides are not only valuable if you are a marketing agency, collection agency, contact center, but is also a perfect and simple solution in any situation where you need to reach a large mass of people easily and all at once. Each message, call, or landing page can be completely customized and tailored to your business’ specific message.

Go4Clients is a pay to go system with a basic package starting at $49. So if your brand or client needs to target an ad towards a large, global mobile audience, head on over to to sign up now.

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Help With Receiving A Patent

Protect your inventions and ideas.

Patent ServicesComing up with a great idea is just the first step to success. For those who have a concept or innovation they’d like to get patented, it is important to know that it is a very long and detailed process to receive a patent. Those businesses looking for a little assistance throughout the process should look into working with Patent Services.

Patent Services USA has a reputation for helping smaller businesses and individuals. Patent Services USA gives you guidance in the 1 -2 year process of receiving a patent. When you use the Patent Services Launch Center, you get a consultant to help you throughout your case. This consultant will create a plan for your project and negotiate discounts from patent attorneys and researchers. Patent Services USA can’t take on every patent filer, but ty have the top services those selected projects.

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Endless Possibilities For Domain Names

Add some flair to your domain name.

Minds And Machines(2)In this day and age, your website is a very valuable part of building your brand. Having a unique website can help you stand out from possible competitors. Your web address can be even more specific to your product and brand by getting more creative with the domain name. Minds and Machines makes it easy to create the best domain name for you.

Minds and Machines gives you endless possibilities for your domain name. Minds and Machines own and operate 34 TLDs to search for the name with the ending that’s right for you.

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Monitor Your Customer Relations

Selling a car can be challenging and it is important to monitor what method works best.

CallRevuSince I just bought a car myself, I’m very aware of the lengths a car salesman will go through to ‘help’ you buy the best vehicle they have available. There are many techniques and methods used to create a positive interaction with customers. For car salesman who do a lot of their customer relations on the phone, it is important that they are getting their message across in a friendly and effective way. Those who need a little help perfecting their calls can use CallRevu to monitor their success rate and find out what they still need to work on when calling customers.

CallRevu can help you avoid any deficiency in sales quality that would result in losing a sale. CallRevu monitors every customer call using automotive experts to record a summary of every aspect of a call in order to collect analytics on sales. The CSI Gap is part of the survey that calibrates customer feedback from your CSI results and compares it to employee perceptions about the service they’re delivering. An offshoot of CallRevu called EmployeeRevu, is an employee survey that addresses the important elements of the employee experience within the automotive industry and collects the internal feedback necessary to examine and make meaningful improvements.

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College Savings In Virginia

Higher education is important to success, but it is also expensive.

Students walking together outdoors

From the day some children are born saving towards college is the one of the first long term goals a parent has for their child. There are several options for putting aside money for college. A 529 plan is a college savings account that encourages you to save money tax-free for higher education. Virginia 529 plan is a plan that is great for Virginia residents and more.

Each state offers a 529 plan and the Virginia529 plan is the largest in the U.S. You can open an account online and set up automatic payments to help you reach your savings goal just by starting with $25. If you don’t live in Virginia you can still invest in a Virginia529 plan, but take a look at your home state’s plan first because they may offer a state income tax deduction for residents.

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Innovative Customer Engagement

Insuring your store is stocked with the items your customers want the most is important.


Sometimes the most sold items in a store aren’t the best reflection of what catches customers eyes the most. Stores can be filled with many different items and an insiders preservative to what is popular can be essential to supplying customers with the products they demand. Scanalytics is a creative way to get a better idea of what customers are attracted to.

Scanalytics gives you a full picture of when and how customers enter and move through a store, a booth at an event, or any other situation you want to measure and analyze. With the intelligent floor sensor system you can easily track things like: when a customer enters your store, whether or not they hesitate at the entrance, which product displays they spend the most time at, what time of day see the highest amount of foot traffic, and even erratic movement indicating a lack of a streamlined flow in your store. It enables businesses to maximize customer engagements, predict patterns and increase customer retention. The install is super simple requiring an easy plug-and-play installation of the sensors under your carpet or a simple black mat that you might find at the entrance of a store or in front of a display. You can get detailed reports breaking it all down in statistical form. The data tools are designed to be easy to understand and use so you spend less time learning a new system and more time analyzing your business. Scanalytics gives you insight into your daily operation never before possible. Scanalytics is the next big thing in business data analytics.

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