Beam Semiconductor – High-Performance Solutions for Outdoor Wireless Communications

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With significant growth in data usage across cellular networks, the telecom industry requires a wireless infrastructure technology to keep up.

Well, Beam Semiconductor is shaping the future of wireless communications. They have developed a proprietary technology that allows for more efficient cellular backhaul and fiber extension or replacements. And at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we had a chance to catch up with them.

Beam Semiconductor is focused on building an incredibly high-performance solution for outdoor wireless communications with the ability to transport gigabits per second of information over the air.

This is a job that would usually be done by fiber, right? You can always dig up the road and lay down a ton of fiber-optic cables. But what Beam has created is something different and most importantly, small.

In the Technology Overview, Beam features:

  • Microhorn phased-array antenna – automatically scans and locks onto the strongest signal by electromagnetically shaping and steering the beam. There are no moving parts
  • Gigabit Throughput – full bi-directional throughout at gigabit data rates
  • Compact size – small antenna size (4 cm x 2.5 cm) is unobtrusive and well-suited for mounting in an urban environment
  • Range target – support for distances up to several hundred meters

By being extremely compact, you can mount on a lamppost, on the side of a building, and enable another similar point to point communications. What’s truly driving the need for 5G is video, whether it’s Netflix, YouTube or Facebook Live.

People opt to use high-definition video from their phones and that is what’s driving the data on the network through the roof. Beam is helping to solve that problem by assisting carriers to have a wireless backbone.

Beam has a wireless backbone that can carry gigabits in seconds of data and serve capacity through video.

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Taskfabric – The Smart Choice for Managing Your Tasks

Biz Report

This two-in-one software helps you to achieve your personal and business objectives. How does it do what it does? By syncing your tasks, projects and shared lists so you can concentrate on getting your tasks completed.

The name of this software is Taskfabric.

The best part of Taskfabric is if you’re skeptical about tying yourself to a whole new platform, you can try it for free.

Here’s what you can expect with it:

  • Plan and track your projects – from start to finish
  • Your whole day is right at a glance
  • Take your ideas to implementation immediately
  • Easy project management
  • Import macOS Reminders, MindManager, and other formats or begin a new project using included templates
  • Work on tasks anywhere at any time with anyone

In addition, Taskfabric will provide you with the following:

  • Mind Map and WBS Support
  • Progress Tracking
  • Integrated templates or customized print templates
  • RACI Matrix
  • Project Templates
  • Project Dashboard

With these many different proven methods of task and project management in one software, Taskfabrics allows you to choose the option that works best for you.

The Getting Things Done system allows you to collect all material in your inbox and organize it into projects. But if you’re looking for a little more agility in your management software, you may want to check out Kanban. This Japanese system creates an assembly line of sorts for any task and steps needed to get it done.

A board is created with multiple columns that may be labeled “in progress,” “testing” or “released.” Whatever steps a task must go through, the board will show that.

The same goes for visual diagrams and mind maps as for some, this may be the best method to organize anything.

These systems, and so much more, are supported in the robust Taskfabric software with the ability to quickly and easily switch between various styles.

If you need to manage complex projects, head over to for more information today.

Smart Engines – Helping Companies and Government Agencies Keep Up

Biz Report

I think we can all agree that we’re currently a part of a digital revolution.

Each day, we’re seeing more consumers rely on the digitization of their information. But how do companies and government agencies keep up? They simply work with companies like Smart Engines with their optical character recognition and computer vision technologies.

Smart Engines concentrates on speed, quality, and robustness of their algorithm. They achieve extremely high quality and speed on mobile phones and don’t use the normal way for the users like LAN servers.

They do all the computation via mobile phones so the user can anticipate extremely high security from their solutions. In addition, there are no possible leaks about the agent converter.

It’s important for the people who will use the application because there are recent leaks of the personal data- which is a great part of the industry. Smart Engine’s objective is to prevent it.

When it comes to recognizing official documents, Smart Engines runs a bespoke solution program.

Typically, they have this department in a company that specializes in assisting customers to recognize specific documents which are not like passport or driver’s license, or like a car plate, but unique documents upon their request.

Smart Engines wants to reach a specific targeted customer and based on that, they provide documents to recognize which their engineers are physically working on in order to provide what is needed. It’s all tailor-made.

Hieroglyph, for example, is technology by Smart Engines that can be integrated into mobile applications, web, and enterprise systems, allowing you to (in real time) recognize identity documents (ID cards, Passports, etc) of a client to use recognized data in acquiring services and for execution of your internal business tasks.

Essentially, Smart Engines’ purpose is to answer the challenges that organizations nowadays face in term of documents recognition and business processes automation. They offer new opportunities to enhance business performance with the option of extracting data in the video stream of mobile devices and web cameras.

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SignNow – Disrupting Workflow with Mobile First e-Signatures

Biz Report

When it comes to running a business, there’s always some amount of paperwork involved. This can include sending out contracts and agreements for mobile completion, but how frustrating and inconvenient is it to get some of the bigger names in the e-signature business to sign?

This is easy enough to consider since e-signature agreements are usually made for desktop users.

Well, if you’re interested in trying something new that’s disrupting the workflow business, be sure to look into SignNow.

SignNow is a mobile-first e-signature and workflow. Some of their competitors were designed in 2003 and though they do a fantastic job from a computer-to-computer or computer to mobile device signature, they typically don’t offer mobile-to-mobile e-signature services.

What SignNow has done has made sealing the business deal easier through mobile-to-mobile e-signatures. It does this by generating workflow from any electronic mobile-to-mobile device or to a desktop. In turn, SignNow makes it more productive in the field and easier for people to conduct business.

SignNow is also affordable. Whether you’re a CPA, architect, wedding DJ or wedding photographer, you can get SignNow for as little as $5 per user per month. And just pay for the senders, not the receivers.

The real value of SignNow, however, is not how you use it individually, but when you bring it into the workplace to share it with your coworkers.

It offers a perfect solution as it also integrates with all your business applications and if you can license it by API, it fits behind your applications.

To get started with SignNow, head on over to today.

Rodio – Giving the Right Information to the Right People in a Timely Fashion

Biz Report

Communication among retail organizations can be challenging, as many retail employees are part-time and do not operate from a traditional desk. Corresponding via corporate email is no longer an effective method to exchange business-critical information.

So, check out Rodio by Phobio.

Rodio gets the right information, to the right employees, at the right time.

The solution mimics your organizational structure, providing leaders with access to the frontlines and the frontlines access to their peers.

Leaders can instantly deliver bulletins to a subset of employees or the entire base.  Rodio’s powerful reporting tools provide instant access to track the engagement rate of the bulletin.

Rodio is well-suited for millennial-minded workforces and features an AI-powered Rodiobot to increase efficiency, assist workforces, answer questions, onboard new employees, and automate tasks.

This is the perfect tool for any sized organization, whether employees are in the same building or spread throughout the country.

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HR Answerbox – HR Personnel for Small Businesses

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There’s no doubt about it, HR is a vital part of a flourishing business. Why is this?It’s imperative that employees feel valued, understood, and know where to turn to when they’re in need of assistance. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the job is easy, especially when it comes to small businesses.

Whether it’s 1 employee or 1,000, you have to establish some form of HR if you’re going to succeed. The answer to this is HR Answerbox

HR Answerbox works with business owners and managers advising them on how to solve employee problems with honest and clear communication.

Created by Amanda Haddaway after 19 years of experience, HR Answerbox became the solution to small businesses and startups who were sans an HR professional. By offering consultations and corporate training, HR Answerbox can help to resolve the problem of endless HR concerns.

Though it’s acknowledged that not everyone has the budget, time, or desire to work one-on-one with an HR consultant, that’s where the HR Answerbox/Action Planner comes in.

This do-it-yourself digital workbook provides a roadmap for small businesses and startups to help them overcome HR problems that are mounting up. It contains over 60 pages filled with useful information worksheets and templates that can be integrated into any business.

If you’re wondering why HR Answerbox should be the move, they make sure to let you know why:

  • They focus on you
  • They listen to your needs
  • They help save you time and money
  • They are the solution and are results-oriented

If you’re interested in finding out more information, head over to today.

Thinktiv – Helping to Transform Up and Coming Companies Nationwide

Biz Report

Did you ever wonder where innovation comes from? Such as how new companies just spring to life? Or, how exactly do mature brands stay relevant?

Enter Thinktiv, a company located in Austin, Texas that was founded 12 years ago.

Thinktiv works to invent and transform companies worldwide. They develop turnkey solutions for people who are inclined to take their business to the next level and are in need of the right guidance to do so. This could mean anything from inventing a new product, revitalizing their brand, or transforming an entire organization’s culture.

Thinktiv’s team, ranging from former executives to data scientists, cultural anthropologists to design strategists and technologists, work directly with leadership teams to bring innovation to market in challenging environments.

In addition, Thinktiv has partnered with hundreds of businesses in various industries, from healthcare pioneers to financial sector disruptors. Often times, they’ll invest in the same companies they work with, aligning their financial incentives to the company’s performance.

So, whether you’re an early stage founder or CEO looking for what’s next, Thinktiv can assist in helping you build something great.

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