Baanx – The First Decentralized Blockchain-Based Cryptobank Network

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If you’ve been living under a rock (and we’re not here to judge your living habits) but you’ve probably noticed that cryptocurrency is a bit of a big deal. Built on blockchain technology and utilizing the concept of decentralized financial transactions, crypto is interrupting the very fabric of the economy. With thousands of crypto coins in the marketplace, there’s a need for a group to help service the industry.

Introducing the world’s first decentralized blockchain-based Cryptobank network, Baanx.

Setting up to launch, Baanx offers distinct products straight out the gate. These products will be accessible via a secure mobile app with cutting-edge services in both fiat and crypto.

The app includes a highly secure wallet with insurance to protect your money from theft or loss just like a real bank. Baanx will also act as a mobile payment system for crypto and fiat in stores or online. This will allow for users to easily pay with crypto within the existing financial infrastructure worldwide. Baanx is also creating access to multiple exchanges to give customers the opportunity to buy and sell at the best price.

For more information on the exciting moves being made by Baanx, head over to their website at


Directorpoint – Connecting on a Level Like Never Before

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A board of directors depends on efficient organization and a simple flow of communication between all its members. With the ability to connect like never before, we’ve found a collaboration software that keeps all of this in mind.

This software is Directorpoint.

Several people view Directorpoint as a paperless meeting software and though that is part of what they offer, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When it comes to knowing everything about how your organization is doing and how its been doing overtime to make the best decisions moving forward is accessible through this app. Their system can handle an unlimited number of users and clients with over 800 users logging into the system at any given time.

The value proposition for Directorpoint remains in four key areas:

1) Helping organizations save money. They’re typically spending a lot of time, and effort, and material costs on antiquated processes. So, they’re able to help organizations have a positive return on their investment with their software very quickly.

2) Improve processes as well as eliminate waste and rework. So, administrators can compress what’s previously taken them six hours into one hour or less.

3) The use of engagement tools so it helps board members collaborate amongst themselves and therefore make better decisions.

4) Enhancement in security. So, it gives you an extra layer of control around the information that you’re sharing with your board and it’s typically sensitive information. And so, when we have encryption with our app, it’s certainly more secure than paper and email.

With an endless array of invaluable tools to keep all board members informed and working towards the same goals, Directorpoint is your go-to solution.

You can download the Directorpoint app on the iPad in the App Store today.

Capitalise – Trade Like a Machine

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Though it may sound easy, trading is certainly no simple task. Part of the art is accepting that you’ll win and lose, but if you stick to your guns and use statistical analysis, you’ll come out victorious.

But because we are only human, we tend to be driven by emotion. This can interfere with making some pretty sound decisions.

When a stock goes up, we ride that wave and push our chances to get more and when it’s down, we’re too scared to cut our losses. So, the question remains, what if you could take the emotion out of trading? That’s exactly where Capitalise comes in with their automated trading platform.

This platform not only takes the emotions out of trading, but it also understands natural human language so traders of all levels can use it. In addition, it has access to thousands of data points from prices and technical analysis indicators so it can execute your strategies even if you’re sleeping or enjoying dinner with friends.

Capitalise also works for traders everywhere – from traditional markets to crypto traders. And depending on the strategy you want to take, you can run multiple strategies simultaneously.

So, if you’re eager to go simple such as buying an asset at a specific market price; or complicated with conditions on entry and exit, you can. And no worries on sticking to your guns or cutting your losses because the machine is in charge.

To learn more, head to today.


DiliVer – Delivering the Best for Mergers and Acquisitions

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Have you heard of due diligence for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) Well, if you’re not familiar with M&A, it’s defined as the process during a business transaction where the buyer can learn and verify information about a candidate seller.

As you can imagine, this process is imperative for any buyer so they can avoid bad outcomes down the road.

One Financial Tech company (FinTech) that’s changing the landscape of how M&A is completed is DiliVer.

Basically, any company involved in an M&A transaction that wishes to evaluate the seller, can use DiliVer’s software to conduct due diligence using enterprise-wide metric-based scorecard system instead of the usual M&A due diligence checklist.

The secret to DiliVer’s success has been surrounding themselves with a great team of people and terrific partners. Their executive team has been together from the start and have made a fantastic advisory board. In addition, they’ve had wonderful partners such as John Hopkins University, Founder Institute, The Center for Advancing Innovation, Angel to Exit and Mindshare.

CEO, Neik Kleinberg’s view an ideal solution for the next century is to obtain an integrated solution of M&A packages where at least four main ones which would include Diliver’s for due diligence, virtual data room, and some type of workflow software. Those minimum qualities combined under one tent, fully integrated for a cost-effective solution that doesn’t exist today.

If you’d like to learn more, head to today.

TAAS by RSupport – Create Test Scripts Instantly and Simply

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When it comes to those who’ve developed a mobile app, you’re probably aware of just how much effort goes into testing it.

A company that’s reinventing the way apps are tested, however, is TAAS by RSupport.

Standing for Test As a Service or TAAS is RSUPPORT’s automated mobile app testing service for both Android and iOS applications.

Essentially, this is made by developers for developers and non-developers alike to simply and instantly create test scripts. Tstudio makes the process as simple as running your app on a device.

Tstudio will automatically code and log your actions creating a fully functional test script.

With Tstudio, you can expect the following:

  • Follows WebDriver specification
  • Supports Layout Inspector
  • Code Assistant
  • “One Script on Mutliple Devices” testing

All you have to do is upload your script into Tconsole where it can be edited, altered, or changed to create and run a test scenario. You can also distribute the test project by registering a test device and uploading the script. Once this is finished, you can monitor the status and results during the progress of the test.

Then when you want to use Tplayer, a stand-alone mobile test player, it will start testing your scenarios on your targeted devices; from a single Android or iOS device to numerous devices and OS versions at once. Once that test is finalized, the result is uploaded to Tconsole.

All the information will be uploaded back into Tconsole where you can go over the entire test process from start to finish. Tconsole is a cloud-based test project result management service that generates screenshots and alerts letting you to simply identify exactly where your process may have failed.

In addition, you can receive a detailed report once the test has completed and review the logs, resources used, and more.

So, if you’d like to start testing your apps, learn more by heading to taas.rsupport.comtoday!


Heroku – Quickly, Build, Deploy and Scale Your Own Apps

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A cloud-based platform as a service that’s part of Salesforce, Heroku enables companies to build, deploy and scale their apps easily and quickly while allowing developers to focus on what they do best and that’s building awesome apps.

What exactly is Heroku? It’s a cloud application development platform that lets its users scale and manage apps written in open language sources and frameworks.

What this essentially means is that it’s very simple for a company of any size, age, or type to build an app that truly delivers cutting-edge customer experience and runs in the cloud.

This is imperative as it helps those applications scale up to address millions of users in diverse geographies at pretty much the click of a button.

Let’s say, for instance, your website goes viral on social media, with Heroku, it can simply add servers to handle that spike. Once traffic settles, the numbers can slide back down to normal.

And with Heroku, the user only pays for servers that they use. The way the Heroku product was built is reflective of the way that software has been moving over the past few years. Say good-bye to the day you create a software on a green and black screen – that’s just simply not the case anymore.

Today, software is built by teams, sometimes small, sometimes big, but in order to build, they need a visual, collaborative environment where they understand their roles and can produce the kind of software that you see in world-class apps that grow quickly and require a lot of upkeep.

By taking care of the infrustructure required to properly deploy apps across numerous spheres, Heroku allows developers to do what they do best and that’s develop.

For more information and to see how easy it is to build your own app, visit Heroku.comand sign up today.

Advisor Websites – Making it Easy to Maintain a Quality Website

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It’s safe to say that nearly everyone owns a smartphone or computer and most companies are made or broken by the quality of their website. Especially those companies that focus on a one-on-one client and customer relationship.

Financial advisors are a prime example of this and are precisely the specialists that Advisor Websites aims to help. The Advisor Websites software makes it simple for financial advisors to create and maintain a superior website and who wish to grow their own business.

With this software program, you can build online trust and achieve your goals the moment you establish an online presence. You can attain your modern, mobile-responsive website and have it be up and running in under 3 minutes.

The customizable layout lets you rearrange the building blocks in any way you want, giving you total control of the site.

You can keep clients and prospects constantly engaged and keep visitors on your site longer. By doing this, you can turn these visitors into qualified leads through integrations, lead magnets, and more.

Advisor Websites will ensure that you are provided with the following:

  • Trust that’s built online
  • Time saved
  • Compliance
  • Stellar support

The Content Library is filled to the brim with pre-written, compliance-friendly content, presentations, and videos for your use. All you have to do is choose and post whatever suits you. It’s that easy! And to top it all off, the site is even mobile responsive.

So, get the exposure you need to drive up your customer satisfaction rate without the added stress or time.

Check out for more information.

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