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Consumer Update

Did you know that 90% of all RV’s don’t have any form of electrical protection? Yeah, that’s a lot of RV’s.

And due to this lack of protection, inconsistent power at RV campsites can cause significant damage to your expensive electronic components, with the potential for electric shock. This is why it’s so important to protect yourself and your investment by using Surge Guard electrical protection devices.

Luckily, RV Accessories by Southwire is aware of this and doesn’t want electrical issues to pose a threat to you or your RV. Simply put, don’t be at risk of unreliable power sources, protect what you value most.

Specifically, Southwire’s Surge Guard RV Power Protection offers two of the best RV surge protectors out there and includes a limited lifetime and connected equipment warranty.

The Surge Guard 30A offers you exactly what you need when it comes to protection against faulty park power.

With full portability and LCD display, Surge Guard 30A also offers the following:

  • Continuous monitoring and displays – voltage and amp draw
  • Multi-mode surge suppression
  • Automatic reset on power restoration
  • 10-second countdown startup sequence
  • 128-second reset delay to protect A/C Compressor
  • Convenient Easy-T-Pull plug handles
  • Surge protection status LED indicator

In addition, Surge Guard 30A protects against:

  • Power surges
  • Open ground
  • Open neutral
  • Elevated ground line voltage
  • Overheating receptacle
  • Reverse polarity
  • Miswired pedestal

If you’re eager to learn more about the Surge Guard 30A or any of Southwire’s other products, visit rvpower.southwire.com today.


Talelight – Electronic Bumper Sticker

Consumer Update

When it comes to personalizing your vehicle, bumper stickers are a common way to go. It not only adds personality to your car but can send a message. In addition, bumper stickers get worn out and whatever theme you’ve chosen might get boring after a while.

There’s a product that’s aware of this and its name is Talelight.

This electronic bumper sticker is easy to apply and allows you to change it as often as you want without having to remove it from your car.

The bright and vivid display makes it an ideal choice over traditional stickers. Whether it’s a case of the Mondays, boasting about your favorite sports team or how you personally feel about an upcoming election, Talelight can provide you the sticker that you want.

Talelight lets you pick and choose from close to 1,000 stickers or has you create your own with up to 25 images.

By using the accompanying app, you can change out the image or text whenever you want. Or if you’re a slideshow lover, you can set it to switch to a new sticker or regular intervals about every 5 minutes.

There’s also a limo mode so you can even type in your own messages on the fly!

And if you’re looking to make some supplemental income, you can create and sell your very own unique bumper sticker right on the Talelight store.

To purchase a Talelight head on over to talelight.tech or Amazon today.


ROLLOGO: The ESCAPE – Perfect Blend of Style and Tech

Consumer Update

If you’re someone who has an affinity for traveling, this one is for you.

ROLLOGO is the only brand that offers designer luggage fused with technology. Their premiere suitcase, the ESCAPE, is a perfect blend of style and efficient technology.

This rugged yet sophisticated piece of luggage comes fully equipped with electric generating spinner wheels. At just walking speed, it can provide power on par with a 1A wall adapter.

The detachable smart power bank stores the electricity generated by the wheels, permitting you to power up your devices. The power bank is then equipped with Bluetooth and the accompanying ROLLOGO app can trace the ESCAPE’s location, ensuring it’s never lost or stolen.

With the water-repellent fabric, ROLLOGO’s ESCAPE makes a robust choice for your belongings, especially your electronic devices. There’s even a unique top compartment is designed specifically to hold all your on-board essentials.

Other features also include an innovative suit compartment, easy-access magazine or book compartment, a laptop compartment, and a flat top workstation.

This bad boy is truly the best combination of chic, style, and productivity. The ESCAPE is also ideal for casual and business travelers alike.

To purchase this one-of-a-kind luggage, go to rollogo.com today.


Carin Wear – Smart Wearable for Women

Consumer Update

Alright, this one’s for you, ladies. Did you know that 1 in 3 women with children experience urine leaks during the day, especially when coughing, sneezing or jumping?

Well, the solution is to simply strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and we know just the product that can help you out, Carin Wear.

Carin is unlike any other kegel exerciser on the market with its smart patented textile.

As a matter of fact, Carin Wear is the only smart wearable pelvic floor exerciser out there that helps empower women, with no mess and nothing to insert.

All you have to do is put them on and allow them to manage any embarrassing leaks with the absorbing power of a large tampon while you work to strengthen muscles. In addition, Carin Wear is technologically advanced.

The non-invasive sensor measures urine loss and compares it to liquid consumption and activity. And because it’s a Bluetooth sensor, it provides real-time data.

By monitoring these stats with the accompanying app, you’ll see results and receive tips on how to improve.

The personalized pelvic floor exercises provided in the app are also designed to help you see quick results. After only 4-7 weeks at 10 minutes a day, your pelvic floor muscles will be stronger.

If you’re interested in Carin Wear,  get in touch by emailing hi@carinwear.com.

Peak Art Clocks – Change Up Your Decor with an Oversized Wall Clock

Consumer Update

Let’s just take a second to discuss something unique that will certainly add character to your home or office.

Why not an oversized wall clock? This is a fresh idea in interior design and will have you thinking about using clocks more as decoration purposes.

The place that can get you a uniquely hand-crafted clock is Peak Art Clocks.

They’re looking to change the way we view displayed timepieces. Sure, clocks are practical but Peak Art is looking to make it so much more than that.

They’re seeking to create pieces that are the center of your office, home or even a restaurant. Their amazing craftsmanship is surely proof in each and every oversized wall clock.

For example, a Peak Art Wall Clock is made of two panels of pine wood and is hand painted with beautiful rustic gold and graphite colors. The large, dark roman numerals contrast gorgeously with the gold background.

The Handmade Shabby Chic Wall Clock delivers a grey and gold worn look with an empty back adding a 3D effect. And what makes these timepieces and others like it unique is that each clock is made to order.

With dozens of other beautiful timepieces to select from in various sizes, Peak Art Clocks also gives you the option to work on a new design if you can’t find the clock that serves your interiors best.

Just head to peakart.co.uk today to get in touch or purchase a clock online.


Juice Mobile Power – Bring Ample Power to Any Room

Consumer Update

Here’s a problem that people more often than not come across – especially when it comes to an office, school, or at-home setting- and that is the amount (or lack thereof) of outlets.

And unless it was a building that was built in the last couple of years or made specifically to host multiple devices, there’s a good chance that each room only has a few outlets. Well, this goes without saying that this set up comes with a price of inconvenience if you need to power computers for an entire team or classroom.

Fortunately, that’s where Bretford comes in.

Bretford’s new Juice Mobile Power System eliminates the need for costly infrastructure upgrades with an easy and affordable solution that delivers safe, DC power to the center of any room from a single outlet.

Juice Mobile Power System is unbelievably intuitive and simple to set-up, and its ultra-thin track provides power to the center of the room without impeding foot traffic. Essentially, it turns a single wall into a powerful, flexible mobile charging solution, providing safe DC charging for an entire room at a fraction of the cost of a retrofit.

With its innovative, portable design, Juice Mobile Power offers users with the power and flexibility to arrange and re-arrange rooms without compromising access to power. With this, you can basically boost productivity and keep devices charged all day.

With its built-in FLI Charge technology, it will even detect foreign objects and power down to ensure everyone’s safety. And let’s face it, it sure beats ugly and unsafe extension cords crisscrossing throughout the room.

For more information on the innovative Juice Mobile Power system head over to bretford.com today.

Modius – Wearable Tech to Help You Control Your Weight

Consumer Update

You know we’ve covered wearable tech here on NewsWatch, but now it’s time to cover something just a little different. We’re talking about careable, wearable tech.

The next one we got up for you is something that you simply wear, but can help facilitate weight management. Instead of just something that tracks, this is something you wear that does something for you. Modius is a headset created by two neurologists that stimulates the part of the brain associated with metabolism and fat storage.

Modius features:

  • Thousands of Modius users that you can connect with
  • 24/7 support from Modius Mentors
  • Access to exclusive video content from their nutrition, fitness and yoga coaches

By generating a low-level electrical pulse that’s interpreted by the brain as a signal to become leaner, Modius gets the body to work on decreasing weight. The hypothalamus controls appetite and the feedback suggests more hunger pangs and near starvation while you’re trying to lose weight. With the body kicked into gear and doing what it’s needed to do, users see results in a matter of weeks.

It’s also encouraged that you wear the headset for an hour a day and at a comfortable setting.

The idea that Modius Health is trying to get across is to let it do its job without needing to stress about it.

With cutting-edge technology researched and tested by professionals with years of neurological experience, it’s no surprise that thousands of people are wearing this innovative headset.

You can purchase Modius at modiushealth.com.


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