Chord Hero – Design and Play Your Ukulele

Consumer Update

When it comes to learning an instrument, it can be a fantastic experience for kids. But what if we took it a step further and teach kids to build and put together their very own instrument?

This is where Chord Hero comes in.

Chord Hero takes an initiative to make music learning more affordable and engaging for everyone involved. With a DIY, hands-on approach, The Chord Hero Maker Ukulele set is a kit that lets anyone assemble their own ukulele and decorate it using watercolors. This results in an instrument that is uniquely personal to that individual.

Now, this isn’t a toy, it’s an actually an instrument that can be played! And if you don’t know how to play, no worries! It comes with the Monster Chords app that teaches you how to play the ukulele in addition to the guitar.

The app also analyzes how you play and provides real-time feedback and guidance on your playing, making it perfect for beginners or even those who have some experience with the instrument already.

On the flipside, Chord Hero offers teachers the opportunity to teach topics like the science of sound and music with a real-world hands-on activity. You can purchase your Maker Ukulele Set today head on over to


My Ballet Box – Every Dancer’s Dream All in One Subscription Box

Consumer Update

Dance isn’t just a time-consuming sport, but it can be an expensive one too. From leotards to equipment, this sport adds up.

There is, however, a subscription box that can cover all the essentials of any dancer’s lifestyle. Whether a serious dancer or a novice, My Ballet Box is a fun subscription box that offers tremendous value.

The items inside are carefully chosen by dance experts because My Ballet Box knows what dancers actually need and want.

Boxes can include items such as strength equipment, rollers, warm-up booties, leotards, tights, makeup bags, compacts, water bottles, towels, leg warmers, and more. Every new subscription also includes a free dance bag!

Dancers can either subscribe monthly or seasonally, where they’ll receive special boxes with quality leotards inside.

My Ballet Box is the perfect box for dancers who don’t have the time to get things they need in order to just dance. And with the holiday season upon us, there’s no greater gift to give for the dancer who’s in your life.

My Ballet Box currently ships worldwide from the UK and is available to buy at

The team has also just launched a US box called The Primapack available at

O-YAKI – Your Kebabs of Choice on the Grill or in the Oven

Consumer Update

Alright, so let’s get something straight. Grilling isn’t just for the summertime anymore, it should pretty much be for any time! And because let’s face it – when you’re hankering for some kebabs, should you really let the cold weather stop you?

Well, this is exactly where O-YAKI skewers come in.

O-YAKI skewers were created to provide a more efficient way to cook – whether it’s outside on the grill or in your oven. It can cook several skewers at once and reduces the risk to uneven cooking – as well as a loss of precious marinade juices. In addition to that, you’re able to enjoy grilled skewers whatever the weather.

This set of metal skewers sit on a specifically designed stand and let you cook anything you want right in your oven – from kebabs to shrimp and even a whole chicken!

The set of nine high-grade steel skewers stand up vertically to cook evenly on all sides so there’s no need to turn them as you would with traditional skewers. And because you place the stand directly on the baking sheet, the grease won’t touch the grates in the oven.

And of course, the O-Yaki Skewer System can even fit in a grill, so long as the dome is at least 8 ½ inches high.

So, if you want to give this one-of-a-kind skewer system a try, head on over to

Game of Phones – Epic Phone Game Combined with Cards

Consumer Update

It’s not impossible to find someone who’s completely attached to their phone, right? 

Well, if you’re interested in a good game, you should check out the card game where no one has to put their phones away. It’s called Game of Phones and it’s super exciting to play with family or friends. 

The way it works is everyone grabs their phone and someone begins as a judge who picks a card. Each player has 60 seconds to respond to the card with the funniest, most on point or straight-up weird thing that they can find on their phone. They can search the internet or find something already in their photos or apps. If the judge selects your response, you win that round!

You’ll respond to cards such as “Find the best selfie” or “Take an extreme close-up picture” or “Best text from a family member.”

Sometimes you’ll be given a task like “Video call anyone in your contacts. First to connect wins.” With over 100 cards and the whole internet and the contents of your phone at your fingertips, Game of Phones is a wild and fun ride.

Be prepared to have a blast d and find out some surprising things about other players!

To purchase Game of Phones, go to today.

Windscribe – Blocking All Pesky Ads and Trackers

Consumer Update

The internet is a vast oasis of information unlike anything else. You can browse, watch anything and communicate with anyone in an instant. What people don’t realize is they are sacrificing their personal privacy without even knowing.

Casually browsing the internet immediately turns you into a target for marketers and hackers.

Check out Windscribe.

Windscribe is a 2-in-1 solution protecting over 9 million users from prying eyes.

Windscribe begins the process by encrypting all activity and changes your IP address, helping you stay incognito. No matter where you are in the world, if you’re browsing through this VPN, you can feel safe. And that brings us to the second part of Windscribe – the ad and tracker blocker.

When you visit websites marketers begin to track you through your browser, independent of your IP address.

Windscribe keeps your online presence safe with its powerful blocking tool. Since most sites serve more ads and trackers than actual content, Windscribe will help you get more out of your mobile plan by reducing your data usage.

Head to to download this free VPN today.

Fizzing Bottle – Giving You Access to Carbonated Water at Anytime

Consumer Update

Drinking water is essential to survival, but water is not the most interesting drink – sometimes we need something a little more exciting.

That’s why many turn to carbonated water. Well, we found a product that always gives you access to carbonated water whenever you want.

Fizzing Bottle is a water bottle that carbonates your liquids right there on the spot. This bottle is the size of a normal water bottle and even operates like one. The only difference is you can insert a C02 cartridge to turn it into a carbonation machine. Simply insert the cartridge and twist the knob to get the job done.

Now unlike other machines that guess the amount of C02 to use, Fizzing Bottle bottles are much more efficient and release gas in fixed doses in the exact amount your drink needs.

Each cartridge can be used up to four times and the vacuum sealed and insulated body keeps your drink cold for long periods. The bottles look good, too. They’re stainless steel, with customizable silicone sleeves that you can change out depending on your mood.

You can purchase your Fizzing Cool bottle today by visiting

Body Surf – Delivering Natural Taste to Satisfy Your Cravings

Consumer Update

We all need water to live and thrive yet most of us live in a state of chronic dehydration.  We actually want to drink more but plain old water gets boring.

Well, there is an exciting new water that is the perfect solution. Welcome to BODY SURF. BODY SURF is USDA Organic Certified and delivers a natural taste that satisfies your craving for something more.

BODY SURF infuses unique organic flavors to create four delightful combinations: Cucumber Mint, Blueberry Lavender, Mango Yuzu, and Strawberry Mint.

Each bottle also contains essential B vitamins to help boost your day. But just because they taste good doesn’t mean they’re not good for you.

Each 16-ounce bottle is BPA free and contains only 15 calories or less.  So you can feel great and enjoy your day guilt-free. If you’re looking for a tasty new approach to healthy hydration BODY SURF is the drink for you. Whatever Your Journey Surf Well Hydrated.

Surf over to to learn more and purchase yours today.

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