Coast Protein – A Natural and Pure Source of Protein

Consumer Update

We’re going to introduce you to a protein powder which is revolutionizing the protein industry.

Most protein supplements out there are filled with sugar which makes it difficult to find a natural and pure source of protein that doesn’t rely on artificial sweeteners and binders.

Coast Protein is an incredible product that uses cricket protein to provide a sustainable and nutritious experience unlike almost anything else you’ll find on the market.

Crickets are higher in protein and than beef and chicken and contain all nine amino acids you need for muscle growth and repair.

Coast Protein is high in iron, B12, and magnesium. This is great for naturally improving energy levels and to keep your body healthy.

In addition, the protein is full of fiber. All their powders are ideal for digestion and improving the entire GI tract. Protein powders aren’t usually known for promoting gut health but this one does the trick.

You can choose from 3 different flavors – chocolate, vanilla, and peanut butter.

Each one offers a smooth and satisfying taste without that gross aftertaste you get with some lesser quality powders.

To purchase your Coast Protein today head on over to, also available on


Rock Solid – The Whole-Body Vibration Workout

Consumer Update

If you’re trying to get in shape and haven’t seen the results you’re looking for, give the concept of whole-body vibration a try.

Whole body vibration is a fitness system that sends vibrations through your body to simulate movement and burn fat while toning muscle.

Our recommendation? The RS2200 [pronunciation: R-S-twenty-two-hundred] by Rock Solid Wholesale.

Seen on The Doctor’s and the Steve Harvey show, the RS2200 is one of the most popular options on the market.

The RS2200 is for men and women of all ages, it allows you to strength train, improve your balance, relax your muscles, and increase your functional movement.

And all you need is 10 minutes a day for a safe and effective workout in the privacy of your home. The RS2200 is versatile as well – you can squat, plank, lunge, do ab lifts, and so much more.

In addition, it comes with a remote control, easy to follow workout poster and dual resistance bands for additional workout options.

This has been sold for as high at $1,845.00, but you can take advantage of today’s special pricing of $179.00.

So if you want to get in rock solid shape quickly without the time commitment of going to the gym, head to

Centerline Brackets – Unobtrusive and Perfectly Flush Brackets for Your Countertops

Consumer Update

If you’re renovating a home or restaurant, you want to use high-quality materials to ensure the safety of your investment. However, as any renovator or project-doer knows, higher-end materials can break the bank.

Designed to provide the support you need at an affordable cost is Centerline Brackets.

They’re the gold standard in the countertop bracket industry and there’s a good chance you’ve been to a location that uses their brackets; although, you probably didn’t notice them.

Centerline Brackets are unique in that they’re hidden. They mount flush underneath a countertop, making them extremely unobtrusive.

And let’s not fail to mention that you’ll never have to worry about hitting your knees with these under your counters.

Aside from the unparalleled support and inconspicuous design, Centerline has multiple bracket styles to meet your needs.

The most popular styles include the front mounting, floating and standard brackets. All brackets come in a variety of sizes and colors and are available on their website.

Don’t see what you need? Centerline has a full-service shop that can manufacture custom products to meet your specifications, providing the top tier customer service while meeting your specific requests.

Get started on your next project today by heading to and learning more about these American-made brackets.

Skullis – High-Quality Gemstone and Crystal Skulls

Consumer Update

Ready to get that special someone something truly unique this holiday season?

Check out the unique line of crystal skulls handcrafted by Skullis.

Skullis is dedicated to creating the most diverse and unique selection of high-quality gemstone and crystal skulls that you’ll ever see.

Each skull is envisioned and made by a master craftsman with superior carving and polishing skills.

And because each piece is sourced, designed and crafted by Skullis artisans, each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Almost every skull sees a diligent process of selecting 100 percent natural stone.

Skullis offers a broad range of products made from over 400 precious and semi-precious stones.

These stones are hand sketched, carved and polished into a wide range of designs including realistic crystal skulls, skull rings, crystal dragon skulls, crystal raven skulls, and other jaw-dropping collectible and talisman skulls.

Due to their unique set up that allows them complete control over the entire process, they not only offer unparalleled creativity but also the most competitive prices on the market.

So, whether you’re new to crystal skulls or an avid collector, you’re going to want to check out Skullis and their out-of-this-world collection.

You can do that by visiting today.

Spider Tool Holster – The Ultimate Tool Belt

Consumer Update

Do you work with power tools often? Then you’re familiar with the problem of “where did I put that darned thing?”

Well, we’ve got you covered with the Spider Tool Holster. The Spider Tool Holster puts any tool right at your hip, ready to use when you need it.

The Holster clips securely to your belt while the Tool Grips wrap tightly around any tool you want to keep handy. Just attach the Grip around the handle of your tool and slide it into the Holster.

Once you hear the lock click into place, you’re good to go. The Grip has a rubber pattern to provide a snug and secure fit around any tool handle.

We know you might need several tools for a single project. Grab the Expansion Set for two extra Grips, so you don’t have to swap them between tools, and an adhesive Tool Tab to carry tape measures or other tools.

The Spider Tool Holster is designed for regular belts or tool belts up to 2 inches. Learn more by going to

WORLDboots – Look Great with Comfort and Style

Consumer Update

Making a solid first impression, or even a lasting impression, at least when it comes to fashion, means you’re going to have to wear something that really stands out. It’s been statistically proven that one of the first things people notice is your shoes, so let’s start there.

WORLDboots combines style and comfort with their unique line of uppers with an athletic midsole base. These handmade designer shoes are unlike anything you’ve ever seen as they depart from conventional styles, allowing you to be truly comfortable yet unique.

With the highest quality leathers and proprietary materials, you’ll look great in any situation life throws at you. Now as previously mentioned, there’s an unparalleled level of comfort thanks to their iconic midsole base.

Designed by a Pedorthist, these shoes are meant to support you and provide functional comfort. Working with a talent agency, No Such Agency in Hollywood, both stylists and celebrities rave about its feel and comfort. They’re also committed to humanitarian efforts, partnering with the Soles4Souls Foundation to provide shoes to those in need.

Combining Pedorthic expertise with fashion-forward innovation, WORLDboots is ready to support you on any path you wish to travel. Their collections are now available at and can also be found at

Wendell Estate Honey – The Best Quality Honey Since the Early 1930s

Consumer Update

Did you know that mass-produced honey typically found at the grocery store is usually pasteurized and processed? That honey is losing essential nutrients, along with flavor and consistency.

Wendell Estate of Wendell Honey, founded in the early 1930s, makes the most high-quality honey, which is harvested from more than 4000 of their beehives. They control their product every step of the way. It’s pure, it’s raw and it’s natural, with nothing added and nothing taken away.

They don’t sell cheap honey, but if you want quality, you generally have to spend the money, so be prepared to pay a little extra for some good-tasting honey!

Anybody who loves honey should buy Wendell honey and even the people who don’t typically like honey should buy it because it’s a taste of summer. Essentially, this is a little taste of heaven.

Learn how you can buy Wendell Estate honey by heading to

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