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Attention all small and medium-sized businesses, if you’re looking for ways to improve relationships with your customers and employees, Zang has the ways to do so.

With its robust platform, Zang Cloud allows you to create what it is you need to make the workflow the most conducive and a better environment to work in. Who doesn’t appreciate consistency with their workflow? All we know is here, teamwork makes the dream work.

Zang Cloud can provide any of the following features to facilitate a better business flow:

  • Building intelligent, reliable messaging apps
  • Enables voice to be added as well as calling features
  • Gaining valuable insight into the origin of callers
  • Analyzing efficiency of marketing campaigns

With today’s competitive economy, Zang provides a leg up to the small and medium-sized businesses.

What’s efficient about Zang is its customizable cloud-based business phone service that’s reliable, affordable and very simple to set up.This can help businesses get a better understanding of their call stats as well as marketing campaign analytics.

Online meeting platforms are rapidly becoming the norm amongst successful companies as well as providing convenience to all members of the team.

Do you need a way to track communication and manage tasks? Zang Spaces provides simple and effective ways to control individual task lists without having to consider purchasing expensive communication platforms.

In addition, Zang Spaces allows you the ability to:

  • Document and screen share
  • Organize communications and coordinate work across teams
  • Use your smartphone to access what you need from the cloud

Zang Cloud also allows you to build intelligent and reliable messaging apps using their API to develop voice calling features as well as to buy local and toll-free numbers for your business.

Get further organized with Zang Cloud, Office and Spaces as they give you the tools to do so. For more information on Zang products and pricing, visit today.

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Access Free WiFi & Share Hotspots

Quad Driver Headphones


Spread Free WiFi Access with WeShare


We’re pretty sure you’re one of the hundreds of millions of mobile device users who depend on WiFi in order to conserve cellular data. We’ve all been there when the cellphone provider alerts you saying that you’ve used nearly all of the data on the family plan and you’re waiting on that text from mom telling you to cool it with Facebook.

Lucky for you, WeShare app offers millions of free WiFi hotspots all over the world that cover:

  • Transportation hubs
  • Retail areas
  • And other spots that may require an internet connection

As long as there are hotspots nearby, you can connect to this free WiFi without the need for a password.

These hotspots are shared by users globally and provide better chances of accessing free WiFi when you need it.

Other handy features WeShare comes with are:

  • WiFi map
  • Staying connected while traveling: With 23 million WiFi hotspots worldwide, WeShare lets travelers stay in touch with family and friends.
  • Free WiFi reminder to recognize users’ WiFi connection status and sends real-time reminders of free & open WiFi that’s close by.
  • No registration required
  • Ability to share your personalized WiFi channel
  • And more

You are all probably familiar with the expression, “Sharing is caring.” We’re pretty sure that WeShare is the definition of that.

With it’s goal to provide freely and more accessible internet, WeShare is dedicated to making this happen.

With a lightweight SDK, WeShare makes it easy to integrate and set up with just 5 minutes of your time.

If you’re convinced to get WeShare and are also developer, go to the website to download the WeShare WiFi SDK. If you’re a regular user, download the WeShare app for free in Google Play or the App Store.

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Elevated Tree Tents

Metal Music Mobile Board Game

Tree Tents

Consumer Update

So, camping is a great way to get out and experience nature away from the hustle and bustle of stressful everyday life.  Tentsile’s tree tents were inspired by the Ewok village in Return of the Jedi, as well as the founder’s love of trees.

He decided he wanted a treehouse that he could take with him anywhere. The unique design of the tent uses ratchet straps to fasten to three trees suspending the tent in the air. The durability of the straps and floor material keep you nice and secure while offering a floating environment on which to lie down.  The tents can fit either 2 or 3 people.  Tentsile’s passion for saving trees is so strong that for every tent sold they plant 3 trees! In tandem with WeForest and The Eden Projects they have helped to restore deforested regions of Ethiopia, Zambia, and Madagascar with over 46,000 trees planted.  And hey if we’re all hanging out in trees nobody’s gonna chop ‘em down.

To purchase a tree tent of your own head over to today.

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Metal Music Mobile Board Game


If you’re a fan of metal music and tactical board games then this next game was made for you. The Astonishing Game was developed by Turbo Tape Games in collaboration with progressive metal band Dream Theater.

Developed around the concept of the band’s U.S. Billboard Rock Chart #1 album, The Astonishing, this game is set in a dystopian future where rebels use art and music to resist the oppression of a totalitarian government. You can choose between single player campaign or player versus player matches. Choose whether you want to be part of the rebel militia or the evil Great Northern Empire of the Americas. Engage in battles set to the music of Dream Theater and see who gains influence and control over the will of the people. The full scope of the story isn’t realized until you’ve completed the game from both sides of the conflict. You’ll also have the chance to play in competitions where prizes include signed albums and tickets and post-concert passes to Dream Theater shows.

This epic turn-based tactical board game is available for iOS, Android, Macs, and PCs. Simply head to Google Play, the App Store or Steam to download The Astonishing Game for $2.99.

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Quality Kitchen Appliances

Optimize Your iPhone Camera

Quad Driver Headphones


On the quest for the perfect headphone we’ve come across one we had to share with you. 1MORE had a pretty successful year with the most highly acclaimed headphones of 2016, the triple driver in-ear headphones.

With its comfortable ergonomic design, intelligent control technology, and most importantly its brilliant sound the triple driver headphones deserved the acclaim. Not to mention, they’re also releasing a new version with a lightning connector variety for iPhone users. Now 1MORE has one more thing up their sleeve. The Quad Driver headphone is the next quantum leap in sound technology. Expertly tuned by Grammy winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi, these were worked over for a fully balanced and ultra-realistic sound delivery, like listening to music for the first time. The quality and level of sound has you hearing things that before now didn’t seem to exist. For those of you interested in the more technical details, they have a diamond like carbon dynamic driver plus three armatures all combined to deliver unsurpassed clarity. The dynamic driver is dedicated to low and mid frequencies while the armatures concentrate on high and ultra-high frequencies so you can experience the full range of your audio.

You can purchase the 1MORE quad driver in-ear headphones for $199 by visiting or today.

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Awesome New Headphones

Consumer Update

Are you looking for a new pair of headphones that are geared toward activities? Check out PowerMAG Wireless from Tonus Audio.

PowerMAG Wireless headphones were designed for daily use in the gym, at the office, on the go or really anywhere. Activated by magnetic technology, once you separate the two earphones they instantly connect to your mobile device, tablet, or laptop using Bluetooth 4.1. The earphones themselves are stylish and extremely comfortable with ear hooks that lock in place so there’s no worry about them falling out no matter how active you are. Adjustable earbud size options allow you to achieve the best noise cancelling listening experience. And the sweat and water-resistant design means you can go hard in the gym or go for that jog or stroll in the rain without a worry. Controls such as volume, play, skip forward and playback are operated right from the earphone with simple taps. You can answer calls or jump to the right song in a flash. The battery is on point with 6 hours of playback and 130 hours of standby life. And if the battery does die don’t sweat it, it’ll charge back up in less than an hour.

To purchase a pair of PowerMAGs head to today.

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Fun New Take On Matching

Living Room Arade Game

Fun New Take On Matching


So, our phones are great for passing time with addictive games we can’t seem to put down. Well get ready to check into mobile game rehab because we’ve got a new one for you.  Hexa Dots is a variation on the classic color matching game.

The idea is simple – move four dots of the same color into a line to make them disappear. But unlike other similar games, new colors pop up after every move. Here’s where the challenge comes in. Try and eliminate the dots in the least amount of moves possible before the dots block your path to the colors you need. Play 200 levels with more on their way. You’ll unlock additional levels and win coins as you progress. Use the coins to buy bonus packs or gain Powerups. These Powerups allow you to target a single dot for destruction, change the color of a dot, switch color positions, and bomb a slew of connected dots. Trust me when I say you’ll have a hard time putting this game down.

You can download Hexa Dots for free in Google Play or the App Store with optional in-app purchases.

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Living Room Arade Game

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