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With an endless array of apps available for every mobile device, trying to get your app to stand out isn’t the easiest of tasks.

Fortunately, yellowHEAD is a leading provider of holistic mobile marketing solutions that includes paid user acquisition, app store optimization, and SEO services.

And with its new proprietary technology, Alison, making its debut, there is now a solution that enables advertisers to get the best results from app marketing efforts.

Alison employs machine learning to predict future results and optimize marketing campaigns. It works by identifying trends over 70 parameters of campaign performance and provides clear and simple visualization of all your marketing efforts. This lets you know what’s working most effectively and will make data-based decisions quickly and easily.

yellowHEAD is what’s missing from your app marketing needs. And we say this because we’re talking about a single place for both paid and organic growth. 

With this one-stop-shop business solution, you’ll witness an increase in visitors to your app while also gaining unparalleled insights into how your campaign is doing. With these efforts, it results in minimal advertising and budget waste.

With impressive results delivered to many companies, from SMBs to industry-leaders like Google, Ubisoft, Tinder, and Airbnb, yellowHEAD is the go-to solution for all your app marketing needs.

Learn more at today.


Pirate Kings – Climb Aboard this Awesome Adventure


Have you been looking for a game to add to your mobile app collection? Well, look no further than Playkita’s Pirate Kings!

Climb aboard the ship and be on your way to build a pirate empire.

You begin by spinning the wheel so you can win gold coins, more spins, and defense shields. But if you happen to land on an attack, get ready for war!

You attack by launching a cannonball at other players’ islands to collect their gold coins and add to your loot. Or if you’re feeling lucky, you can steal and take coins from your friends’ treasure.

With all your winnings combined, you’ll want to swipe over to your island deck it out. You can add palm trees, treasures, and a fleet of ships that would even Blackbeard proud.

The more you play and gold coins you collect, the more islands you can claim and the more pirates you can add to your crew.

Choose regular mode or multiplayer so you can play against others. With the maritime fun theme and gorgeous graphics, this is the game you’ll become wildly addicted to.

Set sail today by searching for Pirate Kings in the App and Google Play Store today.

Santo Coffee – A Better Way to Drink Your Coffee

Consumer Update

If you’re like most people, you probably drink a cup or two of coffee per day. But with our hectic lives, it can be difficult to continually stop and get a cup of coffee when you’re on-the-go.

There’s thankfully a solution and that is Santo Coffee Cubes.

Santo Coffee is introducing a new concept of drinking coffee. Picture this: waking up in the morning and not having to wait twenty or thirty minutes for your coffee machine to brew your coffee. Or how about not having to go outside, but enjoying your cup of java from the comfort of your own home. This is exactly what Santo Coffee Cubes does. It’s a simple way to drink coffee and being able to have your coffee any time, anywhere in just a matter of seconds.

All of the coffee beans come directly from Columbia. Most of them are from the founders’ family farms and have been growing coffee for more than three generations, so they know what a good cup of coffee tastes like.

All you have to do is open a cube and drop it into hot water or hot milk and wait a few seconds for every natural ingredient to break apart, feel the aroma, stare and enjoy. That’s all there is to it.

Santo Coffee had the opportunity to give away five thousand samples to tasters so people could actually give them some honest feedback. Several people said it was convenient and easy to make. Other people said they were happy because they could carry it anywhere and it was incredibly affordable. With Santo Coffee, people save not only money but also save time.

Learn how you can get your very own coffee cubes by heading to today.


Atelier Wen – Modern Watches Consisting of Chinese Heritage

Consumer Update

Though “Made in China” seems to be a bit of taboo these days, there are items that truly live up to that statement. For instance, Atelier Wen doesn’t shy away from it when it comes to designing and promoting their luxury watches. In fact, they couldn’t be any more proud of their Chinese culture that’s inspired these gorgeous timepieces.

Lifestyle 2.JPG

Born out of collaboration by French and Chinese designers, Atelier Wen intended to redefine modern Chinese chic. Chinese horology dates back at least 1,000 years, encompassing plenty of history to mine in the design of the timepiece.

A lot of the time, several people will tell you that Swiss-made is the way to go when selecting a watch, but what you may be unaware of is that the number of “Swiss” watches are created by Chinese watchmakers in China. And by applying some smoke and mirrors and other branding tricks, these companies aim to make you think one thing when it’s actually not even 100% true.

Atelier Wen is nothing but genuine when it comes to its branding. They’re only interested in embracing China’s vast history and culture and let it run through the design. By going straight to the manufacturer rather than using an “assembly team” in Switzerland, they are able to cut costs without hindering quality.

They’re able to offer an affordable watch with sapphire crystal instead of glass and a high-end mechanical movement. The series of Atelier Wen watches include Ji (“A blue shade of Yuan-dynasty potteries, similar to that of the sky after a storm”) and encompasses blue porcelain in its dial with a rich palette of various hues that change under different kinds of lighting.

Then there is Hao (“A white that is resplendent and without blemish”) which opts for a lighter touch with jasmine white porcelain in its dial accented with blue elements all over.

The watch offers three strap options:

  1. Blue Calf
  2. Grey nubuck
  3. Blue salmon

Each strap also comes hot-stamped with a Chinese proverb that translates to “to ride the wind and break the waves.”

Atelier Wen is currently running a Kickstarter allowing you to be one of the early adopters of the newest embodiment of Chinese chic.


Swann – Wire-Free Smart Security Camera for Indoors and Outdoors

Tech Report

If you own or rent a home and seek to protect your loved ones, you should invest in a home security system. Our recommendation? Swann’s latest indoor and outdoor security cameras.

These cameras are simple to install and connect to power outlets to wirelessly transmit video and audio. This is done using Wi-Fi – both indoors and outdoors. The Smart Security Camera also runs off rechargeable battery power.

In addition, the camera connects to your Amazon powered devices so you are able to activate/control them with your voice. The video streams in full HD 1080p and records clips to local memory as well as the secure cloud – both during day and night.

And if you’re looking for a true peace of mind, you can activate the True Detect thermal sensing that alerts you when the camera detects the heat of moving objects.

And if you aren’t at home and someone triggers the camera, you’ll be able to see things for yourself by accessing the Swann app for either iOS and Android devices.

So make sure to secure your home by picking up the newest indoor and outdoor cameras from Swann.

LOCI – A Marketplace Built for Ideas

  Biz Report

LOCI’s web applications are interrupting the global patent system and unlocking innovation by implementing blockchain technology to empower aspiring inventors to search, analyze, protect, and monetize their ideas without requiring them to initially seek an expensive and time-consuming patent.

Let’s say an inventor has an idea, but can’t afford to run a professional patent search which often costs $2,000 or more. Someone who wants to see how much their patent would cost for an idea can input the information to They’ll then use LOCI’s Invention Analysis to tweak their idea until it receives an optimal LOCI Score, demonstrating that the idea is unique and more than likely patentable.

LOCI’s legal team then assists in filing a Patent application in addition to staking their idea on the Ethereum Blockchain. The idea can then be listed and sold on the LOCI Marketplace without the inventor needing to spend a large amount of time and energy traditionally needing to get the full patent.

LOCI has built a marketplace for ideas. Have an idea? Analyze and monetize your idea today by heading to

Also visit to learn more.

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