Would You Own the LG OLED TV? | Street Report

We took to the streets of DC to ask those if they’d want to own the OLED TV by LG Electronics. The television is ULTRA-thin (and we mean thin, like credit card thin). What would be your preferences if you had the opportunity to own one? We know it needs to be Netflix enabled for sure.


Do You Know What CES Stands For? | Street Report

Before NewsWatch trekked to Vegas last week for CES, street reporter, Leslie Alston, took to the streets of DC to ask those what they thought CES stood for.

Check out what they had to say below:

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New Year’s Resolution | Street Report

The New Year is right around the corner and in NewsWatch fashion, we went ahead and asked our team members and their significant others what their resolutions will be.

From hitting the gym to getting another puppy, we wanted to hear what some of the most popular goals were to achieve in the oncoming year of 2017.

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Worst Holiday Gift | Street Report

NewsWatch is kicking in the holiday spirit as Leslie Alston took to ask fellow NewsWatchers and their spouses what their worst holiday gifts were.

In this following street report, you’ll be revealed some of the most comical and worst gifts that were to be received during the holidays.

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