Geyser Technologies – Hot Water On-the-Go

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If you’re a real outdoor enthusiast, then you’ll be a fan of this next invention. The Geyser System is the world’s most portable, hot shower that lets you take a hot shower no matter where you are. All that’s needed to get it going is one gallon of water.

All you have to do to get started is plug the Geyser into a power source such as your car or small deep cell battery.

This portable hot shower is geared towards campers, athletes, festival goers, all the dirty sweaty people who need a good rinse.

The two-tubed Geyser apparatus requires a car charger and takes 20-30 minutes to heat up your 4 quarts of grime remover.

All you have to do is open the lid and pour in a gallon of water. Attach a “Skrub” to the Geyser System and begin your cleansing with a steady flow of water. If you want a hot, refreshing shower, wait 15-35 minutes before turning on the pump. You can also have a hot shower in 5 minutes if you add a small amount of hot water from your camp stove.

Think about it, how good would it feel to scrub down after a long hike or camping trip without having to wait until you actually find a shower?

And not just for showers, Geyser can also be used to clean off dishes and gear. A sponge is attached at the end of the hose for continuous, but controlled, water flow which lasts up to 7 minutes per gallon.

When you do this, it’ll use less water to avoid waste. Water level sensors will let you know when you’re running low so you can plan as needed.

Simply, adventure is redefined with Geyser Systems.

For more information head over to today or donate to their Kickstarter.


Spacetalk – Smartwatch for Kids

Tech Report

It’s no doubt about it that smartwatches and other wearables are ONLY advancing and becoming more of the most popular tech items out there. Though, with several different versions on the move, we haven’t seen a high-quality smartwatch that’s tailored towards a child’s safety.

That is, until now. Introducing Spacetalk, a smartwatch by Australian company, AllMyTribe. This little watch is an all-in-one phone, GPS tracker and watch.

What can your kiddo do with this watch? He or she can make and take calls from a set of contacts of your choosing. It contains great voice reception to boot!

And if you want, you can edit the contacts directly in the AllMyTribe parent app.

If your child is the middle of an emergency, special SOS alert function can be set up to give you a call along with other emergency contacts you plug in.

In addition, the GPS tracker is something any parent would feel comforted having, especially if it has fantastic location accuracy. Whenever your child is wearing the Spacetalk watch, you’ll be able to see where they are at any point in time.

Furthermore, Spacetalk will also let your child check in with you via SMS messaging function.

Additional features include a step counter, alarm clock, a school mode function that silences during class, a stopwatch and a flashlight.

However, all of this wouldn’t mean much if the watch wasn’t secure. Spacetalk meets all European privacy and security standards and regulations.

If you’re interested in purchasing Spacetalk for your child, head over to today.

Turris MOX – Your Personalized Router

Tech Report

Good internet performance and functionality are largely dependent on a powerful router. Though, even if a functional router is installed, it requires regular software updates to keep it going and to do its job efficiently.

Since most consumers don’t fully understand what their router is, let alone how it operates, they can miss out on some crucial updates, leaving them susceptible to attacks. What’s needed is a router that’s resilient to user negligence.

Enter Turris MOX.

Turris MOX.jpg

Turris MOX is the first modular router that lets you built it based on your exact use and expectations. Whether you’re searching for a pocket-sized router or something with more of a permanent install set-up, there’s a module that’s suitable to your needs.

Depending on the module you settle on, you can receive greater Wi-Fi range and transfer speed, set it up as an LTE modem, turn it into a lightning fast SSD storage interface and more.

As previously mentioned, regular updates – or lack thereof – is the inevitable downfall of any router. Several modern homes rely on IoT devices and other network-connected appliances that are open to attack. Hackers set sights on routers to gain access to sensitive information or control devices.

Turris MOX’s objective is to fight back with regular updates, including reinforced security that doesn’t demand the user’s attention or expertise to kick-start the update. Conversely, most modern routers need the user to manually approve the update before it’ll do anything to protect against threats.

Once a threat is detected, the Turris development team gets to work on a new update that actively neutralizes that threat by shoring up onboard security. This is made possible through the Turris OS which is an open-sourced software based on the OpenWrt project (Linux).

For just as many consumers who may not know enough to manually update a router, they may not know exactly what they’re searching for in terms of an ideal router configuration. Turris’ Indiegogo campaign allows each backer to select from a list of pre-determined configurations as well as choosing their own.

In an ever-changing tech world, modularity seems to be the only way to go. Turris likes to say the MOX is a “future proof device” and boy do we agree.

If you’re looking to contribute to their Indiegogo, you can do so here.


LUCI – Fully Immerse Yourself with Immers

Tech Report

When it comes to the rate we consume visual content in this digital age, it can sometimes lead to a reduced quality of said content. The more on-demand we want these things, the more the quality has the potential to suffer. But here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to!

That’s why LUCI is an innovative entertainment experience company that’s currently making strides in improving the emotional connection to the content.

By mirroring the power and quality of a cinematic experience, even when you’re sitting on your couch, you’re transported to worlds that only once existed in your imagination.

LUCI’s immers is the first 4K ultra-HD immersion-on-demand headset that boasts an impressive 3,000+ PPI display for an immersive 3D and 4K entertainment experience.

It offers a flexible, compact, and balanced featherweight design that delivers premium cinematic experience wherever the user desires. The immers fits over your eyes for an unparalleled experience. With a 3000-plus display and an engine strong enough to power any type of content, including 3D 4K, the LUCI lives up to its title and that is full immersion.

Once you place this wearable over your eyes, you’ll have immediate access to any existing library including movies, games, music, and photos. And due to it being so lightweight, you can enjoy it for extended periods of time.

Head on over to learn more about this ground-breaking device at today.


Catchafire – Volunteer Your Professional Skills for Nonprofits

Tech Report

Do you have critical skills that you’d love to volunteer? Ever wanted to get more out of your talents other than just profit? Or are you a nonprofit making a difference in the world but just can’t find or afford the expert help you need?

Catchafire may be able to assist. It’s a platform dedicated to matching professionals who want to volunteer their time and skills with nonprofits and social enterprises in need of aid.

Catchafire’s goal is to transform the nature and impact of offering nonprofits access to great talent in efforts to support their strategic and operational needs.

Catchafire’s website matches professionals and organizations based on a multitude of characteristics including skills, cause interests, and time availability.

Volunteers are able to donate as little as an hour of their time on a phone consultation or as much as several weeks or months on a larger project.

Nonprofits can also anticipate further support in areas such as marketing, strategic planning, tech guidance, website assistance or even leadership training.

It works by nonprofits browsing Catchafire’s menu of pre-structured projects and customizes one that fits their needs.

In addition, they review applications, interview potential volunteers and ultimately match with talented professionals who can execute on their vision. And of course, the idea sounds simple – and it is, but the impact is so much greater.

Some of Catchafire’s completed projects include:

  • Logo design & visual brand identity
  • Mission, vision & values
  • Human resources
  • Marketing strategy
  • Salesforce database customization
  • Website construction

Through these project matches, Catchafire is searching to create a more empathetic and connected society.

If you want to find out more information on Catchafire, visit

Transcrypt – Easy and Simple Crypto Transactions

Tech Report

It’s no surprise that cryptocurrency is making waves in technology. And as more and more get onboard the revolutionary currency system, innovators are searching for ways to streamline the process and make it even more efficient.

Up until now, cryptocurrencies have been too complicated, too slow and required too many intermediaries which in turn, increases commission charges.

Luckily, Transcrypt is a service that makes crypto transactions as simple as sending a text message.

This idea is to eliminate the borders between operations in crypto and national currencies and instead provide users with the same services and convenience they are used to seeing in a modern internet banking.

Transcrypt lets you manage your assets at the touch of your fingertip as well as stays convenient and secure wherever you use it.

If Transcypt revolutionizes, it’s going to be a cinch. They offer a universal payment system within the interface of a familiar message portal. This essentially allows users to instantly send and receive numerous types of currency directly in the chat window as well as pay for goods and services and exchange for other types of currencies, all without having to leave the convenience of a chat window.

It’s a decentralized payment platform that lets you send and receive money like a message. Think of it like Apple Pay for crypto with additional functions Apple’s instant pay system can only dream of.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Transcrypt and joining their token sale, head to

Smart Cube Smart Lock – Wireless Locking System

Tech Report

When we think of IoT devices, we usually think of adding technology to “things” that we already have in the home and making them “smart.”

Well speaking of this smart home technology, a company called Smart Armor wanted to take it to the next level by creating a totally unique category in the connected home market space. They came up with Smart Cube Smart Lock.

Smart Cube is a Bluetooth enabled, retrofittable wireless locking system that easily mounts to any flat surface, making your cabinet, door or drawer secure. But with even further simplicity, Smart Cube locks easier than any other lock you’re used to.

In fact, Smart Cube Smart Lock provides the following:

  • Key share & revoke – share access to lock and unlock with the world’s first in-home Bluetooth locking system
  • Tamper Alerts – an alert system that will send a push notification to your device if anyone tries to access your valuables
  • Proximity Lock/Unlock – a locking system that’s activated by entering an encrypted biometric data input or an alphanumeric sequence input into a paired smart device

In addition, you can have an intimate and secure partnership with Alexa. Implement voice control in your Smart Cube devices so you know you’re always in control with secure voice authentication.

And if you want to open a locked drawer, the Smart Cube will sense you’re close and automatically unlock, then relock when you leave. There’s also an app that works with the device, so you’re able to access the lock by pin code and share or revoke access to specific people, at certain times for particular locks.

For example, if you want your teenage son to access the cleaning supplies, but not the liquor cabinet, you can do exactly that. So, whether you’re a parent, have roommates, have co-workers, or renting a place out to others, Smart Cube is a perfect solution for securing your valuables.

Smart Cube is essentially limitless when it comes to the possibilities of securing valuable items. Think Airbnb rentals, medications, personal valuables, business documents, and so much more.

So, if you’re interested in feeling reassurance in knowing your valuables are safe and secure, head to to order yours today.

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