Tittle for Parents – Monitor Your Child’s Mobile Device Usage

Tech Report

The rampant usage of phones and tablets is undeniable. Furthermore, it interferes with the relationships parents have with their kids. What parents need is a way to regulate their children’s usage so it doesn’t become addictive.

And that’s where Tittle for Parents comes in.

Being a parent, you’ve probably seen how quickly your child may drift away from you and how easily distracted they get with their mobile devices. There’s less communication and when you may talk, it may just be going through one ear and out the other.

Tittle for Parents wanted a button to remotely turn off their devices and hopefully regain the family time that used to be had.

Tittle for Parents also wanted to provide parents with a smart tool that could easily limit app access at any time or with a fixed schedule such as during school or meal times.

Parents can set up multiple schedules to limit device usage during different times of the day.

Parents can also block access to apps like social media and games and allow selected apps that are educational and encourages learning.

With Tittle’s specifically designed browser, it offers parents the capability to review and block websites that your children may have visited.

You’ll be able to see how long they spend on each app and review any that they download. There’s also a tracking feature that lets you keep tabs on your child’s location.

So, start looking forward to the one-on-one times you used to revel with your child and start monitoring their mobile device usage.

If you’re interested in learning more information about Tittle for Parents, visit tittleforparents.com.


PowerDeWise – Omnidirectional and Noise-Canceling Lavalier Mic

Consumer Update

If you’ve looked around once or twice, you can see that taking videos on one’s smartphone has become a hot commodity.

While we can relatively high-quality videos with our phones, we don’t quite get the same quality on our phone’s mics.

This is where PowerDeWise comes in.

PowerDeWise is a lavalier mic that’s both omnidirectional and noise-canceling. This means you won’t have to deal with strange noises such as rustling from wind, tapping noises from hitting your phone’s mic with your fingers, and random echoes.

PowerDeWise mics take care of all the problems you’d face with your standard mic. In addition, it allows you to record in the nosiest of places for totally clear audio. It’s also simple to use. All you have to do is plug it into your jack, start shooting video, stop the recording when you’re done, and then unplug to listen to your audio.

The mic set comes with convenient accessories such as a long cord, extension cable with velcro, adapter for your PC, laptop, camera, or a storage case for taking your mic on the go.

If you’re looking for more than one mic, you can check out their interview set that’s available for two people.

To have your lapel mic now visit powerdewise.com or search on Amazon “PowerDeWise” today.


Whereify – Track Your Car Whenever, Wherever

Consumer Update

We’ve all been there when we’re handed the keys to our first car. Ah! Free at last! There’s nothing quite like that kind of independence. And if you’re a parent, you’re probably just as much proud as you are worried about your child being behind the wheel for the first time.

Wouldn’t it at least be nice to at least know where they’re going? That’s where Whereify comes in.

Whereify is a car tracker that tracks where your car is, where it goes, and for how long. It’s easy to use and contains a small adaptor that plugs right into the carport.

Using the Whereify app, you’ll be able to track where the car is at all times. The moment it stops, Whereify will show you what’s in that area.

In addition to location, you’ll be able to also see how fast the car is going and whether the car alarm is going off. The intention in its design is to give a complete picture of your family’s driving safety.

Not only is this minimally invasive tracker, it’s one of most advanced GPS car trackers out there. In addition, it’s incredibly affordable.

With Whereify you can keep tabs on your children and always be rest assured that their driving habits are up to par.

You can purchase one today from Whereify.com and download the app from the Google Play or App Store.

IWN – Giving Those in Underserved Areas WiFi Access

Tech Report

Living in a city like New York or Washington, D.C., you’ll become conditioned to the luxury of WiFi. We take its availability for granted when we go home, walk into a cafe, or connect to the free WiFi on the subway.

But what about the areas outside of the city-rural areas that are underserved and don’t have access to WiFi?

Well, that’s where Intelligent Wireless Networks (IWN) comes into play.

Intelligent Wireless Networks is granting people access to whatever it is they need or want to do. The first line of access IWN provides is basic high-speed internet connectivity. But beyond that, they give people access to perhaps growing education, an opportunity to earn money, and now offering people the ability to play every day and build a business doing so.

IWN has worked for the last couple of years with the people of the community trying to educate as to why they need to get involved and why they need to buy into this community-based WiFi network model that they’ve created.

The level of development that IWN has experienced has been based on adoption rate. Getting into the communities on a localized level and educating them on why they need to participate has been so critical.

If someone is interested in building or taking the reigns in their community for a localized WiFi network, it’s simple to get started.

If you’d like to learn more about how IWN is providing underserved areas with wifi, head on over to intelligentwirelessnetworks.com today.


Third Reality – Simply Automate Your Home

Consumer Update

We understand how popular smart home technology is. But what if you didn’t want to go through all the complicated electrical work? That’s exactly where Third Reality comes in with their product, RealitySwitch Plus.

Third Reality is a company all about making home automation devices. The ‘Reality Switch’ is a device that they’re currently shipping and allows you to connect the switch to your Amazon devices and where it can tell it to turn your lights on or off.

But most significantly, the new device they have coming out is ‘Reality Switch Plus’ which lets you stay connected to any of the existing Amazon devices.

The most fundamental part of their solution is simple to install. And for anyone who’s buying a switch and who wants to automate their home; this can be the solution you’ve been searching for. And even better, you can totally do it yourself – no electrician or third party.

Being able to DIY certainly is less daunting, isn’t it? And though a new switch in many cases would cost you $30 or $40 for you to purchase, it would cost you an additional $100 to have it installed.

With Third Reality’s device, you can also have a remote with your app. For instance, if you’re away from the house and wish to turn the lights on or off, pull up your app and check the statues to turn them on or off remotely.

Search for Reality Switch on Amazon or donate to Reality Switch Plus’ Kickstarter today!

Dremel DigiLab – Make Your Vision Come to Fruition

Tech Report

Education in schools has undergone quite the transformation in the last few years. With more STEM schools taking shape and establishing maker spaces, students are getting more hands-on with subjects that require further reading a textbook.

Dremel DigiLab’s suite of products helps students learn 21st-century skills and improve problem solving and creativity. Students can simply ideate, design, prototype and assemble their visions into tangible items.

The best tool for your Makerspace is Dremel DigiLab’s 3D45 3D Printer that utilizes cloud-based printing to simply run students’ jobs one after the other with a large variety of materials.

The Dremel Laser Cutter was designed for use by makers of all levels with a material library that provides setting recommendations for a variety of materials.

Dremel’s goal is to have their machines run, but do not want users to be intimidated such as making their product easy to unbox and to do their first project with ease. A school would benefit from selecting Dremel projects over other brands because they stand behind their products.

With their very first 3D printer launched in 2014, they’re now launching a laser cutter and currently building out this suite of products. In addition, Dremel’s objective is to continuously learn what users are doing, what they’re struggling with, and developing products to meet their needs.

Dremel DigiLabs products are focused on making this innovative technology more accessible, dependable and safe.

For more information head on over to dremelnewsroom.com.

Chushan Technology – Changing Wireless Charging Possibilities

Tech Report

If you look around, you’re probably seeing how slowly but surely wireless everything is taking over. People continue to create innovative ways to eliminate wires and cables so that we can use our favorite devices untethered.

Well, it just so happens that some of these people work at Chushan Technology which is a tech company that focuses exclusively on research and development of wireless power technology.

Specifically speaking, Chushan offers Qi wireless charging modules for lower power electronics. Just think of the wireless charging capabilities in your phone, smartwatch, or other wearables. Essentially, this is what Chushan offers in a nutshell.

In addition, they provide wireless power solutions to home appliances such as tech to a wireless charging vacuum.

The vacuum doesn’t contain a single wire and charges just how an iPhone would. Once you’ve finished vacuuming, place it on a charging pad to juice it back up. Another product you’ll find Chushan’s charging modules in is a treadmill with the ability to charge your phone when it’s placed on the control panel. This facilitates getting your cardio in and keeping your phone charged.

Chushan focuses on Khz-based magnetic resonance technology, and provide reliable wireless transfer (WPT) solutions for industrial device and consumer electronics, including UAVs, vacuum cleaner, laptops, and cellphones, etc.

These wireless charging modules have found their way into drones, robot cleaners, and even electric vehicles.

Chuschan is able to deliver the power by meeting four requirements simultaneously:

  • the power to be delivered, from several watts to kilo-level watts\
  • the transmitter-receiver airgap, from one inch (2.54cm) to more than ten inches
  • reasonably small sizes of transmitter and receiver coils
  • sufficiently high DC-DC efficiency

For more information on the amazing strides, Chushan Technology is making in the wireless power sphere, check out Chushantech.com.


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