Prince William, Kate Middleton and their little tribe are getting ready to go green by leaving Kensington Palace and the hustle and bustle of London for Adelaide Cottage, a charming property located east of Windsor Castle in Home Park, Berkshire. While the Cambridges are certainly delighted to be closer to Elizabeth II, the royal couple’s children will also have to say goodbye to their schools in the capital. However, a former royal aide opined, as reported by The Mirror on Saturday (June 25), that the family’s eventual move could end the royal children’s tradition of attending boarding school.

“Although boarding school is not a bad thing. They won’t have to be in boarding school, they’ll probably live at home. That will be good, because they will be close to the Queen,” said Dickie Arbiter. Some royal experts had said that Prince George could leave London next year to attend a boarding school in Berkshire. A change of course that would have been considered while the boy finishes this year his cycle at the prestigious Thomas’s Battersea Prep School in London. This upheaval is a break with the royal tradition since, as a reminder, Prince William had attended boarding schools Ludgrove School and Eton College from his 8 to 18 years.