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2016 is in the books and you know what that means. It’s time to get those taxes done. Now traditionally there are two ways you can go about doing that. You can either file them yourself online and wonder if you’re doing them correctly  or take all your documents over to a tax prep franchise. Both have their costs and benefits. But what if there was a way to combine these two into one convenient platform. Check out Taxhub.

Taxhub is a virtual income tax preparation platform that allows you to share your tax documents with a CPA just as you would in person. The idea here is to combine the convenience and low price of an online tax filing with the peace of mind that comes with a professionally prepared tax return. Here’s how it works. Log on through your web browser or the taxhub app. Upload your tax documents. A simple picture of the docs will suffice. Next schedule a call or video conference with a CPA so then can ask any relevant questions and consult on any needed points. Once they’re done you’ll receive an e-mail that prompts you to verify your identity through an IRS-approved identify verification method. That’s all there is to it. The best part, because they don’t have thousands of offices like most tax prep franchise, you will pay around half of what you would normally pay to have your taxes prepared.

So, if you’re ready to get started on your taxes head to gettaxhub.com today to get started!

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Reviewing Technology on Home Security, Robotics, and Smart Home Living

Take a look at some of the co founders and founders of some of the coolest technology that NewsWatch’s Andrew Tropeano got to sit down and chat with at the 2017  Consumer Electronics Show. From home security applications that can be managed straight from your smart phone to an automated coffee making barista consisting of thousands of recipes, we covered it at the CES 2017.

toto dual flush toilet


Providing dual flush technology, TOTO USA’s Neorest 750H is the smartest toilet technology on the market. Containing automated self cleaner as well as a built-in bidet, TOTO’s Neorest 750H is the intelligent toilet to have.

robotic transportation


Moboster is a leader in robotic transportation and motor technology. It uses Bluetooth technology to control movement and provides a steady ride. In addition, Moboster offers portable mobility so you can take it with you anywhere.


The Smart Adaptor by Anyware Solutions is the world’s smallest adaptor device. Made for smart home features, it controls the following sensors in your home:

  • Sound
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Ambient Light

In addition, it provides Bluetooth and Wifi for optimal functionality purposes while you’re away.

smart adaptor smart home living


We got a close look at the logistics that go into smart coffee brewing and having a personal barista that recalls your favorite beverages. With the Arist Coffee Machine, it provides thousands of coffee recipes that will best suit your preferences.

smart coffee maker

UltraSync Secure SmartHome offers cost effective smart home security and efficiency. Created by Interlogix, they created a system to optimize home operation management that can be operated all from the convenience of a smartphone application.

ultrasync smarthome security



Relaxing Brain Wave Training


It’s a new year so why not wipe the slate clean and decide to navigate 2017 with as little stress as possible. Here’s a neat app to help you with that.  GetZENd allows you to reduce stress, maximize your energy and improve your focus and clarity. Developed by Executive Consultant and Certified Success Coach Zahra Karsan, GetZENd provides simple guided exercises that use music to effortlessly ease your brainwave frequency into a more relaxed state.

“It firstly uses brainwave entrainment, so it literally helps your brainwave frequency zone in or tune in to whatever state of mind you desire. So, if you’re feeling distracted and you want to energize and focus, if you’re trying to solution a problem and you need to get into a strategic thinking space, it helps you do that. It helps you get into performance zone as well. It helps you release tension, reduce stress, and it helps you boost energy or set your intention for the day so you can figure out ‘how do you want your day to go?’ Do you want everything to come together effortlessly for example. So, it uses brain wave entrainment music, it also uses a number of other key techniques, proven techniques from the world of neuroscience and the study of success.” – Zahra Karsan, CEO, GetZENd  

There are several techniques employed in the app to help reduce your stress including “grounding with nature,” which allows your brain to resonate at the same frequency as Earth’s electromagnetic field.

GetZENd is available on iOS and Android devices for free. Head to the Google Play or App store to download it today or go to GetZENd.com.

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Turn Your Headphone Wireless


If Apple’s new AirPods are any indicator, the future of headphones is wireless. But what do you do with all those wired headphones that still work perfectly fine? You’re not just going to throw them away when you paid good money for them, right?  The solution is Tunai’s CLIP.

Tunai is a company that works to create innovative products which is different from what’s in the market. Their newest product, CLIP, allows you to turn your headphones into a wireless product. Here’s how it works. You insert your headphones into the CLIP’s auxiliary jack, instantly turning your headphones into a Bluetooth headset. Now just clip the CLIP onto your shirt or jacket. Press the CLIP to wake up your phone’s voice assistant or to operate any of the normal controls like rewind, skip forward, play or answer calls. Not only does the device convert your wired headphones to Bluetooth, the cord manager can hide extra wires and make you look neat. Additionally, the CLIP features a high definition mic to replace the one on your headphones. CLIP can also be used as Bluetooth mic for wireless voice recording.

“CLIP preserves the authenticity of sound using an advanced audio rebuild technology we call ‘Sound Revitalization Technology (SRT)’ . Instead of the traditional low quality audio compression SBC technology, CLIP supports AAC & MP3 to minimize distortion when sound is compressed for streaming over the air. Our unique patent pending “Sound Revitalization Technology, SRT” scans the received audio data, and rebuilds the distorted audio.”

To purchase the CLIP head to Amazon or their website at tunai-creative.com today.

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UltraSync SmartHome


While we love checking out new companies here at CES, one of our favorite things to do is to catch up with friends that have updated their technology over the past year.  One company that’s added exciting enhancements to their residential product lines is Interlogix, especially with the UltraSync SmartHome system.

We have taken a security platform that’s been available for a couple of years and we’ve really merged smart home capabilities into that. So, not only can you be notified if someone breaks into your home or if a fire goes off in your house, someone breaks a window.. but you can also have the ability to turn on lights, unlock doors, you can view cameras, all those things from your UltraSync SmartHome app. So, some new enhancements that we’ve made and that we’re showing here at CES are selectable backgrounds, we have some backgrounds that consumers can put on their app that make it look a little more consumer friendly – something that they like. They can also take their own photos and upload those onto the app. And then we are also talking to people about using timers and delays, and sunrise and sunset as ways to make their automations more helpful and user friendly.” -Warren Hill, Product Marketing Leader, Interlogix

“Ideal for modern families, the UltraSync SmartHome brings smart, cost-effective security and lifestyle management into your home and at your fingertips. Reliable and convenient, UltraSync lets you synchronize your home systems with your day-to-day activities and create customized scenarios so that your home responds to your unique schedule.”

If you’d like to learn more about Interlogix’s UltraSync SmartHome system, head to interlogix.com/ultrasync-smarthome.

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Smart Home Innovations


Zmodo has been a leader in surveillance since 2009. They’ve taken their expertise in this industry and applied it to the smart home marketplace.  Here at CES they’re showcasing their complete product line – including smart cameras, thermostats, lighting, sensors, and more. Beyond being a one-stop-shop in home automation, Zmodo offers a full-featured app and robust and secure cloud service.

“So, we’ve got an entire smart home line showcasing more than 20 products that all work together on one app and with one cloud.” –Sandra Crawford, Chief Marketing Officer, Zmodo

Two of Zmodo’s standout new products are the Torch 360, a color-changing LED bulb with embedded camera, and the Greet Pro, a universally compatible smart doorbell.

“I think that we have about 30 new products this year.” -Dr. Kevin Wan, CEO, Zmodo

“And this year we are introducing the new Torch 360, which is a 360 degree rotating camera embedded in a lightbulb. Ss, you’ve got a color changing LED lightbulb the screws into your outside light socket and then it has a camera within it so that you can see what’s going on in your yard. Another really cool one that we have is called Greet Pro which is our new wi-fi video doorbell and that one allows you to receive calls on your smart phone when somebody rings your doorbell and then be able to see and speak to your visitor.” –Sandra Crawford, Chief Marketing Officer, Zmodo

“Here at Zmodo we are very passionate about home smart devices. I think that that is the future.” -Dr. Kevin Wan, CEO, Zmodo

If you’d like to learn more about Zmodo, you can head to Zmodo.com today.

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MagniSmartech Smart Mattress

Tech Report

As we get older it seems we’re on an eternal quest to find the perfect mattress for our nighttime z’s. Maybe we need more than just a comfortable mattress. How about one that has integrated technology to help get that peaceful night’s sleep?  Well, Magniflex is an Italian manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in the mattress industry as a business to business operation.

Their unique MagniSmartech integrated sleep system has taken their mattresses to the next level. MagniSmartech allows you to learn more about your sleep through the use of sensors that gather data about you and your sleep environment in real time. The data and suggestions are available to view the next day in the accompanying app or through a web browser. The sensors track many parameters like the hours slept, your average heart rate and respiratory rate and their fluctuations, as well as environmental data like the brightness and noise level of your room. MagniSmartech also features an innovative soft wake up function as well as chromotherapy using LED, but probably the most unique feature is the anti-snore function, which automatically recognizes when you’re snoring and then goes into action adjusting the position of the bed until the snoring stops, at which point it returns to the original position.

Smart bed not for you? They have every other kind of mattress that you could imagine and desire. Including pet beds, you know how much we love our pets here at NewsWatch. They even have accessories for your office or travel if you’re interested.

For more information on Magniflex head to their website at magniflex.us.

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