Talelight – Electronic Bumper Sticker

Consumer Update

When it comes to personalizing your vehicle, bumper stickers are a common way to go. It not only adds personality to your car but can send a message. In addition, bumper stickers get worn out and whatever theme you’ve chosen might get boring after a while.

There’s a product that’s aware of this and its name is Talelight.

This electronic bumper sticker is easy to apply and allows you to change it as often as you want without having to remove it from your car.

The bright and vivid display makes it an ideal choice over traditional stickers. Whether it’s a case of the Mondays, boasting about your favorite sports team or how you personally feel about an upcoming election, Talelight can provide you the sticker that you want.

Talelight lets you pick and choose from close to 1,000 stickers or has you create your own with up to 25 images.

By using the accompanying app, you can change out the image or text whenever you want. Or if you’re a slideshow lover, you can set it to switch to a new sticker or regular intervals about every 5 minutes.

There’s also a limo mode so you can even type in your own messages on the fly!

And if you’re looking to make some supplemental income, you can create and sell your very own unique bumper sticker right on the Talelight store.

To purchase a Talelight head on over to talelight.tech or Amazon today.



Smart Engines – Helping Companies and Government Agencies Keep Up

Biz Report

I think we can all agree that we’re currently a part of a digital revolution.

Each day, we’re seeing more consumers rely on the digitization of their information. But how do companies and government agencies keep up? They simply work with companies like Smart Engines with their optical character recognition and computer vision technologies.

Smart Engines concentrates on speed, quality, and robustness of their algorithm. They achieve extremely high quality and speed on mobile phones and don’t use the normal way for the users like LAN servers.

They do all the computation via mobile phones so the user can anticipate extremely high security from their solutions. In addition, there are no possible leaks about the agent converter.

It’s important for the people who will use the application because there are recent leaks of the personal data- which is a great part of the industry. Smart Engine’s objective is to prevent it.

When it comes to recognizing official documents, Smart Engines runs a bespoke solution program.

Typically, they have this department in a company that specializes in assisting customers to recognize specific documents which are not like passport or driver’s license, or like a car plate, but unique documents upon their request.

Smart Engines wants to reach a specific targeted customer and based on that, they provide documents to recognize which their engineers are physically working on in order to provide what is needed. It’s all tailor-made.

Hieroglyph, for example, is technology by Smart Engines that can be integrated into mobile applications, web, and enterprise systems, allowing you to (in real time) recognize identity documents (ID cards, Passports, etc) of a client to use recognized data in acquiring services and for execution of your internal business tasks.

Essentially, Smart Engines’ purpose is to answer the challenges that organizations nowadays face in term of documents recognition and business processes automation. They offer new opportunities to enhance business performance with the option of extracting data in the video stream of mobile devices and web cameras.

If you’d like to learn more about Smart Engines, head to smartengines.biz.

SignNow – Disrupting Workflow with Mobile First e-Signatures

Biz Report

When it comes to running a business, there’s always some amount of paperwork involved. This can include sending out contracts and agreements for mobile completion, but how frustrating and inconvenient is it to get some of the bigger names in the e-signature business to sign?

This is easy enough to consider since e-signature agreements are usually made for desktop users.

Well, if you’re interested in trying something new that’s disrupting the workflow business, be sure to look into SignNow.

SignNow is a mobile-first e-signature and workflow. Some of their competitors were designed in 2003 and though they do a fantastic job from a computer-to-computer or computer to mobile device signature, they typically don’t offer mobile-to-mobile e-signature services.

What SignNow has done has made sealing the business deal easier through mobile-to-mobile e-signatures. It does this by generating workflow from any electronic mobile-to-mobile device or to a desktop. In turn, SignNow makes it more productive in the field and easier for people to conduct business.

SignNow is also affordable. Whether you’re a CPA, architect, wedding DJ or wedding photographer, you can get SignNow for as little as $5 per user per month. And just pay for the senders, not the receivers.

The real value of SignNow, however, is not how you use it individually, but when you bring it into the workplace to share it with your coworkers.

It offers a perfect solution as it also integrates with all your business applications and if you can license it by API, it fits behind your applications.

To get started with SignNow, head on over to signnow.com today.

ROLLOGO: The ESCAPE – Perfect Blend of Style and Tech

Consumer Update

If you’re someone who has an affinity for traveling, this one is for you.

ROLLOGO is the only brand that offers designer luggage fused with technology. Their premiere suitcase, the ESCAPE, is a perfect blend of style and efficient technology.

This rugged yet sophisticated piece of luggage comes fully equipped with electric generating spinner wheels. At just walking speed, it can provide power on par with a 1A wall adapter.

The detachable smart power bank stores the electricity generated by the wheels, permitting you to power up your devices. The power bank is then equipped with Bluetooth and the accompanying ROLLOGO app can trace the ESCAPE’s location, ensuring it’s never lost or stolen.

With the water-repellent fabric, ROLLOGO’s ESCAPE makes a robust choice for your belongings, especially your electronic devices. There’s even a unique top compartment is designed specifically to hold all your on-board essentials.

Other features also include an innovative suit compartment, easy-access magazine or book compartment, a laptop compartment, and a flat top workstation.

This bad boy is truly the best combination of chic, style, and productivity. The ESCAPE is also ideal for casual and business travelers alike.

To purchase this one-of-a-kind luggage, go to rollogo.com today.


Sun Seeker – Get to Know Your Sun


Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a tool that showed us exactly where the sun will be at any given time on a given day?

And if last year’s total solar eclipse has taught us anything, it’s that the sun is wildly fascinating and capable of affecting the activities of billions of people.

Well, we got just the app for you and that’s Sun Seeker.

Sun Seeker provides a flat compass view and an augmented reality 3D view of the solar path, its hour intervals, rise and set times, twilight, magic hour, and so much more. In addition to all the aforementioned, Sun Seeker shows the solar direction for each daylight hour. Imagine the possibilities for photographers planning for optimal light conditions?!

And when it comes to real estate buyers wanting to know more about how much sunlight a room will get, they can resort to Sun Seeker – even if the day is overcast when they view the home.

You can view the solar path for any date of your choosing and select any location on Earth. This app is fully packed with additional features including the ability to view details like rise, set and culmination times, maximum elevation and even civil, nautical and astronomical twilight times.

You can purchase Sun Seeker for $9.99 on the Google Play or App Store today.



Rodio – Giving the Right Information to the Right People in a Timely Fashion

Biz Report

Communication among retail organizations can be challenging, as many retail employees are part-time and do not operate from a traditional desk. Corresponding via corporate email is no longer an effective method to exchange business-critical information.

So, check out Rodio by Phobio.

Rodio gets the right information, to the right employees, at the right time.

The solution mimics your organizational structure, providing leaders with access to the frontlines and the frontlines access to their peers.

Leaders can instantly deliver bulletins to a subset of employees or the entire base.  Rodio’s powerful reporting tools provide instant access to track the engagement rate of the bulletin.

Rodio is well-suited for millennial-minded workforces and features an AI-powered Rodiobot to increase efficiency, assist workforces, answer questions, onboard new employees, and automate tasks.

This is the perfect tool for any sized organization, whether employees are in the same building or spread throughout the country.

For more information visit: https://rodioapp.com/

PromSocial – Plan, Organize, and Share Your Prom


Prom is one of the most special nights of a lot of a teen’s life, so it pretty much goes without saying that it deserves its own app.

Luckily, there’s an app centered around prom planning and loaded with features that help prom-goers get the most out of their big night.

From finding a date to planning parties to voting for your friends, PromSocial does everything.

Once you download the app, simply sign up with your specific high school and the prom you’re attending. Once you’re in, you can begin creating a checklist of all things you’ll need to make the night perfect.

And of course, having a date would be nice so let’s start there. With PromSocial, you can ask someone to prom, send a “promposal,” or just show them you’re interested.

Finishing touches would be planning your limo and the amount of people you’ll have in your party. Simply start planning your limo party and invite your friends so you can arrive in style.

Keep an eye out for an invite to your friends’ so you can arrive in style. And also be sure to check out your prom feed to see everything your classmates are planning for the big day.

The coolest feature to keep a lookout for? The Prombook. Similar to a yearbook, the Prombook highlights the epicness of the night all in one place so you can remember it for years to come.

You can download PromSocial for free on the Google Play or App Store today.

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