Palm Tale – Heartwarming Children’s Books in a Single App


If your primary focus is on the family then this next app we’re about to share is for you.

If you’re a parent, chances are you have your kids beg you to read to them. Well, a company called Palm Tale has created four children’s books filled with heartwarming messages all about life’s challenges.

The characters and artwork are entirely their own and are available in paperback or on your tablet/smart reader.

Palm Tale doesn’t stop there, though. They also contain apps for sending animated stickers through iMessage.

One of their most recent apps, Christmas Animations, features 25 animated stickers to share and send to family and friends. There are stickers such as a line dancing Rudolph and Santa and a Christmas tree snowboarding. Now, we know the holidays have already passed, but know these await you come next Christmas!

There are also other stickers for winter sports, New Years, and more.

Some of the books Palm Tale has available are:

  • The Secret of Friendship
  • Uniting a Family
  • Asking for Help
  • Taking the Right Decision

As far as the stickers go, you can tell that Palm Tale has the winter season covered, but the app will let you share these fun animations all year long.

So, get ready to send dogs sunbathing in the summer and giraffes eating spaghetti when it’s time for dinner.

Palm Tale is going to update the app every year, so it can be used again and again. If you’d like to learn more, you can head to today.



iMazing – Transfer Files, Songs, Photos and More From Your Computer to Your Mobile Device


With the newly released iPhone X and even the iPhone 8, Apple’s devices are working on a whole new level of excellence. But despite the success of these new smartphones, there are still limitations to the transfer of media on and off the device.

Enter iMazing.

iMazing is a desktop app for PC and Mac that allows you to simply manage your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

iMazing lets you drop songs, photos, contacts, and files directly from your computer to your mobile device or vice versa.

For example, when you’re setting up your new iPhone X, you can utilize the easy-to-use Transfer wizard. All you have to do is connect your old phone to your computer, launch iMazing and click “Transfer to another device.” Then just follow the wizard.

And unlike iTunes or iCloud which makes customized transfers hard and frustrating, you can actually decide what you’d like to transfer.

In addition, iMazing features advanced backup tools similar to Time Machine for iPhone: backing up and browsing the contents of backups is super easy, and 100% free.

Other features of iMazing include archiving texts, exporting contacts, managing apps across Apple IDs, and much more.

You can also transfer your Apple watch, health, and homekit data. It’s that powerful! And if you need assistance, iMazing’s tech support team is always there for you. There are also additional advanced features that power users and admins can take advantage of.

If you’re unsure about them, go ahead and take a look at their reviews on Trustpilot.

If you’re interested, head on over to to sign up today! You’ll get 30% discount to NewsWatch viewers.

ShelterZoom – Real Estate Offer and Acceptance App Based on Blockchain Technology


There’s probably a good chance that you’ve heard the word, “blockchain,” being thrown around. Especially as the system allowing for the transaction of Bitcoins. But wouldn’t you know, its application is far more reaching.

Enter ShelterZoom.

ShelterZoom is a real estate offer and acceptance app based on blockchain technology. In other words, ShelterZoom is looking to “up” the transparency and security of real estate transactions while eliminating the god-awful paperwork.

Let’s get down to how it works. You can essentially use the ShelterZoom platform by simply clicking the widget titled “Offer NOW” on any participating website. This will set in motion the offer process using blockchain.

All parties see on the dashboard and receive notifications in real time through the app and browser every step of the way. In case you hadn’t put it together, transparency is the name of the game.

Simply, in a market where you want everything on the table and nothing hidden, ShelterZoom delivers with a reliable streamlined process.

The app further includes a chat feature that further encourages being open and forthcoming.

The Offer NOW widget can be integrated into any website that features real estate listings while the service itself is free to all users throughout the beta period, with a small fee for submissions thereafter.

For more information on how to start using this revolutionary system, head over to today.


NanoHydr8 – Giving You The Energy You Need to Perform Better

Consumer Update

It’s no doubt that we live in a world full of high demand. Often times, it can be difficult to find the energy required for just a workout.

However, our health shouldn’t be neglected because of a hectic schedule. Give yourself a boost with NanoHydr8.

NanoHydr8 is a new drink that aims to improve an athlete’s energy, performance, and recovery. It implements the power of nanotechnology to make basic nutrients 100-1000x smaller.

If you’re wondering what exactly is nanotechnology. We got you covered. Nanotechnology creates particles are so pulverized, thousands of them fit on the head of a pin. But they can also fit elsewhere such as right in your bloodstream, bone, and muscle cells.

When you drink a single serving of NanoHydr8, you don’t have to wait for your body to digest anything in the small intestines.

The nutrition goes right where it’s needed most so it can give you power, endurance, and recovery, faster and more efficiently than any other supplement.

NanoHydr8 will give you the boost that you need without having to experience side effects such as jitters, spikes, or crashes like other supplements contain.

In addition, this drink is jam-packed with electrolytes and amino acids, so you’re replenished during your workouts and your muscles recover better once you’re done.

There are two ways to consume NanoHydr8. You can either drink a 4oz shooter right before your workout or you can mix in some of their concentrates into your sports bottle or 5-gallon cooler for long-lasting effects.

NanoHydr8 is super confident in their product and so much so that they’ll give you your money back if you don’t see a difference.

If you’d like to enhance your performance, head over today. And if you enter “AMC” on their website, you get a 25% discount off your first purchase.

LocoLingo – Connecting the Youth on a Local Level


With the advent of several social media apps, it’s difficult to find one that’s exclusively devoted to local sharing. That was until LocoLingo came around.

LocoLingo is an app created by 18-year-old Austin Wright who had the vision to connect young people on a local basis.

With LocoLingo, users can capture, share, and view real-time media for 24 hours, but unlike other apps, you can see posts from everyone in your area, without needing to follow them.

Basically, you can begin networking with the relevant people who surround you daily. LocoLingo is easy and enjoyable when it comes to interacting with new people who surround you.

If you’re a college student, in high school or live in the city, LocoLingo was designed and developed to be the platform to let people in these types of areas stay in the social loop.

With LocoLingo, you can do the following:

  • Post real-time photos and videos
  • View a live feed of posts from nearby users
  • Chat with new people in your area
  • Meet new people in your area
  • Find out what’s happened in your local area
  • Find out what’s currently going on in your local area

If you’d like to learn more about LocoLingo, you can search for it in the app store today.

Viral! – Helping You Create Your Best Content


Are you someone who takes pleasure in creating online content? Particularly videos? Well if so, listen up. This next app we have to talk about can help you create some entertaining stuff.

It’s called Viral!

This app is for you to capture and post videos. It allows you to explore your creativity, with options to draw, trim, and color your videos.

And if you’re so inclined, you can share your special moments instantly with friends or create private groups so you can share and chat. If friends end up liking your videos, they can give you kudos for sharing a star or vice versa. The more stars that you have, the more people will begin to view your content.

Of course, you can still like and comment on other peoples’ videos like other like-minded apps. But with this app, it allows you to share your friends’ videos right within the app. You can even get notifications each time your friend posts a photo to the app.

If you’re interested in boosting and improving your content, Viral! is the app that can help you out. It’s free to download on iOS and Android devices. Who knows, you may just, in fact, be the next viral sensation!

So make your videos standout when you head to today!

Bacterial Takeover – Taking Over the World One Bacteria at a Time


When it comes to staying on the cutting edge of mobile gaming, we’d like to think we do a good job. We enjoy keeping a lookout for fun and engaging games that we think you as the user would love.

The next mobile game is no exception and is called Bacterial Takeover. Before you turn away at the thought of the name, just know that this involves fervent clicking with the goal of researching and producing the most bacteria.

Essentially, this is the new and latest game to get addicted to. Once you’ve collected some bacteria, you can buy additional colonies which will increase bacteria production even more. You can also collect even more bacteria when tapping.

The further you advance in the game, the larger the colonies you’ll be able to buy and even more research options you’ll unlock. Once you’ve eradicated 8 planets, you’ll have unlocked the power to buy whole colonized planets.

Now, it’s all about making the right moves to increase bacteria significantly. The research section of the app allows you to evolve and mutate new bacteria. They will become more powerful, resistant – just what you need for Bacterial Takeover.

Earn new research types when you destroy a planet. Who thought you could have fun while building bacteria armies?

If you’re interested in trying this game out for yourself, download Bacterial Takeover for free through the Google Play Store or App Store today.

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