Kaleidostat – Every Baseball Stat You’d Ever Want at the Push of a Button


It’s known as America’s national pastime. Baseball has a legion of super fans who can’t go one day without checking in with their favorite team and getting the latest stats.

Fortunately, a new app called Kaleidostat has provided a one-stop locale for every baseball stat you’d ever want.

The Kaleidostat app lets baseball fans collect memories, compile unique user stats, and connect with other fans all in one place.

Every time you watch a game on TV or attend a live game, you can log the memory to help build your personal stats.

The more games you add, the more you’ll be able to see your team’s winning percentage for the games you’ve been a part of.

Whether it’s home runs and batting averages to wins and losses, it’s all tracked. You can even save your in-game photos and upload your favorite mementos.

In addition to the sports stats, Kaleiodostat has a social function. You can share where you were when you saw the game and tag friends that were there with you and shared the experience.

And never miss a thing when you receive push notifications about any news related to your favorite team.

To download the Kaleidostat app on your iPhone, head to the App Store today.


Dam Easy Flood – Making it That Simple to Protect Your Home from Flooding

Consumer Update

Did you know that in 2017 alone, 14,000 people per day experienced water damage at home or at work? That accounts for nearly 2.5 billion dollars in repairs!

Well, don’t take the risk, especially when it can be so easy to flood-proof your home.

Check out Dam Easy Flood Barriers.

Their range of products makes it so you can DIY. They wanted to take the dark art away from flood protection. All you simply have to do is buy their products or bring them home to install yourself.

Rest assured that zero tools are required to assemble protection. Take the Dam Easy Flood Barrier Door Dam out of the package, put on in your doorway, ratchet open the product over your doorway area, inflate the seal, and that’s it! It’s that easy.

And let’s keep it going with the factoids. Did you know that the chances of your home getting flooded are greater than the chances of it being burgled or catching on fire? If you look at the U.S. alone, you have more than 8 million homes affected by flooding or within flood-affected areas. Simply take a look at the total global market of Europe and the U.S. and Canada and that’s about 28 million homes affected by flooding.

Dam Easy Flood Barriers provides a whole range of products – not just the Dam Easy Barrier. They provide products that can protect your home in various ways.

Other tools that Dam Easy Flood Barriers offer are:

  • Dam Easy Extension Pole
  • Dam Easy Security Cover
  • Dam Easy SnorkleVent
  • Dam Easy Patch It
  • Dam Easy Toilet Dam
  • And more!

To learn more about how you can protect your home from flood damage, head to Dameasyfloodbarriers.com today.

CleanTalk – Keeping Your Website Bot and Spam-Free

Consumer Update

If you run your own website, you know there can be serious issues with spambots. These bots can creep into your comments section and in worst-case scenarios, can potentially cause your site to crash.

You know what you need? An anti-spam service, but not just any service- you need CleanTalk.

CleanTalk is a cloud-based anti-spam software designed specifically to keep bots off your website. It works right out of the box with an installation that takes less than 5 minutes to set up. Once you’re ready to go, it’ll get to work fending off spam before the bots can even access your site. It’ll also protect against spammy orders, widgets, registrations, contact emails, and more.

CleanTalk is one of the fastest anti-spam plugins out there so there’s no need to be concerned about it slowing down your website. Organic visitors to your site won’t experience any lag or disrupted service or even realize they’ve gone through a spam check such as dealing with captchas, questions, or puzzles.

CleanTalk works as an immediate verification that doesn’t require time to process the data so users can spend more time browsing the stuff that matters.

A log is created for every blocked or passed submission on the site for up to 45 days and the site owner can access them at any time. No more spam comments that detract from the quality of your site and no more inaccurate measurements of the traffic to your site.

And if you’re interested in the additional function of censorship, CleanTalk can protect your site from rude or offensive words.

There are almost 250,000 websites already trusting CleanTalk with spam protection. So to using CleanTalk, head over to cleantalk.org today.


PowerDeWise – Omnidirectional and Noise-Canceling Lavalier Mic

Consumer Update

If you’ve looked around once or twice, you can see that taking videos on one’s smartphone has become a hot commodity.

While we can relatively high-quality videos with our phones, we don’t quite get the same quality on our phone’s mics.

This is where PowerDeWise comes in.

PowerDeWise is a lavalier mic that’s both omnidirectional and noise-canceling. This means you won’t have to deal with strange noises such as rustling from wind, tapping noises from hitting your phone’s mic with your fingers, and random echoes.

PowerDeWise mics take care of all the problems you’d face with your standard mic. In addition, it allows you to record in the nosiest of places for totally clear audio. It’s also simple to use. All you have to do is plug it into your jack, start shooting video, stop the recording when you’re done, and then unplug to listen to your audio.

The mic set comes with convenient accessories such as a long cord, extension cable with velcro, adapter for your PC, laptop, camera, or a storage case for taking your mic on the go.

If you’re looking for more than one mic, you can check out their interview set that’s available for two people.

To have your lapel mic now visit powerdewise.com or search on Amazon “PowerDeWise” today.


Whereify – Track Your Car Whenever, Wherever

Consumer Update

We’ve all been there when we’re handed the keys to our first car. Ah! Free at last! There’s nothing quite like that kind of independence. And if you’re a parent, you’re probably just as much proud as you are worried about your child being behind the wheel for the first time.

Wouldn’t it at least be nice to at least know where they’re going? That’s where Whereify comes in.

Whereify is a car tracker that tracks where your car is, where it goes, and for how long. It’s easy to use and contains a small adaptor that plugs right into the carport.

Using the Whereify app, you’ll be able to track where the car is at all times. The moment it stops, Whereify will show you what’s in that area.

In addition to location, you’ll be able to also see how fast the car is going and whether the car alarm is going off. The intention in its design is to give a complete picture of your family’s driving safety.

Not only is this minimally invasive tracker, it’s one of most advanced GPS car trackers out there. In addition, it’s incredibly affordable.

With Whereify you can keep tabs on your children and always be rest assured that their driving habits are up to par.

You can purchase one today from Whereify.com and download the app from the Google Play or App Store.

Peelaway Labs – Never Change Your Bed Sheets Again

Consumer Update

If you’re like most, you probably hate changing sheets and doing laundry. And sleeping on your sheets night after night leaves them incredibly dirty, so we really have no choice. Or do we?

A company called Peelaway Labs has created sheets that required absolutely ZERO washing – that’s right, zero. After extensive testing, Peelaway Labs designed and patented a soft, comfy fitted sheet with several waterproof layers that can instantly be peeled away when dirtied. Each sheet is also breathable and comfortable.

Take a look for yourself:

When the sheets get soiled from regular use, a spill, a pet or anything – just simply peel away that layer to reveal a clean one below.

Peelaways specializes in sheets and is a company that’s applied new technology to design a solution that benefits both the institution and the consumers. Essentially, they are an innovative way to manage the daily tasks of changing bedsheets.

Made from a non-woven bamboo fiber blend, each sheet has 5 layers so you can sleep on Peelaways for up to 50 nights. In addition, Peelaways acts as a mattress protector if you’re ever in need of one.

Each layer of Peelaways is also 100% waterproof so no spill or mess will penetrate to the layer below. The waterproof disposable sheet product allows for quick removal of each layer to unveil a fresh, clean soft sheet right underneath.

Peelaways are also independently laboratory tested and are free from phthalates, formaldehyde, and lead.

Peelaways is incredibly multifaceted. They can be used in dorms, guestrooms, for camping, traveling, toddlers, as a crib mattress protector, the elderly/homecare, and more. In addition, they remain infection neutral and do not transmit infectious material between layers.

If you’re interested in your own Peelaways set, you can head over to Peelawaylabs.com or find them on Amazon today.

IWN – Giving Those in Underserved Areas WiFi Access

Tech Report

Living in a city like New York or Washington, D.C., you’ll become conditioned to the luxury of WiFi. We take its availability for granted when we go home, walk into a cafe, or connect to the free WiFi on the subway.

But what about the areas outside of the city-rural areas that are underserved and don’t have access to WiFi?

Well, that’s where Intelligent Wireless Networks (IWN) comes into play.

Intelligent Wireless Networks is granting people access to whatever it is they need or want to do. The first line of access IWN provides is basic high-speed internet connectivity. But beyond that, they give people access to perhaps growing education, an opportunity to earn money, and now offering people the ability to play every day and build a business doing so.

IWN has worked for the last couple of years with the people of the community trying to educate as to why they need to get involved and why they need to buy into this community-based WiFi network model that they’ve created.

The level of development that IWN has experienced has been based on adoption rate. Getting into the communities on a localized level and educating them on why they need to participate has been so critical.

If someone is interested in building or taking the reigns in their community for a localized WiFi network, it’s simple to get started.

If you’d like to learn more about how IWN is providing underserved areas with wifi, head on over to intelligentwirelessnetworks.com today.


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