MedHealth – Your Health Records All in One App


It’s imperative that you keep tabs on your health. But sometimes it can be easy to lose track. Luckily, there’s an app designed to integrate into your smartphone and make recalling medical information simple.

MedHealth has you access your medical and health information anytime, anywhere and all at your fingertips. MedHealth also makes it easy to share your information with family and healthcare providers in emergency situations.

You can store information such as medical, surgical, social history, allergies and immunizations as well as your family medical history in the MedHealth app.

Log and track your blood pressure, heart rate, weight, walking activity, and glucose levels. You can measure your heart rate using the iPhone camera, and monitor your pulse while you exercise.

In a pinch, you can always have access to your list of medications and with features like push notifications supported by the Apple Watch, you never have to worry about missing a dose of medication.

In addition, you can store emergency contacts as well as your physician’s health insurance information. If you’re also interested in sharing or printing medical information, as well as saving data in the cloud, MedHealth is making that a feature to come soon.

You can download MedHealth onto your iPhone today for $1.99, with future plans for the Android platform. Search for “MedHealth” in the App Store to download today.

Dockwa – A Spot for Your Boat or Yacht, Guaranteed


Summer isn’t totally gone yet! And before fall sets in, be sure to stretch those sea legs and prepare to set sail. Well, we’ve got something pretty handy to send your way so you can have a spot for your boat, guaranteed.

Wait for it as we’ve got something pretty handy to send your way so you can secure a spot for your boat or yacht.

If you’re the type who’s an avid boater, Dockwa helps make the ocean, bay, lake, etc. feel like home. Its software puts boaters in touch with marinas in a pinch.

What’s convenient about Dockwa is that there is no middleman needed in order to reserve slips or moorings at marinas, yacht clubs, and boatyards all over the country. That’s right, nationwide.

To get started, boaters can sign up for free and download the app. Once their boat and credit card is added, their account is ready to use.

All you have to do is submit a reservation request through Dockwa and receive fast confirmation that you’re required to show upon docking.

Whether it’s last minute or months in advance, Dockwa can hook you up. Avoid dealing with web forms, phone calls, and whether you’ll be OK to dock or not.

To add even more to Dockwa’s convenience, there are no booking fees or price mark-ups. Allowing you to constantly discover new marinas, view their amenities, photos, rates, and more, Dockwa’s the one-stop-shop for marina finds and dock booking.

Dockwa is the best way for boaters to reserve slips and moorings all over the country!

Download the FREE app here:

CoolBro – Grab the Coolest Drink Every Time

Consumer Update

We’ve all been there, hot summer days making us parched for an ice-cold beverage. You think you’ll get said cold beverage until you reach into the fridge and end up grabbing the warmest drink on the shelf. Buzzkill.

Well, rest assured that you can stop taking the warmest drink just as long as you purchase CoolBro.

This COOL, new gadget is one you stick in your fridge for all your canned and bottled drinks. Just simply go in and grab the coldest drink every time.

Though it may seem impossible and breaks the laws of physics to grab the first cold drink in the fridge, CoolBro makes it possible! The drink is always in the same place at the bottom of the CoolBro so there’s no searching involved.

In addition, CoolBro acts as a fridge organizer and keeps your drinks in one place. So, it’s not only perfect for daily usage, but it’s also ideal for entertaining. Whether it’s a barbeque or sports party,  your guests will use the CoolBro the same way that you do!

And whether you have a big fridge or small one, the CoolBro can fit in either as it comes in two different sizes. And if you really want to get fancy with it, the next time you purchase a CoolBro, you can add on the Sonic Sound Buddy which plays a sound for every time you move a drink.

If you’d like to learn more, you can head to today.


Affinity Photo App – Professionally Edit Photos as a Beginner

Consumer Update

Photo editing is getting more and more user-friendly. Gone are the days where you had to be a bona fide expert when it came to editing images. Nowadays, this task has come to be a lot less daunting and a little more fun.

So this is where we introduce the Affinity Photo App.

Affinity Photo App is the first full blown professional photo editing tool that has made its way to the iPad.

Features that come with Affinity Photo App are:

  • Comprehensive RAW editing – develop camera RAW files in a built-in workspace with all the processing adjustments and corrections necessary
  • Work in any color space – RGB, CMYK, LAB, Grayscale. End-to-end CMYK workflow with ICC color management, and 32-bit per channel editing
  • Unsurpassed fil compatibility – containing the best PSD support along with standards you’d expect such as PNG, JPG, TIFF, EPS, PDF, and SVG.
  • Cross platform performance – Windows or Mac, the back-end engine of Affinity Photo is the same. This ensures a 100% perfect file compatibility.

Having been five years in the making, Affinity Photo reforms boundaries of photo editing software. Its focus is to provide meticulous focus on workflow as well as provide sophisticated tools for enhancing the quality of images.

Its intuitive interface grants power and performance so you can really watch as your photos come to life. And if you’re looking for any testimonials on the app, it’s received thousands of 5-star customer ratings in addition to rave reviews in the press.

Affinity Photo App has received various updates, including hundreds of features and improvements, all delivered to Affinity Photo owners for free.

If you’re interested in purchasing this photo editing software, you can make a one-time payment of $29.99 where you’ll have full access to the Affinity Photo app. Head over to the App Store to download it today!

DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products – Amazing Products from Sustainable Resources

As we continue to venture into such a futuristic forcefield of technological advancements and renewable resources, we thought we’d bring a cool type of product to your attention.

We’re going to introduce DuPont Tate and Lyle Bio Products offers solutions for a variety of markets and applications through their bio-based performance brands such as Susterra and Zemea.

DuPont Tate & Lyle recognizes how important renewable resources are and takes the matter seriously. To be exact, they are a joint venture between two world leaders in innovation and solutions. They provide natural and renewably sourced ingredients that improve product performance brands such as the ones we mentioned before; Susterra and Zemea.

DuPont and Tate & Lyle Bio Products goal is to develop a proprietary process that uses plant based feedstocks instead of those that are petroleum-based to produce building blocks for products that we use in everyday life.

For example, they created Susterra by Susterra propanediol which is a single ingredient made from nature that can make the things you love even better.

Where can you find Susterra? You can find it in running shoes that offer ample comfort and cushioning as well as in inline skate wheels that give the athlete a secure grip and smooth ride. and a multitude of other applications. Let’s just say, they’re on the A game.

Curious to know the benefits of Susterra propanediol? Prepare to be amazed:

  • Pure
  • Petroleum-free
  • Non-toxic and food safe
  • 100% sustainably and renewably sourced
  • USDA 100% bio-based product

What’s also another great benefit to Susterra is that it generates up to 50% less of greenhouse gas emissions over its life. In addition, Susterra provides manufacturers flexibility when it comes to developing high-performing, bio-based solutions.

Susterra has also joined forces with INVISTA CORDURA’s brand to deliver next generation innovative textiles.

Currently, your favorite outdoor apparel such as footwear and gear can incorporate leading durable performance fabrics that integrate sustainable membranes and coatings.

If you want to get to know more about this company and what they do more of to provide a better and sustainable way of living, visit today.

Be sure to also visit DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products’ YouTube channel

Propper – Tactical Pants for Men and Women in the Office or in the Field

Consumer Update

Being the lead supplier in garments that are comfortable yet practical forms of clothing in men and women, Propper takes it back quite a ways – 1967 to be exact.

Propper’s long heritage as a military contractor stretches to this date when they first started manufacturing the Navy dixie cup cap.

With this year being the 50-year anniversary, there have been over 120 million garments made.

But if you think Propper is stopping, think again. They’ve recently announced the next generation of go-anywhere-do-anything tactical pants for men and women that are called the Kinetic Pant.

With revolutionary NEXstretch built in, this two-way mechanical stretch fabric is meant for the Kinetic Pant to be durable, practical, and comfortable. Whether your position is meant to be more in the office or hands-on in the field, the Kinetic Pant is multifaceted.

Other features that they include are unique, durable, and rugged ripstop nylon to avoid tearing, gusseted crotch for simple movement, and an internal gripper waistband to keep a shirt tucked in. They also contain durable water repellant and wider belt loops with a badge or sunglasses holder.

And as we previously have stated, these pants come in both men and women’s. The women’s version is just not a modified men’s pant. Instead, the woman’s Kinetic Pant is particularly tailored through the hips and waist to fit a woman’s shape.

If you’re someone who’d be interested in Propper’s Kinetic Pants, they come in colors such as black, charcoal, coyote, khaki, olive and LAPD navy.

Be sure to visit their website at today.

xSky – Virtual Telescope for Star Gazers and Aspiring Astronomers


Staring at the stars is something that can go back for as long as we can remember. Only recently has star gazing been made more efficient and further optimized through the invention of the telescope. Throw in a smartphone and you have yet another tool to venture through the night-filled sky.

The telescope app that can take your star staring to the next level? Enter, xSky.

Whether it’s distant stars, nearby planets or just multiple galaxies, xSky lets you do it all through your phone.

All you have to do is set your location and point your phone towards the sky. As you’re staring, you can decide what it is that you want to see. You can also lock the screen to stop any shaking or motion so you can also zoom in to explore things in greater detail.

xSky will identify thousands of objects like planets, moons, stars, constellations, and anything else you can think of that you want to explore!

When you use the search arrow to locate exactly where you’re looking, the app will accompany your search with soft music and sound effects. How much more ambiance could you get with these features?

If you want to download xSky for free, head to the App Store.


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