Tappy – The Safer & Convenient Form of Payment


Move over mobile wallets, Tappy, a global NFC payment solution provider, is paving the way in over-the-counter transactions. And with how advanced technology is and always becoming, Tappy is revolutionizing a faster (and cooler) form of payment.

Just think, you can actually wear items and accessories such as jewelry, watches, and sunglasses, and use them as an electronic form of payment.

We like to get up close and personal with these types of products (as we did with Tappy at Mobile World Congress) and it was glorious. This tech placed in high-end jewelry and watches has collaborated with financial institutions like Barclaycard and Visa which enables consumers to make low value, payment transactions.

Let’s take a second and marvel at how FAR technology has come. With an invention like Tappy, you can literally make payments with your everyday wear. How is that not exciting?!

Ok, ok, we’ve calmed down. So now we’ll explain the process:

  • Use a Tappy enabled watch or piece of jewelry
  • Hold your wrist up to the reader during checkout (for seamless payment)
  • That’s it! You’re just another person enjoying the perks of living in the 21st century!

When consumers wave their smartwatches or wearable over a reader at the point of sale, there is an embedded chip and antenna that allows them to make a low value payment.

And with Tappy’s NFC technology, it isn’t just exclusive to jewelry, watches, and sunglasses. It can also be used for security measures such as adding a key fob to a purse.

In addition to the aforementioned Tappy improvements, they’re coming up with new ways to tap for transit, home and vehicle access. Their mission is to make the world a safer and secure place. Tappy’s objective is to also bridge the gap of FinTech, banks, card networks, and regulators.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tappy, head to GoTappy.com today!

Page Flip – Turn Your Sheet Music with Just a Step


Making music takes a lot of concentration and coordination. For all you talented musicians out there, each of you may play different instruments, but may be facing the same problem and that is needing to turn sheet music. This mechanical problem can disrupt the flow and rhythm of practicing and let’s be honest, can be quite cumbersome.

Cue a solution we think may be able to work for you and that’s PageFlip. PageFlip’s founders come from backgrounds of occupational therapy and engineering and their frustration of not having the pages turn automatically, inspired their creation.

What exactly is PageFlip?

PageFlip is a hands-free, Bluetooth powered solution and can be operated with just a simple step – and we do mean a literal step. Its mission was to not only promote convenience, but assist those who have disabilities as well.

PageFlip works as a unique mechanical page turner that’s designed with bidirectional, hands-free functionalities. Thus, this creates a portable, dependable, silent, and affordable product for any musician to reap the benefits from.

What kind of products does PageFlip have?

Take a gander at some of the options PageFlip offers. Depending on your kind of practicing or performance environment, PageFlip tries to customize their pedals to your circumstances.

  • The Butterfly: lowest-cost entry-level pedal
  • The Firefly: premium 2-pedal system that features illuminated pedals for use on stage or in dim venues.
  • The Dragonfly: fully integrated four-pedal solution that allows you to trigger four actions such as hands-free navigation among pages and among songs in a set list.

Use any of the Bluetooth pedals for hands-free page turning on devices such as tablets and desktops. Being the #1 rated hands-free page turner for musicians, we say that can pretty much speak for itself.

If you want to get your hands on (or off we should say) a PageFlip pedal, visit their website at pageflip.com today.

DakApp – Music Lessons Straight From Your Phone


If you’re hankering to learn or pickup an instrument, you guessed it, there’s an app for that. It just goes to show that technology rules and will continue to rule as we go from being physically present somewhere to virtually present.

When it comes to being taught musical lessons, this too now falls into the virtual category. Thanks to DakApp, you can receive classes right over your phone and straight from where you are located.

DakApp works with you to provide the convenience of learning over one hundred lessons from teachers worldwide and delivering them to wherever you are. This music app also provides a catalog of original videos to teach anything from Bach to Beethoven from the palm of your hand and of course, only in the highest of quality. The catalog also offers comprehensive pieces that include intermediate and advanced levels in classical music.

Where DakApp gets even more versatile is in its ability to show its app in different languages. What can it display in different languages you may ask? Take a look:

  • Scores
  • Interviews with teachers and research about interpretive evolution
  • Historical, political, and geographical content

DakApp is also regarded as an interactive app because it can, not only be immediately accessed to analyze score from high caliber musicologists, but grant you in-depth interviews that can help bring you closer to the artists.

Any questions that you may end up having during your musical journey, can be directly answered by masters. Talk about 0ne-on-one lessons!

On either your iOS or Android device, you can have the chance to learn classic music. DakApp’s mission is to break boundaries regarding economical and/or location issues so anyone can have the chance to master an instrument.

DakApp is also free to download and if you want to learn even more about it, head to DakApp.com.

AdBlock- Block Ads When You Surf the Web or Play Games


So, you’re waiting on that favorite sandwich of yours at the deli and you’ve got 10 minutes to kill. How do you spend the time? By surfing the internet on your favorite iOS device, of course! All goes smoothly until a pesky ad rears its ugly head. Annoying, right? Fortunately for the iOS users out there, AdBlock has come up with a solution to block these invasive advertisements so you can surf the internet in peace.

This means that no more time is wasted before you play your favorite game or watch a video. In addition, this tool blocks ads from popping up on your iOS device. It works with, not just Safari, but every app to remove banners, popups, and video ads whether you’re on WiFi or Cellular data. Optimize your mobile viewing experience by cutting down on bandwidth and watching a smoother played video.

AdBlock even takes it a step further to protect your privacy by blocking user tracking. Set it up once and never have to worry about the rest as one swipe is all it takes to block them all.

Don’t settle for advertisements hijacking your phone. With the simple installation process, you can rest assured that it’s working in the background from a list of pre-defined domains that you want ads blocked in.

Once you download AdBlock, you’ll be guaranteed time to focus on your video playlist or gameplay of choice instead of anticipating a disruptive ad. AdBlock aims to filter content for desktop and mobile users and also includes optional donations to developers who wish to give.

Working with all iOS devices, AdBlock is available to download from the App Store for $1.99. All you have to do is search for “AdBlock” or you can simply visit the website,

http://www.adblockios.com and download it from there.

VooDoo – Got a Cool Game App? Time to Put it on the Market!


Attention all game app developers! Have you made your game app go from concept to completion? If so, that’s awesome and we’d love to see it. However, before it gets to that point, you’ll probably want to begin the process of marketing it and we have the company in mind to do so.

VooDoo is actively looking for the next big hit in game apps and if you think you’ve got it, they’re accepting submissions!

What does VooDoo offer?

  • Product: they help improve your game as well as offer advice on UX, UI, content and tech. VooDoo also offers financial support to polish off your game.
  • Acquisition: they take on the financial risks as well as the acquisition budget. They’re experts in buying cheap installs in large quantities due to their mobile growth dream team.
  • Monetization: Voodoo extracts the maximum value from your game and creates and efficient ad mediation system.
  • Data Analysis: help to understand your users and key metrics. In addition, VooDoo will help improve your game’s audience retention, in app purchases and growth.
  • Promotion: drive users to your game as well as cross-promote hack their games. VooDoo will coach on how to receive an apple feawture and a google signature.

What games has VooDoo published thus far?

  • Paper.io (10M Downloads)
  • Fight List (3M Downloads)
  • Bool (1M Downloads)
  • Quiz Run (10M Downloads)
  • 1 Pic 8 Words (1M Downloads)

With a proven track record of successful games, VooDoo are leading experts in mobile game marketing. Their expertise can help make your game a hit and one that stays at the top of the charts for months.

If you are ready to take the plunge (and we think you should- but we can be a bit biased) to make your game go public, look into VooDoo today. Head over to their website at voodoo.io.

Live View Golf – Instantly Perfect Your Golf Performance


If you’re a professional golf player or just simply an enthusiast, you’re probably always trying to see what can be done to perfect your swing, form, and overall performance.

Luckily, Live View Golf provides a method to help execute your swing. Live View Golf’s method eliminates learning interference of feeling like you’re swinging correctly when in fact, you’re implementing the wrong form. Live View Golf’s instant feedback helps to immediately correct your swing so you can get better, faster.

With this app you can continually adjust your swing until it matches your chosen swing position. A benefit of this implementation reinforces the feeling of a correct swing instead of creating incorrect swing feelings. With the live video feature, it can allow you an unlimited number of learning cycles so you can create a strong muscle memory to instill the correct form. Once every swing is correct, your learning will increase significantly.

So how does it work? Live View Golf functions by a live streaming wireless camera that acts as a digital mirror to show you exactly what it is that you’re doing. Whether you’re someone who’s a novice golf player and wants to take it to pro-level or who just simply appreciates playing for fun, Live View Golf is an investment worth considering. It may also lessen the amount of time it takes to practice as you can correct mistakes faster with the immediate feedback feature.

Now, let’s get to the fun part, setting it up.

Once you receive Live View Golf, you’ll want to place the Live View camera on your golf bag. Place it directly behind the strike zone and once you have the camera setup, you’ll download the app and then you’ll be ready to play!

If you’re interested in purchasing this and want to work on your form, we recommend Live View Golf. It’s available on iOS and Android devices. If you also want to learn more, you can visit liveviewgolf.com.

Solid Soccer – Play on the Field, Straight From Your Phone


He kicks, he scores! Warmer weather is upon us, folks and that means tons of outdoor activities. But if you’re like most adults with crazy schedules, it’s hard to find the time to play your favorite sport. If this is the case and you love soccer, you may want to check out the app, Solid Soccer.

Solid Soccer by Raketspel offers an alternative to playing on the field and lets your competitive side shine through. Challenge other teams from all over the world and right from your mobile device. Pass, tackle, and shoot just like you would if you were on the field. The instinctive controls let you hit through-balls, shoot one timers, and execute sliding tackles; what more could you ask for? In Solid Soccer, it’s all about working with your team so be sure that you’re ready to take on the competition before your match.

In efforts to build stronger teams, you have the ability to train each of your players so they can be no match on the field. By thoroughly training your players, you can achieve a speedy center, sharp goalie, and strong defenders.

The way you can level-up and progress in Solid Soccer is by gaining access to bigger arenas and facing sturdier competition. And if you’ve got some down time in between matches, kick back with a friendly game or personalize your team’s uniforms.

Also rest assured that when you play Solid Soccer, advertisements will NOT invade your space – I wish every mobile game was like that.

Want to advance faster in Solid Soccer? No problem. There are in-app purchases available so you can get in the lead quicker.
So, if you find a lull in your demanding schedule, get on the virtual field with Solid Soccer. Download the app for free by heading to the App Store and search for “Solid Soccer.”

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