Make Your Voice Count

How involved are you in your community? As a citizen of the United States, it is part of our civic duty to stay informed and make the country a better place. Do you know how to do that? Other than watching the news, writing snail mail, or signing petitions, there is really no easy way to to do this. Luckily now there is an app to help. Check out the icitizen app, the hub for your civic life.

icitizen empowers you to level up your community impact. It makes it easy for just about anyone to get involved. Do you know who your local representatives are? It is okay if you don’t. icitizen will help you quickly find out- all you have to do is tap in and you can easily discover who your elected representatives are. This app makes it simple for anyone to get to know where their local government stands on the issues you care about by viewing their legislative priorities. Stay involved wherever you are. From the coffee shop to the waiting room, you can vote on polls to make your voice heard on the issues you that affect you and your community. Best of all, your representatives have direct access to those results so they can make informed decisions based on how you and your neighbors voted. It is your one-stop-shop for making your voice count, anytime, anywhere. Stay informed and easily take part in the political process — even between elections!

Think you are ready to step up and get involved in your government? icitizen is currently available on iOS and Android devices for free with a web-based version coming soon. Head to your app store and download it today.

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