SS-CMMS – Ensuring that Your Business is Streamlined and Organized


Management software is an imperative factor in running an efficient company and ensuring that things are streamlined and organized. Facility and equipment maintenance has conventionally been an area where tracking and filing rarely make its way to a computer.

This is where SS-CMMS comes in.

This cloud-based Maintenance Management software was designed with the maintenance professional in mind.

The simple format makes sense and flows smoothly from one task to the next reducing paperwork in the process. It was also built to work without the need for mandatory entries and confusing page layouts.

SS-CMMS includes the following tools:

  • Maintenance
  • Planning
  • Records
  • Reporting
  • Inventory
  • Budgeting

Every report can be configured to your specification. Select what you wish to include and how you want it sorted. In addition, there are a number of other useful features.

Look up any Work Order quickly and simply without having to dig through folders. What’s convenient about work orders is that you can draft it right in an email so it’s sent out immediately. You can even set up email notifications related to the order.

Other features include tracking parts so you know when you need to order more, storing files or photos in the cloud and linking them to specific jobs or items as well as keeping an eye on your budget at all times.

You’ll be able to access these cloud-based features and more from anywhere in the world with the SS-CMMS Android and iOS apps.

To get started with this affordable management solution for your maintenance needs head on over to today.


Parken – Rent or Reserve a Parking Spot


Do you commute or live in an overcrowded city? If so, then you know how difficult it can be to find parking.

Well, perhaps next time you can arrive at a spot just for you through the app Parken.

What is Parken you ask? Basically, it’s like the Airbnb of reserving and hosting parking spots.

Using the host app, you can list a parking spot they wish to rent out. This can either be your own private parking, their driveway, a parking lot, garage or any other vacant spot.

In the guest app, you can search for available spots and compare the list of prices and reviews. So, if you’re looking to book a spot well in advance, you can do that too.

If you’re also searching for a direct form of communication, you can use the message portal in each app. Guests and hosts can then rate each other the moment the spot has been used.

So while everyone around you is driving around playing parking roulette, you can save yourself the headache and reserve your very own with the simple tap of a button.

Search for “Parken” in the App Store to download it for free on your iPhone or head to today.


theVOIZapp – Give Your Social Media Message an Actual Voice


Have you ever read something online and taken it out of context because you couldn’t hear the author’s tone of voice?

This can get us into trouble sometimes or create miscommunication all because you can’t see the body language accompanied with the what someone is saying.

Well, theVOIZapp was created to bridge this gap by letting people add personal and emotional elements to their posts.

Like other social apps, you can follow your friends and family to see their posts in your feed called the scroll. But if you want to know what sets this app apart from others is VOIZ notes. VOIZ notes allows you to upload your voice – whether you’re singing or reading a monologue – and soon add fun background audios if you’re feeling extra unique.

You can also upload your VOIZ notes with photos so you can show off your voice and photography skills at the same time. In addition, there’s a TON of really cool features such as private rooms for you to have personal conversations and public rooms for you to discuss and debate hot topics.

All these features are awesome for community bonding, so you can build an audience around your interests.

If you’re interested in giving your messages some audio background, search for theVOIZapp in the Apple or Google Play stores today.

ConnecPath – College Undergraduate Mentorship


It’s no doubt that starting a new career in education can be a daunting endeavor. Facing the prospect of going to college can be tough for young people graduating out of high school and college. Though, just imagine if there was a platform that could help students ease into the process.

Well, lucky for you, we’ve got an app for that.

ConnecPath is an app that makes the whole journey to higher education so much easier. Its Spot Mentoring gives everyone wanting to advance to college and beyond easy access to a Q&A platform that supplies guidance from those who are qualified to give it. This essentially means those who were already in undergraduate programs.

ConnecPath also works to provide you (the expert) money in your pocket as you guide a high-schooler about your college experience. This can mean supplemental income for you as well as showing someone the ropes. Essentially, ConnecPath’s mission is to help students with where they are now so you may save them the stress later.

The way it works is by those who are seeking answers to their questions. You begin by signing up for a free trial of credit and once you’re in, you swipe to find a college mentor based on their profile. You’ll then request a session and wait for an acceptance to chat.

You’ll have 20 minutes to ask any questions you may have and receive informative answers with your chat history saved in the app. And if you have simple or broader questions, you can always ask ConnecPath’s ChatBot and Forum.

Just think, you could earn more money with a work-study job and easily spot mentor in between classes. Make money from wherever you are by simply sharing your best advice for getting into college and enjoying the college life.

In addition, you’ll gain a solid reputation for your best tips given. The more questions you answer, the more value you contribute. Earn money and gratitude through those who seek your advice on ConnecPath.

You can download the free ConnecPath app in the App Store or GooglePlay today.

TimeSpring – Schedule Photos and Videos for Loved Ones for Future Dates


When it comes to your children, you’ve probably thought once or twice, “I have to show them this when they’re older.” Nostalgia is a feeling that can affect any of us and with TimeSpring’s time-released messages, it can provide us with memories that end up lasting a lifetime.

By using time-released messaging, TimeSpring enables you to schedule photos, videos, and sentiment for loved ones at future dates and even years into the future. Here’s how it works: add family, friends, and children to your TimeSpring wheel.

Send a time-released message when you want to:

  • Stop hoarding photos and videos on your phone for fear of forgetting or losing memories
  • Share memories with kids who are not old enough to understand
  • Stay connected with friends and family
  • Send a message to your future self
  • Separate your favorite photos from all of your photos
  • Surprise someone special
  • Pass down memories to future generations
  • Save video in a meaningful way

To create an account for children too young for email, just leave the email empty. You can always go back to edit profiles and messages at any time.

Fill your TimeSpring wheel and once you’re ready to start scheduling messages. Simply, select a recipient, compose a message, attach a photo or video, and schedule the date to be unlocked.

Parents can also connect with children as they mature. Grandparents and people terminally ill can share stories and wisdom beyond their years or send messages to your future self by using the send-to-self feature.

You can download the free TimeSpring app in the App Store or head over to

QuickStart – IT Certification Prep at Your Own Pace


Did you know that the IT industry has the lowest unemployment rate in the world? There is more shortage of IT professionals that it can meet the demand, not to mention the pay is pretty nice too.

If you’re interested in an IT career or looking to advance your IT skills, download QuickStart’s app and subscribe to learn subscription.

QuickStart offers access to hundreds of self-paced courses and prepares you for certification in the areas of Application Development, Devops, Information security, Cloud Computing and Data Science, so that you keep your skills in line with the latest innovative technologies.

Currently, there are over 400 self-paced online courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced technology professionals. New courses are also added every month so you’ll always have the chance to learn.

The subscription is only $14.99 a month with a 7-day free trial to start. You can access all courses through the QSLearn app available on iOS and Android devices.

Key benefits of Learn Subscription Include:

  • Self-Paced Courses
  • College Accredited Courses
  • Learner Analytics & Reporting
  • Community Access

To sign up, head over to or download the QSLearn app from the Google Play or App Store.

Galarm – A Unique Spin to Getting Up on Time


Some of us may not be the most punctual of people. When beds call our name, sometimes we stay in there longer than we should. It’s understandable and we’ve all done it at one point or another.

Luckily, we’ve found an alarm app that puts a creative twist to help curb the bad habit of oversleeping.

Introducing Galarm.

Never miss a thing! This innovative alarm and reminders app isn’t your run-of-the-mill alarm app, it puts a social spin on it. This app enables you to rely on your friends and family to include them in your alarms to ensure that you don’t miss anything significant.

Here’s how it works:

Galarm uses your phone number and address book to automatically determine contacts that already have the Galarm app on their phone.

You can add these as backups to your alarm in the event that you miss the alarm beyond a certain time. Never fear, though, they’ll be there, ready to pounce and give you the nudge you need.

This app isn’t limited to just morning alarms. It can create a group alarm to set a reminder for all participants. The alarm rings at the same time for everyone making it easy to coordinate events.

Want your spouse to pick up groceries on their way back from work – set a buddy alarm and Galarm would remind them at the chosen time.

Other Key Features:

  • Personal Alarms – create tasks for yourself such as waking up or taking medication. You can optionally add participants who are alerted if you miss an alarm so that they can remind you.
  • Group Alarms – used for group activities such as outings, parties, or other events. The alarm will go off at the same time for all the participants and they can confirm their participation.

The easy-to-use Galarm app is free to download on the Play Store and the App Store and features no ads.



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