BeHear Now – The Swiss Army Knife of Hearing Technologies

Tech Report/CES 2019

Have you ever had trouble hearing what people are saying in specific situations –  like at a party, or talking on the phone, or while watching TV – but you don’t think hearing aids are the answer? Then the BeHear Now assistive hearing headset might be right for you.

BeHear is the swiss army knife of hearing technologies. Like hearing aids, it amplifies and enhances hearing, but it also has Bluetooth stereo headset with personalized sound for phone calls and music which is completely hassle-free.

It solves the problem of stigma, the price point is much lower, the functionality is versatile.

So besides the hearing enhancement, you can use it for phone calls, for music listening for TV listening and other things. But you can also do you hearing personalization with BeHear it comes with an App, including a 5-minute hearing test, and after the test, all sounds coming through the headset are personalized to fit your individual hearing preferences.

It’s very convenient and what’s referred to as hearing on demand. When you don’t need it, just take off the earbuds, clip them accordingly so they can comfortably rest on your neck.

And you won’t ever miss a phone call because it’s always set to vibrate.

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BHearing – New Hearing Amplifier with Bluetooth Functionality

Consumer Update

There are about 48 million people who suffer from some form of hearing loss in the United States. BHearing from Jabees is a new hearing amplifier that’s making it easier than ever for people to hear in any type of situation.

Bhearing is the Bluetooth personal sound to improve files with the APP that the user can fit, program and control the headphones on their own.

According to the hearing health foundation, about 48 million people are suffering from hearing loss in the United States and 360 million people are hearing impaired worldwide, but only 5 % of them are using hearing aids.

Jabees thinks there are two reasons, the first one is the price. The average price of a hearing aid is $4,700 us dollars which is too expensive for many people. The second is the stigma that most people don’t want to be noticed as hearing impaired, so BHearing is here to help.

Three major features of BHearing include:

  • The first one is the adjustable noise protection, the user can adjust the level of the noise based on the environment
  • The second feature is when there is a sudden high volume, the sound will be suppressed to prevent the damage to a user’s ears.
  • The third is a detachable battery which can be charged by the inputted charging case.

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Enhance Your Keyboard Experience With Falcon

Most technology today gives you everything you need with a touchscreen keyboard. But when it comes to writing long emails, blogging, or even keeping up with your Facebook, having a physical keyboard is the best way to go.

I know it’s probably been a while since you last had to look at keyboards, so if you need a little help check out the bluetooth capable Falcon Keyboard. Keep the convenience of using your tablet and just connect your keyboard using bluetooth.

Falcon Keyboard is a multi-platform keyboard that’s compatible with any Bluetooth capable tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. With it you become more efficient typing as you reduce the need to move back and forth from the keyboard to a mouse or track pad. There are some extra features, including the ability to set the keyboard for left or right hand operation, the ability to link it with up to three Bluetooth devices at once and switch between them with a two key shortcut. The keyboard is sealed with silicon rubber and uses a USB port seal to provide protection from liquid spills, dust, and dirt. You can pick up one of your own for $99.

To learn more, head to today.

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Upgrade Your Home With Jasco Products

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Almost everything in our lives has gotten an upgrade to make every-day use easier from our cars to phone. Now it’s time to upgrade the technology in your home. Jasco Products revamps the outlets around your home for more advanced use including wireless control through Bluetooth.

Jasco Products has their latest line of z-wave smart devices. The z-wave smart remotes start at $24.99 and can be picked up at or most major retailers.

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CS50 – Personal Sound Amplifier




Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 1.12.33 PM


The CS50 is a personal sound amplifier and Bluetooth headset in one! You can use it straight from the box or download the free customization app on your iOS or Android device. The two buttons on the CS50 control volume and mode. The three modes are regular usage, restaurant (for a loud environment), and entertainment (for concerts or movies).

For more information on the CS50, click here!

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