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Consumer Update

Making a solid first impression, or even a lasting impression, at least when it comes to fashion, means you’re going to have to wear something that really stands out. It’s been statistically proven that one of the first things people notice is your shoes, so let’s start there.

WORLDboots combines style and comfort with their unique line of uppers with an athletic midsole base. These handmade designer shoes are unlike anything you’ve ever seen as they depart from conventional styles, allowing you to be truly comfortable yet unique.

With the highest quality leathers and proprietary materials, you’ll look great in any situation life throws at you. Now as previously mentioned, there’s an unparalleled level of comfort thanks to their iconic midsole base.

Designed by a Pedorthist, these shoes are meant to support you and provide functional comfort. Working with a talent agency, No Such Agency in Hollywood, both stylists and celebrities rave about its feel and comfort. They’re also committed to humanitarian efforts, partnering with the Soles4Souls Foundation to provide shoes to those in need.

Combining Pedorthic expertise with fashion-forward innovation, WORLDboots is ready to support you on any path you wish to travel. Their collections are now available at and can also be found at


Tingley Rubber – Leader in Protective Footwear and Apparel for the Industrial Field

Consumer Update

People who work in the industrial field require specialized clothing that’s not only protective but comfortable and highly visible.

Tingley Rubber is a 122-year-old family-owned company that is a leader in protective footwear and apparel for the industrial field.

Despite their long and storied history, Tingley offers more modern products than most of their competitors.

They have a ton of lines dedicated to industrial and consumer needs, but their SYNC System is where it’s at.

The SYNC line is a collection of interchangeable jackets and liners that provide the user with the versatility to customize their outerwear for their environment.

You can either wear these jackets alone or design your own liner and shell combo to adjust for temperature, rainfall, or other weather conditions as well as work or play applications.

You can find protective gear in any of the following industries:

  • Forestry
  • Cleanup
  • High visibility
  • Food processing
  • Construction
  • And More

It makes it very easy to wear the shell when you’re hard at work and then simply unzip and wear a regular jacket.

There are endless combinations available here. Additionally, every piece is made in high visibility neon yellow and black, so you’ll always be seen, day or night. There are lightweight options available too, and each piece is waterproof.

Learn more at

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