Pizza Socks – The Pair of Socks they Have for Everyone, No Matter Their Taste

Consumer Update

Well, for what might be the first time ever, socks and pizza have come together. With this combination, the Pizza Socks box was born.

These colorful and funny socks take your favorite food and put them on your feet – whether it be pepperoni, Italian, veggie, or even the highly contested Hawaiian pizza, they have something for everyone. Can’t make up your mind – they even do split pies of socks, so you can get a little bit of everything.

What’s best, the socks even come in the coolest little pizza box, so it’s perfect for a gift to your special someone.

And let’s not forget the important stuff – these socks are super comfortable as well. They’re made in Europe by a company named Rainbow Socks from 80 percent high-quality cotton with a small amount of elastic and polyamide so they’re also stretchy.

Thanks to their natural components, your skin can breathe freely and be protected at the same time from cold and overheating.

So if you want to have socks that everyone talks about, while also expressing your love for pizza, you need to head on over to immediately and search, Pizza Socks Box.


Tingley Rubber – Leader in Protective Footwear and Apparel for the Industrial Field

Consumer Update

People who work in the industrial field require specialized clothing that’s not only protective but comfortable and highly visible.

Tingley Rubber is a 122-year-old family-owned company that is a leader in protective footwear and apparel for the industrial field.

Despite their long and storied history, Tingley offers more modern products than most of their competitors.

They have a ton of lines dedicated to industrial and consumer needs, but their SYNC System is where it’s at.

The SYNC line is a collection of interchangeable jackets and liners that provide the user with the versatility to customize their outerwear for their environment.

You can either wear these jackets alone or design your own liner and shell combo to adjust for temperature, rainfall, or other weather conditions as well as work or play applications.

You can find protective gear in any of the following industries:

  • Forestry
  • Cleanup
  • High visibility
  • Food processing
  • Construction
  • And More

It makes it very easy to wear the shell when you’re hard at work and then simply unzip and wear a regular jacket.

There are endless combinations available here. Additionally, every piece is made in high visibility neon yellow and black, so you’ll always be seen, day or night. There are lightweight options available too, and each piece is waterproof.

Learn more at

Black Ember – For the Inner Nomad in You

Consumer Update

If you work or live in the city, you need a well-thought-out pack to store and protect your gear. Enter Black Ember, an upstart brand specializing in obsessively designed backpacks for the active urban nomad.

Black Ember’s WPRT Collection, a pair of waterproof, roll-top backpacks, seamlessly blends modern urban aesthetics, extreme waterproofing, and smart organization.

Caught in a downpour? The WPRT’s laser-cut and heat-bonded construction are designed to keep gear dry, even when sprayed with a 1,000-PSI water jet.

To ensure easy access to gear, the WPRT features an organized front pocket for smaller items, a dedicated laptop compartment and a roomy, 30-liter main compartment with sides and top-access points. YKK Aquaguard zippers ensure each access point is watertight.

The WPRT is available in a modular version, which effortlessly scales from minimal to maximal thanks to an innovative magnetic attachment system. Mix and match Black Ember’s signature range of modular accessories to customize your WPRT for the day ahead.

Inspired by the outdoors, built for life in the city, the Black Ember WPRT fits your active lifestyle.

Learn more at today.

EnergyFlux Ellipse – Warm Your Hands with this Rechargeable Device

Consumer Update

It’s that time of year again – no, not just the holidays, but also the time when it’s cold outside. So if you want to keep your hands warm, but don’t want to have to buy individual warming packets, you need to check out the EnergyFlux Ellipse.

This little guy is a rechargeable, easy to grip, electric handwarmer that also serves as a charger for your USB-powered devices.

Let’s go into how it works.

Once you’ve charged it,  all you have to do is press and hold the button until the LED light starts flashing – then it’s on and heating.

There are then two heat levels you can choose from – high and low – which come out to around 107 and 118 degrees.

The Energy Flux Ellipse also heats up rapidly, so your fingers get warm in seconds.

Charging phones and other USB-powered devices is even easier. Just use the USB cable that came with your device or the Ellipse to connect to the Ellipse’s USB port.

As soon as you plug in, the Ellipse will come alive and start charging your phone.

So if you want to keep your hands warm and your phone charged, search for the EnergyFlux Ellipse on Amazon.

Taser Pulse Plus – Making the World a Safer Place

Consumer Update

A company named TASER Self-Defense has made it their mission to make the world a safer place with their new connected self-defense tool.

Pulse Plus is their latest taser product. The way it works is by connecting to the Noonlight mobile application which will automatically dispatch law enforcement if your Taser Pulse Plus is used.

The features of TASER Pulse Plus include a safety which you flip up if you want to use the taser and a laser that shows you exactly where you’re aiming so you can find your target and pull the trigger.

Once the trigger is pulled, two darts will fly up to 15 feet and hit that attacker and lock will lock up their muscles. This will last for 30 seconds which will leave you with enough time to drop the taser and flee the scene.

There are several situations where people may feel unsafe and tasers are a great solution for that because they’re very simple to use and easy to carry.

Tasers prove effective for when you need it and don’t require a lot of training or complexities like other solutions do.

The thing about tasers is that anyone can carry it and feel confident about having it and being able to use it if they need it.

The moment you think about self-defense, you want to do what you can to keep your attacker at a distance as well as hoping to have peace of mind and comfortable with whatever tool it is that you’re using. This is why TASER Pulse Plus is a great solution for anyone who may feel uncomfortable walking by themselves or in unsavory areas.

Learn how you can protect yourself by heading to today.

Soggy Food Sucks – Do Your Food a Favor

Consumer Update

It happens to the best of us: you order food and when you open the container, it looks less than fresh. Your fries are mushy, your sandwich bread is falling apart. It’s honestly just gross.

It’s because soggy food sucks and that’s what brings us to our next Company, aptly named…Soggy Food Sucks.

Soggy Food Sucks was developed by an aerospace engineer to combat condensation ruining your meal.

Here’s how it works. The simple peel and stick patch is placed on the inside lid of the container where your food sits. While in transport, the patch will actively force condensation and absorb it as it forms, keeping condensation away from your food. Your food stays crisp and tastes fresh when you are ready to eat.

Fries, burgers, bread, salad, chicken, are all at the whim of their natural enemy, condensation. The Soggy Food Sucks frozen patch is your best weapon against the forces that stop you from enjoying your meal. The frozen patch won’t make your food cold because…well, because Science.

Condensation and melting ice cancel each other out. It fits into any existing carry out box or container you might travel with. Give it a shot and let your favorite restaurant know about it too!

Head on over to today.

Weavely – Bed Sheets, Duvet Covers, Cushions, Bath Towels and More

Consumer Update

You work hard, you play hard, but when you sleep you deserve the softest and most comfortable experience out there. But short of spending thousands of dollars on luxurious linens, what can you do?

Well, you can check out Weavely.

Weavely offers bed sheets, duvet covers, throws, cushions, bath towels, and so much more at a price that won’t break the bank.

The Weavely Hemstitch 4-Piece Bedding Set features beautiful hemstitch for a touch of aesthetics.

The eye-catching and classy design adds vibrant life to your bedroom making it both stylish and intriguing.

Each piece is made from a high-quality 100% cotton fabric with 500 Thread Count which not only offers superior strength but also unparalleled softness.

The ultra-plush sheets and pillowcases are woven with the finest craftsmanship. You’ve never experienced a night’s sleep like this before.

You can choose from a variety of colors including white, ivory, sage, blue, taupe, and grey.

You can make over your home from top to bottom with the quality items available through Weavely.

To browse their entire stock, search for Weavely on Amazon today.

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