Wendell Estate Honey – The Best Quality Honey Since the Early 1930s

Consumer Update

Did you know that mass-produced honey typically found at the grocery store is usually pasteurized and processed? That honey is losing essential nutrients, along with flavor and consistency.

Wendell Estate of Wendell Honey, founded in the early 1930s, makes the most high-quality honey, which is harvested from more than 4000 of their beehives. They control their product every step of the way. It’s pure, it’s raw and it’s natural, with nothing added and nothing taken away.

They don’t sell cheap honey, but if you want quality, you generally have to spend the money, so be prepared to pay a little extra for some good-tasting honey!

Anybody who loves honey should buy Wendell honey and even the people who don’t typically like honey should buy it because it’s a taste of summer. Essentially, this is a little taste of heaven.

Learn how you can buy Wendell Estate honey by heading to wendellestate.ca.


Gyft Baby – Virtual Prenatal Vitamins

Consumer Update

Care for your baby starts when your little bundle of joy is still in the womb.
Gyft Baby is in the business of providing you with the products and help you need to care for your baby in the prenatal stage.

Gyft Baby worked closely with formulators and doctors to design the most natural and nourishing prenatal vitamins they could. They are optimized for each trimester of pregnancy making sure you and your baby are getting the best natural ingredients.

Next, their incredibly helpful app is designed to help you every day of your pregnancy. It’s possibly the most practical pregnancy app you’ll find with daily nutrition advice, exercises to help at every stage, and easy voice logging so you can track your food, drink, and exercise. It even includes the world’s first doula podcast enlightening women on every step of pregnancy.

Finally, Gyft Baby offers a wearable device in the shape of a pendant. The Pendant allows the mom-to-be to save & share pregnancy moments with friends and loved ones as it syncs with the app.

You can find out more about Gyft Baby by going to GyftBaby.com today.

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