SpoonBuddy – Skip the Mess the Next Time You Cook

Consumer Update

You see all the advances in cooking – there are so many methods out there that try and eliminate any stress that may come with it. Yet, despite these methods cooking can still be so disorganized and a nuisance.

Well, here’s a new method, but one that’s proved to be effective, SpoonBuddy.

The SpoonBuddy is a spoon that rests easily and adheres to a pot lid, countertop or any flat surface.

This little guy can mean the difference between a clean kitchen or Hell’s Kitchen – and nothing is more embarrassing than a messy kitchen. And SpoonBuddy doesn’t just keep your pot and surfaces clean, but it also ensures your utensils don’t end up falling into your pot.

Now, the SpoonBuddy isn’t just a spoon rest. As we mentioned before, it attaches to a plate with the suction base and functions as a handle allowing you to easily turn a plate into a lid. And if all that wasn’t enough, if you place it on a jar lid, you can finally open those sticky jars with ease.

The SpoonBuddy is available in black, red and blue. You can purchase it in select Bed, Bath and Beyond stores across the country or simply head to myspoonbuddy.comtoday.


O-YAKI – Your Kebabs of Choice on the Grill or in the Oven

Consumer Update

Alright, so let’s get something straight. Grilling isn’t just for the summertime anymore, it should pretty much be for any time! And because let’s face it – when you’re hankering for some kebabs, should you really let the cold weather stop you?

Well, this is exactly where O-YAKI skewers come in.

O-YAKI skewers were created to provide a more efficient way to cook – whether it’s outside on the grill or in your oven. It can cook several skewers at once and reduces the risk to uneven cooking – as well as a loss of precious marinade juices. In addition to that, you’re able to enjoy grilled skewers whatever the weather.

This set of metal skewers sit on a specifically designed stand and let you cook anything you want right in your oven – from kebabs to shrimp and even a whole chicken!

The set of nine high-grade steel skewers stand up vertically to cook evenly on all sides so there’s no need to turn them as you would with traditional skewers. And because you place the stand directly on the baking sheet, the grease won’t touch the grates in the oven.

And of course, the O-Yaki Skewer System can even fit in a grill, so long as the dome is at least 8 ½ inches high.

So, if you want to give this one-of-a-kind skewer system a try, head on over to oyakiproducts.com.

10 Apps You Need this Summer

Summer is still here. And no matter what your plans are for the warmer months, we found 10 apps that will make your summer even better.

  1. Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App ($0.99) – Have you ever been out enjoying the sun and then wondered whether or not your sunscreen was still protecting you? Seriously, nobody wants to get sunburn. The Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App is a must-have for all your beach and pool trips. It gives you personalized results based on your location, date and time, skin type, and more. Sun Exposure 211
  2. Bandsintown Concerts (Free) – Can we all agree that summer is concert season? This free app is available on both iOS and Android. Quickly track your favorite artists and discover when they are touring near you. Buy tickets and share concert details with your friends. If you are planning on going to any concerts this summer, this app is absolutely essential. bandsintown211
  3. GrillTime ($1.99) – Thinking of grilling at all this summer? Then GrillTime will make it even more enjoyable. Available on iOS devices, this app will make grilling less stressful. All you have to do is let it know what meat you’re grilling, thickness, and level of doneness and then it will let you know the perfect grilling time and temperature. It also allows you to step away from the grill and hang out with your guests. Don’t worry, it will let you know when it is time to flip and when it’s ready.grilltime211
  4. Hopper (Free) – Everyone travels during the summer. Why not take advantage of technology and use an app to analyze different flight deals? Every day, Hopper analyzes different flight prices and tells you when to buy your tickets. Never worry about whether or not you should have waited to get the best deal, Hopper states they can save you up to 40% on your next flight. You can also store your payment info so when you are notified by a deal, you can quickly secure your seats. hopper211
  5. Along the Way ($2.99) – If you’ve ever been on a road trip of any kind, then you know that it can be hard to find the perfect spots to stop and take a rest or get a bite to eat. Along the Way helps you save time and enjoy your vacation while finding spots for you along the way. Find coffee, food, bars, parks, shopping, and more while you enjoy your trip.along the way211
  6. Paprika ($4.99) – Ever find a recipe you want to try only to find it extremely difficult to locate it again on the internet? Paprika can help you organize and save your recipes, create meal plans, and make grocery lists. Even better, it lets you seamlessly sync all your data across your devices. paprika211
  7. Kindle app (free) – You don’t have to have a Kindle or e-reader to enjoy some summer e-reading. Automatically sync up books purchased on Amazon.com to your devices and enjoy reading anywhere. With over 4,000,000 books and audiobooks on this app, there’s no excuse to be bored this summer. Pay for a book once and then you can read it on any of your devices. kindle211
  8. Field Trip (free) – If you’re traveling anywhere at all this summer, Field Trip is there to make it even more exciting. It runs in the background of your phone. Once you get close to something interesting, it will then show a card with details about the location. Learn about local history and the best places to hang out. Feel like a local when you’re traveling or learn some history about your own neighborhood.fieldtrip211
  9. Sky Guide ($2.99) – Warm summer nights are perfect for stargazing. Whatever your experience level is with astronomy, this app will enhance your experience. Locate constellations, galaxies, or planets – Sky Guide is there to help you see it all.skyguide211
  10. GetMyBoat (free) – Want to be out on the water this summer but don’t own a boat? No problem, GetMyBoat is a peer-to-peer boat rental and charter marketplace. Easily search and book boats to rent in any location.  getmyboat211


What apps do you think are essential for summer? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter.

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Crack Eggs With No Mess

Take the mess out of cracking eggs.

CRACK 'EMThere are a lot of steps required to making a great meal and some are messier than others. Cracking a egg is a simple tasks that can get messy very quickly. Instead of wasting eggs trying to perfect your cracking technique try using this kitchen appliance, CRACK ‘EM.

CRACK‘EM was created by David Tennant, a Marine Veteran, and it’s motto is crack more, clean less. Funded through Kickstarter, the genius ergonomic design is super simple and durable. The ridge in the middle is used for cracking eggs while the tray holds any egg spill so it doesn’t end up on your counter or the side of a pan. The CRACK‘EM also doubles as a spoon or spatula rest while you’re cooking so its dual purpose makes it incredibly useful.  You can buy a CRACK‘EM individually for $6 or in packs of 3 for $15, 5 for $25, or 10 for $50.

To learn more, visit http://crackemeggs.com/ today.


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The Perfect Match: Food And Music

Here is an app that brings together two of my favorite things: food and music.

Music has the ability to enhance almost any situation. Depending on what you are listening to, the tone and atmosphere of your setting can change. This concept is the driving force for Musical Pairing.

Barbara Werner, a Chef and music lover, has taken the mathematical values for foods and music, and combined them into harmonious pairings.  Her book series explains this process, but she’s also created an app called Musical Pairing.  The app has you enter the food you’re eating – the protein, the sauce, the cooking method, the level of spice – then you select the genre of music you’d like to hear.  It gives you beverage recommendations and then plays music as you eat, to enhance your experience.

To learn more, visit http://bit.ly/1EfBPhe today.

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Learn How To Cook With SideChef

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and becoming a better cook can take a lot of energy. Sometimes you need a little extra help and a step in the right direction to learn a new skill.

The skill of cooking is necessary, but not everyone naturally has that skill. Those who aren’t the best chefs may need a helpful tool to prepare their favorite meals. The SideChef app is the next best thing to having someone in the kitchen with you helping step-by-step.

SideChef guides you through the cooking process with photos and videos. With over 1500 recipes from over 100 recipe creator, this app will assist you in cooking everything from entree meals to deserts. SideChef is a sophisticated app that will guide you to recipes in several different ways. You can even put your own cooking experience in the app by submitting pictures of meals you’ve prepared yourself. SideChef is free for iOS and Android.

To learn more, visit http://www.sidechef.com today.

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