Scan For The Best Skin Care Product

Skin care products can make or break your clear skin. CosScan2Obviously, there are numerous products for your skin. Since everyone has different needs for their skin to be healthy and clear. With all of the options in various stores, it can be hard to determine what products are best for YOUR skin. CosScan is a resourceful tool to use next to you go hygiene shopping.

CosScan from SkintechMD is the World’s First Cosmetic Scanner app. CosScan can determine if any of the ingredients in the skin care products you use will cause skin allergies, block your pores or have any link to cancer. The app will also make a recommendation on whether you have the “all clear” to buy the product or if you should consult a dermatologist first. The next version of the app will include a cosmetic product databank and a bar code scanner created by SkintechMD. This Digital Skin Platform is partially funded by a Government of Singapore Grant.

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