My Ballet Box – Every Dancer’s Dream All in One Subscription Box

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Dance isn’t just a time-consuming sport, but it can be an expensive one too. From leotards to equipment, this sport adds up.

There is, however, a subscription box that can cover all the essentials of any dancer’s lifestyle. Whether a serious dancer or a novice, My Ballet Box is a fun subscription box that offers tremendous value.

The items inside are carefully chosen by dance experts because My Ballet Box knows what dancers actually need and want.

Boxes can include items such as strength equipment, rollers, warm-up booties, leotards, tights, makeup bags, compacts, water bottles, towels, leg warmers, and more. Every new subscription also includes a free dance bag!

Dancers can either subscribe monthly or seasonally, where they’ll receive special boxes with quality leotards inside.

My Ballet Box is the perfect box for dancers who don’t have the time to get things they need in order to just dance. And with the holiday season upon us, there’s no greater gift to give for the dancer who’s in your life.

My Ballet Box currently ships worldwide from the UK and is available to buy at

The team has also just launched a US box called The Primapack available at


Dance Party for Apple TV

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Dance Party 2

Unless you belong on SYTYCD, we could probably all use a little help dancing. So a great app for dancing is called Dance Party, which is exclusively available for Apple TV. Once you download the app on your iPhone (4S and above) or iPod (5th Gen), you have the app connect with your Apple TV to track your movements. And once you start playing, you mimic what the dancers are doing on-screen. This game is great if you want to compete with your friends, or burn a couple calories while having fun. If you want to learn more about the app, watch our review below!

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