Dremel DigiLab – Make Your Vision Come to Fruition

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Education in schools has undergone quite the transformation in the last few years. With more STEM schools taking shape and establishing maker spaces, students are getting more hands-on with subjects that require further reading a textbook.

Dremel DigiLab’s suite of products helps students learn 21st-century skills and improve problem solving and creativity. Students can simply ideate, design, prototype and assemble their visions into tangible items.

The best tool for your Makerspace is Dremel DigiLab’s 3D45 3D Printer that utilizes cloud-based printing to simply run students’ jobs one after the other with a large variety of materials.

The Dremel Laser Cutter was designed for use by makers of all levels with a material library that provides setting recommendations for a variety of materials.

Dremel’s goal is to have their machines run, but do not want users to be intimidated such as making their product easy to unbox and to do their first project with ease. A school would benefit from selecting Dremel projects over other brands because they stand behind their products.

With their very first 3D printer launched in 2014, they’re now launching a laser cutter and currently building out this suite of products. In addition, Dremel’s objective is to continuously learn what users are doing, what they’re struggling with, and developing products to meet their needs.

Dremel DigiLabs products are focused on making this innovative technology more accessible, dependable and safe.

For more information head on over to dremelnewsroom.com.

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