DOBOT – Multi-functional Robot Arm for Education

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Providing students with unprecedented learning opportunities is essential – especially as we are constantly on the verge of technological revelations. One industry that is consistently unveiling new ways to be put to good use is robotics. 

Traditionally, robots are heavy, bulky, and can limit effectiveness in the classroom. DOBOT, however, is anything but heavy and bulky. It’s an affordable, all-perspective lightweight robot for educators in schools K-12. 

The DOBOT magician is a multi-functional tool that is an industrial grade robotic arm for education. This includes 5 different end effectors, one being the suction cup and pneumatic gripper, the pen holder, the 3D printer and the laser engraver. 

All five of these help teach students in the classroom robotics, engineering, manufacturing and so much more. It’s currently being incorporated in classrooms with the assistance of Stem Education Works and their partnership with Purdue University.

Certain schools have developed a curriculum that goes together with the DOBOT magician that allows teachers to have lessons that are designed for the robotics and the manufacturing.

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Lienion – Free Social Media Training Program for Schools


There is just no escaping social media, it’s simply everywhere. While it can be wielded for good to connect one another and encourage positivity, we know that it can be used in a negative way.

This is why Lienion launched a free social media training program for schools called LSMTP. Through education, they can train kids early on how to properly use social media. This training program is 100% free and includes access to a real social network environment.

The network is only accessible by kids and is guided by teachers and parents.

Lienion has created their own social network called Shoution. It’s not just any social network, but one that’s a dedicated network for your company or organization. It combines the simplicity of common social networks with the professional environment needed in a company.

You can make teams and groups where members can share ideas and collaborate with colleagues and customers. And through this efficient platform, you can create timesheets, to-do lists, and checklists as well as like, comment and share documents, links, and videos.

To find out more about Lienion and their social network Shoution, head on over to today.


Test Covers – Stopping All of the Wandering Eyes

Consumer Update

It’s inevitable, school season is starting back up and depending on who you are, you’ll have a bit of a different take on how you feel about it. If you’re a parent, you’re counting down the days until your child is occupied  for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. But if you’re a student, well, you’re probably dreading the pool closing and the school doors opening.

We get it. Who wants to take tests again? We for one, are glad that part of our lives is over, but here’s one that goes out to all the current hard-working students. Teachers and professors should listen up too.

This new invention, Test Covers, was designed to provide an effective and discreet method to keep tests safe from wandering eyes.

Created by a biology professor, he wanted to find a better solution that providing multiple versions of tests.

The Test Cover folder hides the test from everyone but the test taker and will vow to do the following:

  • Protect students’ answers on bubble and short answer tests
  • Eliminate the need for multiple versions of a test
  • Make it easier to proctor a test, no wandering eyes
  • Increase focus and accuracy in entering answers
  • Reusable, recyclable, and affordable

Simply, the student who takes the test focuses on answering questions without needing to protect their hard-earned answer from certain “glances.”

And though this isn’t meant to be a punishment for cheaters, Test Covers’ method aims to offer a positive solution that deters cheaters from doing anything but concentrating on their own test.

In fact, a survey that was conducted over a 4-year period showed that 85% of 700 community college science students though Test Covers were a great idea and reduced cheating immensely. In addition, several students thought the Test Covers made it simple to fill out bubble forms correctly.

So whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent, head over to for the solution to uncompromised short answer and bubble tests.

Sustainable Agriculture Is Gaining Momentum


By: Megan Nichols

The non-GMO movement and protests against Monsanto garner most of the media’s attention in the agricultural news, but there’s much more happening. Many of the nation’s farmers are quietly switching to sustainable methods, and the cumulative impact on the environment is positive. It’s not only small farmers getting involved: Many Midwestern farmers with vast tracts of traditional row-crop land are also changing, which means sustainability is trickling up the chain to big brands like Kellogg’s and Unilever.

Courtesy of GreenBiz.

Courtesy of GreenBiz.

Common Environmental Problems With Big Ag

Corporate agriculture has much to answer for, and many of their practices caused severe damage to ecosystems across the country. For example, the use of chemical fertilizers to increase crop yields has harmed wildlife, and run-off is responsible for the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, where no aquatic species can survive.


Pesticides are similarly harmful, and they’re especially dangerous for bees and other pollinators. Reliance on chemical techniques for improving yields has made a royal mess of the land, but sustainable methods promise to help heal the wounds while maintaining a robust food supply for the country.

Preventing Erosion and Protecting the Chesapeake

One major cause for concern with corporate agriculture is its tendency toward monoculture; that is, growing only one single crop in a large area. While monoculture is well known for depleting the soil of nutrients and allowing certain pests to thrive, another side effect is it leaves barren soil for periods of time between growing seasons. After harvesting an entire field at once, the empty land left behind is far more susceptible to erosion by wind or water.

Such erosion is particularly harmful to bodies of water like the Chesapeake Bay. Farmers on the Delmarva Peninsula are working hard to plant more acres of cover crops to reduce erosion. Planting cover crops, like winter rye and clover, on a plot of land after harvesting the main crop is important. This helps prevent erosion, which in turn reduces chemical run-off and contamination of the bay. Composting vegetal waste instead of throwing it away also allows for future soil enhancement. However, this is only one example of a local sustainable farming effort that’s making a significant difference.

Sustainability Takes on Many Forms

There are many ways that agricultural businesses embrace sustainability. Large companies have the leverage to affect change by creating a market for organic products and rewarding farmers for using sustainable methods. They can also be great spokespeople to laud the importance of sustainable agricultural.

Stoneyfield Farms, for example, connects consumers to the farms where their yogurt ingredients are sourced to promote a keen interest in sound environmental practices and local farming.

Courtesy of Tree Hugger.

Courtesy of Tree Hugger.

Individual farmers also play a role in sustainability. In addition to amending their practices to include cover crops and less chemical fertilizer, they can also participate in carbon markets to offset their fuel usage. Small farmers can also keep a close eye on their supplies and practice the old “reduce, reuse, recycle” protocol in much of their work.

Many people don’t realize how current agriculture practices depend on plastic. The term “plasticulture” exists because farmers rely on plastics for many reasons. This includes soil fumigation film, irrigation drip-tape, and bulk seed supply.  However, some farmers are taking action to reduce their dependence. Some farmers make the eco-friendly choice to recycle their bulk bags and plastic films. With sustainable agriculture gaining momentum, it’s only a matter of time before more recycling options are available.

The Bottom Line: Sustainability Is Good for Business

Farmers large and small are making great strides toward increased sustainability in agriculture, and the results are truly working. There’s little doubt that people are becoming more concerned about the plight of the planet. As they continue to do so, they’ll seek sustainable products, and farmers will practice methods that do right by the land and bring in enough money to allow them to sustain their families — and that’s a win-win for all inhabitants of planet earth.

Hey, Check Out this Sonogram of these Baby…Tiger Sharks? | NewsWatch Shark Week

By: Kassidy Coleman


Okay, so we’ve all seen sonograms of human babies, but have you ever seen a sonogram of a pregnant shark? Probably not. Recently featured on Discovery Channel’s SHARK WEEK, researchers caught a 12.5 foot pregnant tiger shark, discovered she was pregnant and carrying twenty frighteningly, very well-developed pups.

Just in case you missed it, here’s the video:



Honestly, we are a little freaked out by the very sharp teeth on these twenty baby sharks while they’re still in the womb, but it is pretty cool that this is the first-ever sonogram of a pregnant tiger shark.


In the past, it was fairly difficult for researchers to really study endangered sharks’ reproductive habits, which is essential to understand in order to help protect them. Scientists studying these sharks would have to kill the mother and their unborn in order to learn, which obviously isn’t realistic for when an animal is endangered. One researcher, James Sulikowski (also known by many as Dr. Shark), from the University of New England (UNE) wanted to learn more about sharks and their reproductive habits without having to kill and gut them.


So five years ago, Sulikowski completely adapted the sonogram technology we’re all familiar with that’s typically used on pregnant women, to be used on pregnant sharks and other endangered fish species, like the sturgeon.


Dr. Shark stated, “There is so much that we still don’t know, like where different species of sharks go to give birth. And so much that we think we do know, like the length of gestation of our local spiny dogfish that we are just now learning through the use of this technology and tagging that is just plain wrong. I love that. I love challenging accepted science. For me, it’s always about being inquisitive, testing what we think we know, asking what we don’t and figuring out new ways to come up with answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask just a few years ago.”


We are super excited to see this technology advance even further to help save the tiger shark as well as other endangered animals before it’s too late.


What do you think about those well-developed tiger shark pups – frightening or super cool? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter!


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Entertain and Educate

App Review

It is an extremely difficult task to keep kids entertained while also helping them learn. Parents are in constant search for educational apps that are both beneficial and entertaining for their children. And we know that is definitely no easy task while kids get bored quickly, especially when it is for extended periods of time. Well, Play My Way is here to give kids and parents the best of both worlds.

This app was developed by parents for parents. Play My Way will interrupt any running game with an educational question, and will only return to the game once the question is answered. You start by installing the app and selecting the grade that your child is in. Then you select the subject and how many questions you want it to ask your child. For example, let’s go with 40 Math questions. Hand them the tablet or phone and let them go to town. Every couple of minutes or so a question will pop up on the screen. Once they have answered the question properly they are allowed to continue on with their game. But they are only allowed to continue to play their game if they answer the question correctly. This way they are not freely glued to their phone or tablet playing a game or hanging out on social media. But instead they have to earn the right to play by educating themselves. This is truly a win-win for parents and kids.

Play My Way is free to download and it comes with the first chapters of each subject. After that it is only $1 per chapter. You can download Play My Way for your iOS and Android devices by heading to your app store today.

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Stay Informed With Focus for Health

Children are vulnerable to many things in this world. In order to keep children safe and happy it is important that adults are as informed in all areas of child health as possible.

Illness is affecting Americas more today than it has in the past. The most important thing for parents is to be aware and informed of all of the threats that could cause harm to their children. Everyone is different and certain things that help some young children, can harm others. The health advocates at Focus for Health are dedicated to arming everyone with knowledge in regards to chronic illness.

Focus for Health is an organization that aims to fund the education, investigation, advocacy and research of childhood illness such as the autism epidemic in this country. Focus for Health is dedicated to completely understanding all aspects of childhood health especially chronic illness. This organization wants to inform others as well as figure out what is causing illness today.

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