The Entrepreneur Game – A Board Game for Up and Coming Entrepreneurs

Consumer Update

You may learn a lot in school, but one of the subjects you’re never taught is Entrepreneurship; how to create and build a successful business of your own.

Bringing fun to teaching successful entrepreneurship is The Entrepreneur Game. Game Night will never be the same.

This classic-style board game was created for players ages 12 & up. The goal is to teach players how to create their own business and build a better life, in the comfort of your home.

With 2 to 6 players you can start your journey around the gameboard.

You are C.E.O of your own home-based or brick & mortar business, and your objective; to grow your business into an empire through marketing, branding, investing and negotiating deals- all while avoiding bankruptcy! Become a millionaire and you are crowned “mogul of the game”.

But let’s not forget – this is a game. It’s ridiculously fun and it’ll have all members of the family vying to have the best business and come out on top.

No two games are ever alike, so you can continuously play to sharpen your skills and practice concepts like investing, marketing, and creating steady growth.

The Entrepreneur Game is bound to be the next staple for your game nights. Learn how you can get your own board by heading to today.


Rotor Riot – Bring Your Favorite Games with You Everywhere

Tech Report

If you’re a gamer but want to go mobile and to the next level, you need a low-latency and affordable controller.

Rotor Riot is the first full-sized wired controller approved by Apple for lightning connected iOS devices that has L3 and R3 fire buttons on its joysticks. And it’s hard-wired to your iOS device so there are none of the low-latency issues mobile gamers fear with Bluetooth controllers.

Not to mention, having a fully featured controller that’s hand-size means you’re more in control throughout the game. And they collaborated with Ludu Mapp, a companion app that has thousands of games for iOS devices.

Ludu Mapp was designed and built by gamers for gamers, gathering all of the known titles into one app and sorting them into various search categories and charts as well as sharing gameplay hints and tips.

But it’s not just games, there are many other apps on Ludu Mapp that allow the Rotor Riot controller to control drones like the Ryze Tello, DJI Spark, and Teal One plus many more allowing precise and lower latency control.

So if you want to take your mobile gaming and drone flying to the next level, you need to check out the Rotor Riot controller by heading to Best Buy today.

Black Survival – Are You Game to Survive?


If you’re a gamer and searching for a game that will take you on the edge of your seat then you need to check out Black Survival. Black Survival is a point and click, real-time survival game that truly has you battle with the best of them.

This real-time survival game means you have to stay alive by any means necessary out of 10 competitors on a deserted island. This PvP game lasts roughly 20 minutes and fights are easily played with a single tap.

Don’t be shy and immerse yourself in this merciless survival game. If you need anything to compare it to, it’s basically like the Hunger Games, but virtual!

It’s full of graphically designed and intricate characters and landscapes. So while you’re busy battling, you’ll feel like you’re in the game itself.

The island has over 20 different areas to venture through such as a hospital, forest, beach, tunnels, pond, and more. As more time passes, they turn into Restricted areas, narrowing the battlefield.

There are also hundreds of different ingredients hidden all over the island and can be used to craft over 600 types of weapons, tools, and foods. A victory also depends on which weapons, item or foods you’ve crafted.

There are also about 40 characters to choose from that matches the player’s personal playstyles. Some characters include:

  • Fencer
  • Actor
  • Doctor
  • Police
  • Hacker
  • Cook
  • Student

Strategy and option choices are limitless with the characters and items equipped and the most thrilling part is, every second in the game counts as you move quickly and create a plan to win the fight.

So, if you want to play one of the most intense games with intricate graphics, you need to check out Black Survival.

Fun from the Past: Top 5 Childhood Fads Making A Comeback


By Hazel-Lovely Saunders

“Gotta catch ‘em all!” A slogan that has been sung or said multiple times since the wake of Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go, A location-based augmented reality game that lets you capture, battle and train fictional monsters called “Pokémon.”

The world is heavily focused on the game due to it bringing a classic childhood fad back. Since Pokémon Go a lot of other games and toys have either never left so kids now can enjoy them now or resurfaced just like Pokémon.

But is Pokémon go just merely just a passing trend? Are people just wanting to capture all the creatures forget about the “hype” once the fad is over? Already a Pokémon Go player has caught all the Pokémon available in the U.S. and is traveling to other countries to capture region-specific creatures and the infamous Ditto.

Let’s walk down memory lane shall we? Read below about some throwback games and toys that should be back.

1. BeybladesP3


The toys that were released in the early 2000’s which came with a ‘launcher’-a device to spin the tops in a plastic arena called Beystadium. It is also the name of a Japanese manga and soon became a not so successful TV show. These spinning tops gave kids the opportunity to battle in real life unlike Pokémon or Digimon.

2. Digimon



Digimon short for “Digital Monsters” soon came out after Pokémon in the early 2000’s, but with their concept focused on digital monsters living in a “Digital World,” a parallel universe. Just like Pokémon, the franchise had a TV show, movies, manga, toys and video games.

With the Digimon device you had to take care of your digimon, made sure it ate, stay healthy, clean up after it and battle. Seems like Digimon may be better than Pokémon.

3. Beanie BabiesP6


The popularity of these “beans” stuffed animal became a worldwide phenomenon when it launched the nine original Beanie Babies. The franchise was made by Ty Warner Inc., which he only created a limited number of each Beanie Baby.

You can see on eBay that some Beanie Babies are being sold for thousands of dollars. For example, the 1997 Princess Diana Beanie Baby is listed for $428,400 on eBay with 132 buyers watching the product before making an offer.

4. FurbyP5


The Furby toys that resemble an owl-like creature are still trending but took it up a notch by having LCD eyes. Back in 1998 people went crazy collecting the different kinds of Furbies that launched during that holiday season. The sale price went from $35 to about $100 on limited edition Furbies.

They did make a revival in 2005 and 2012. The latest Furby was Furby Connect, which uses Bluetooth Smart Technology to sync with compatible devices to command phrases, music and videos. Also to be updated with technology there Furbies can be synced with the Furby app on smartphone devices to play other games. Retail value: $99.

5. RazorP8


The fun yet can be dangerous compact folding kick scooter made its way in 2000. The original Razor scooter launched  and sold more than 5 million within six months. Razor scooters are still in style for kids with new upgrades like the new electric scooters and different versions of the original A Razor scooter.

Make sure to always wear a helmet and any additional safety guards.

4 Things to Expect From Nintendo’s New Console


So Nintendo has been teasing us for a while now by keeping the details of their new console, the NX, pretty much confidential. Finally, we’ve gotten more of an idea of what to expect in the NX thanks to a number of sources that have confirmed details to Eurogamer.

  1. It’s a totally new concept – The NX is going to be pretty different than what we’ve seen from Nintendo in the past. This new console will be both a handheld and a console you can play on your TV. Basically, the NX as a whole will work as a handheld console that has its own display, which doesn’t sound too far out there – Nintendo has always been known for handheld consoles. Well, what sets it apart is the two controller sections on the side, that can either be attached or detached as needed.

    (Illustration by: Eurogamer)

    (Illustration by: Eurogamer)

  2. It’s basically 2 consoles – Nintendo knows that sometimes you get home and want to play on the big screen, and the NX totally reflects that. Yup, you can connect the console directly to your TV through the dock station. So it’s kind of like 2-consoles-in-1.
  3. It’s going back to cartridges – Physical media will be in the form of cartridges instead of discs, although we’re pretty sure that you’ll still have the option of digital downloads. Sources have also shut down the rumors that the system will run on Android. Instead, we’re expecting the NX to run on a totally new operating system from Nintendo.
  4. It’ll be very different from Nintendo’s previous consoles – Nintendo won’t confirm everything until the console’s unveiling, which is expected to be this September. However, one thing that Nintendo has made apparent is that this will be much different than the Wii and Wii U. Nintendo president, Tatsumi Kimishima stated, “It’s something unique and different. It’s something where we have to move away from those platforms in order to make it something that will appeal to our consumer base.”


Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see a new console from Nintendo and the secrecy that has been behind it is only building up the suspense.


What do you think about Nintendo releasing a new console? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter!


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How Virtual Reality Took Over E3 This Year

By: Kassidy Coleman

While the video game industry isn’t entirely ditching traditional games, we definitely saw a whole lot of virtual reality at E3 2016. It’s not surprising that we’re seeing more VR – it’s fun, interactive, and most importantly, new. It’s safe to say that VR isn’t going away anytime soon. Hopefully you’re not sick of hearing about virtual reality, because here’s some of the big VR news from E3 2016.

Many big-name games will be available (or some exclusive to) VR – Bethesda Softworks announced that we’ll be able to play Fallout 4 and Doom on the HTC Vive. Other big name games that’ll be appearing for VR: Resident Evil 7, Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission, Batman Arkham VR, Final Fantasy XV VR Experience, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew. The fact that these big name games are going the virtual reality route shows that we can definitely expect more games to start showing up on virtual reality.

Alienware developed a virtual reality backpack –  It may look ultra-geeky, but it is a pretty practical solution for all those annoying cables and wires needed while wearing a VR headset. It’s not yet available for sale, and might not ever be, but they still showed it off at E3.  Seriously, if you want to wear the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you have to be connected to USB, HDMI, and basically a desktop computer just to use it. Alienware’s backpack PC makes it so VR is more portable (at least as portable as it can be right now).

PlayStation finally gave us a release date for PlayStation VR – On Monday, Sony announced that their PlayStation VR headset will be available for sale on October 13 for $399. Games that will be available on PlayStation VR are Resident Evil 7, Batman Arkham VR, and Final Fantasy XV. We’re most excited to play Batman Arkam VR because they have you play as actual Batman. The best thing about this VR headset is it will be compatible with existing PlayStation 4 consoles and Move controllers.

We’re excited for virtual reality to be mainstream for video games, but think that the headsets need to be cheaper before that actually happens. Pretty much expect more games to start being available in VR.


What announcement are you most excited about from E3? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter!

The Game You Can Play Anywhere

App Review

If you enjoy playing mobile or PC-based games that actually involve some strategy, then you are going to love Total War Battles: Kingdom. The Total War franchise has been around for 16 years but this is the on-the-go version you have been waiting for.

We’ll get into the game play, but the major difference with this version is that you can hand off from one device to another and never lose progress. So that means if you are on your computer but have to hit the road, that doesn’t mean you have to stop playing. All you have to do is jump on your phone or tablet and keep enjoying the game. Pretty sick. Now let’s talk gameplay. It is a strategy game with tactical battles so you want to build a large, strong army. The battles are fought in real time against either the computer or real players from around the world. Now don’t worry, this game is not all about the battle. It is also about pure strategy. You need to build your own kingdom. Manipulate the land for special advantages like damming a river to make a lake then channeling the river so it irrigates your crops. The game even simulates real nature effects like water freezing in the Winter or forests growing in Spring. There is really no limit. The game itself received Editor’s Choice in the Apple Store and Best New Game in Google Play. So far it has been released world-wide in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Are you ready to start enjoying this game? You can download Total War Battles: Kingdom for free oniPad, iPhone, Android, PC or Mac by heading to your respective app store today.

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