Playtika’s Pirate Kings – Build Your Own Island and Become a Pirate King


Are you looking for your next mobile addiction?

Look no further than Playkita’s Pirate Kings. Come aboard this pirate adventure to build an island and become a pirate king.

You start by spinning the wheel to try to win gold coins, more spins, and defense shields. But if you happen to land on an attack, get ready to battle.

You attack by launching a cannonball at other players’ islands to collect their gold coins and add to your booty. Or you can steal and simply take coins from your friends’ loots.

With all your winnings, you’ll want to swipe over to your island and deck it out. You can add palm trees, treasures, and a fleet of ships that would make even Blackbeard proud.

Load your cannons and prepare for bomb strikes!

  • The seas won’t be the same ever again. Dreadful Red, a greedy villain pirate is building his pirate empire nearby and that leaves you no other choice but to bomb him.

Spin the pirate wheel and set sail!

  • The Pirate Kings Wheel of lucks is the key to greatness. Spin it to win heaps of coins and use them to build your pirate islands.
  • Use coins to upgrade items on your island and create the paradise island of your dreams.

Recruit Pirates to Your Crew!

  • Once you’ve built your pirate empire with additional islands, you can begin recruiting more pirates to your crew. Place your pirates on each island to dig for more free coins daily.

You can play in regular mode but multiplayer is where you’ll have the most fun. With the maritime fun theme and beautiful graphics, this is a game that you won’t want to put down.

Set sail today by searching for Pirate Kings in the App and Google Play Store today.


Dized – Tossing the Rulebook Aside

Consumer Update

Everyone loves a good board game!

However, LEARNING the games first and then making sure rules are being followed correctly is a different story.

Well, check out the new gaming companion app Dized.

Dized is an app that provides players interactive tutorials and gameplay rules so they can skip the rulebook and immediately start playing.

The app follows the game and only teaches the rules players need to know.
There are multiple tutorials for award-winning games on the app already, with more coming soon.

Dized is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fully fund this new service.

If you’re ready to ditch rulebooks and simply focus on enjoying your game nights, head to and search Dized.

Rotor Riot – Bring Your Favorite Games with You Everywhere

Tech Report

If you’re a gamer but want to go mobile and to the next level, you need a low-latency and affordable controller.

Rotor Riot is the first full-sized wired controller approved by Apple for lightning connected iOS devices that has L3 and R3 fire buttons on its joysticks. And it’s hard-wired to your iOS device so there are none of the low-latency issues mobile gamers fear with Bluetooth controllers.

Not to mention, having a fully featured controller that’s hand-size means you’re more in control throughout the game. And they collaborated with Ludu Mapp, a companion app that has thousands of games for iOS devices.

Ludu Mapp was designed and built by gamers for gamers, gathering all of the known titles into one app and sorting them into various search categories and charts as well as sharing gameplay hints and tips.

But it’s not just games, there are many other apps on Ludu Mapp that allow the Rotor Riot controller to control drones like the Ryze Tello, DJI Spark, and Teal One plus many more allowing precise and lower latency control.

So if you want to take your mobile gaming and drone flying to the next level, you need to check out the Rotor Riot controller by heading to Best Buy today.

House Flipper – Turn An Unsavory Home into a Profitable Paradise

Consumer Update

It seems like nowadays everyone is obsessed with home renovation shows. We’re guilty as charged.

House Flipper allows you to become a one-man renovation crew and flip some downright nasty houses into a profitable dream.

You start by buying a down-on-its-luck house. Now it’s time to get to work and give that place a second life. You have a collection of tools and parts at your disposal. Use them to hammer, drill, nail down, screw and do whatever has to be done to mount, fix, and clean stuff up.

After you’ve repaired and cleaned up everything, you’re ready to make over every empty room with your unique interior design. Every house is different, and you can choose to play to your strengths.

Do you prefer repairs and installation? No problem. Are you best at interior design? You can concentrate on that.

Or maybe you’re more into the small move, big change, where you buy a decent house and just make it better by adding some flair.

As you proceed through the game, you’ll unlock new mechanics and tools as well as earn money to use for better investments.

But, again, as any home flipper knows, it’s all about the profit you make at the end of the day.

If you’re interested in flipping the home of your dreams, you can buy House Flipper through Steam on your PC or Mac.

But if you’re looking for more information, you can head to HouseFlipperGame.comtoday or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

DOFUS Touch – A Unique and Funny MMORPG to Play While You Wait


There are a variety of shooting games out there: first-person shooters, puzzle games, and MMORPGs. Speaking of MMORPGs, DOFUS Touch offers one unlike anything else.

DOFUS Touch is set in an imaginary medieval universe filled with dragons, heroes, and gods. They all fight one another for the prized dragon eggs known as DOFUS. Your mission? To stop the evil forces that have stolen the magic eggs. It’s all in your hands to find them and unlock their powers.

You can travel through a rich world, fighting creatures and making friends. You’ll also engage in guild wards, 3 vs 3 battles, or even spontaneous 1 on 1 fights that’ll leave just one player standing. 

When you’re not fighting you’ll have the opportunity to take up a profession and make use of resources in the game.

By thrashing enemies and gaining experience you’ll be up to rise up the ranks. But more importantly, you’ll have a community where you can make life-long friends.

To download and start playing DOFUS Touch today, search DOFUS TOUCH in the App and Google Play Store and visit

Pirate Kings – Climb Aboard this Awesome Adventure


Have you been looking for a game to add to your mobile app collection? Well, look no further than Playkita’s Pirate Kings!

Climb aboard the ship and be on your way to build a pirate empire.

You begin by spinning the wheel so you can win gold coins, more spins, and defense shields. But if you happen to land on an attack, get ready for war!

You attack by launching a cannonball at other players’ islands to collect their gold coins and add to your loot. Or if you’re feeling lucky, you can steal and take coins from your friends’ treasure.

With all your winnings combined, you’ll want to swipe over to your island deck it out. You can add palm trees, treasures, and a fleet of ships that would even Blackbeard proud.

The more you play and gold coins you collect, the more islands you can claim and the more pirates you can add to your crew.

Choose regular mode or multiplayer so you can play against others. With the maritime fun theme and gorgeous graphics, this is the game you’ll become wildly addicted to.

Set sail today by searching for Pirate Kings in the App and Google Play Store today.

Spark – Build Your Own Universe


Have you ever asked yourself, “If I were a god, how would I shape the universe and all it contains?”

Well, a new gaming app called Spark can help you answer that question. Spark is an idle, incremental game that lets you take part in the creation of the universe.

In this very addictive game, you take on the role of a Spark of Life that immediately pops into existence and starts to blindly accumulate matter into itself to grow its influence over the vast Cosmos.

In this game, you’ll work to gather the raw materials around you to build and guide evolution. Like most classic idle games Spark consists mainly of buttons, progress bars, and timers. Tap the Matter button to begin amassing your influence. When you’re ready, swipe left to begin evolving.

While the concept is easy, you’ll quickly find that racking up your score to unimaginable numbers is super addictive. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock permanent upgrades including additional resources and auto-incrementing when you’re away from the game.

So if you’re looking to relax for a few minutes or even just a few hours, Spark is the perfect meditative experience for you.

Search for Spark by Deuski Games in the App or Google Play Store today.

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