Cardiogram – Wearable Heart Rate Monitor


Did you know that 100 million people own some sort of wearable with a heart rate sensor, like an Apple Watch, Android watch, or Garmin? And though your heart beats 102,000 times a day, there are numerous physical and mental occurrences that change it for better or worse.

Cardiogram is an app that transforms your wearable into a personal healthcare assistant.

By using the built-in heart rate monitor from your wearable, cardiogram can track signs of hypertension, sleep apnea, diabetes, and atrial fibrillation.

The app includes several tabs which highlight the main features of Cardiogram.

The Timeline tab shows you your heart rate throughout the day and how it responds to a stressful moment, coffee, or exercise.

The Metrics tab shows how your resting heart rate changes over the course of weeks or months.

The Habit tab is where you can decide to start a new healthy habit like exercise regularly, sleep well or reduce mental stress.

You can track how these new habits affect your heart and even join their medical research study so that your data can help others.

You can download the Cardiogram app in the Google Play or App Store for free, and upgrade to a paid version to share your heart rate with a family member or your doctor.


Coast Protein – A Natural and Pure Source of Protein

Consumer Update

We’re going to introduce you to a protein powder which is revolutionizing the protein industry.

Most protein supplements out there are filled with sugar which makes it difficult to find a natural and pure source of protein that doesn’t rely on artificial sweeteners and binders.

Coast Protein is an incredible product that uses cricket protein to provide a sustainable and nutritious experience unlike almost anything else you’ll find on the market.

Crickets are higher in protein and than beef and chicken and contain all nine amino acids you need for muscle growth and repair.

Coast Protein is high in iron, B12, and magnesium. This is great for naturally improving energy levels and to keep your body healthy.

In addition, the protein is full of fiber. All their powders are ideal for digestion and improving the entire GI tract. Protein powders aren’t usually known for promoting gut health but this one does the trick.

You can choose from 3 different flavors – chocolate, vanilla, and peanut butter.

Each one offers a smooth and satisfying taste without that gross aftertaste you get with some lesser quality powders.

To purchase your Coast Protein today head on over to, also available on

Rock Solid – The Whole-Body Vibration Workout

Consumer Update

If you’re trying to get in shape and haven’t seen the results you’re looking for, give the concept of whole-body vibration a try.

Whole body vibration is a fitness system that sends vibrations through your body to simulate movement and burn fat while toning muscle.

Our recommendation? The RS2200 [pronunciation: R-S-twenty-two-hundred] by Rock Solid Wholesale.

Seen on The Doctor’s and the Steve Harvey show, the RS2200 is one of the most popular options on the market.

The RS2200 is for men and women of all ages, it allows you to strength train, improve your balance, relax your muscles, and increase your functional movement.

And all you need is 10 minutes a day for a safe and effective workout in the privacy of your home. The RS2200 is versatile as well – you can squat, plank, lunge, do ab lifts, and so much more.

In addition, it comes with a remote control, easy to follow workout poster and dual resistance bands for additional workout options.

This has been sold for as high at $1,845.00, but you can take advantage of today’s special pricing of $179.00.

So if you want to get in rock solid shape quickly without the time commitment of going to the gym, head to

Nonni’s Cookies – Healthy Cookies That Actually Taste Good

Consumer Update

Did you ever think that you could indulge in a good ol’ chocolate chip cookie without feeling bad? Well, listen up, because you’re in for a treat.

Nonni’s Foods recently introduced an all-new lineup of delicious Chocolate Chip Artisan Thin Cookies that are made with real, premium ingredients.

They’re available in three scrumptious flavors:

  1. Nonni’s Almond Chocolate chip cookies are filled with crunchy California almonds that add protein for a boost of energy.
  2. The Double Chocolate Chip cookies are made with real dark chocolate that not only will make your mouth water thinking of it but somehow has less sugar than other chocolatey snacks.
  3. The Toasted Coconut chocolate chip cookies that offer up the sweet taste of Sri Lankan coconut without compromising your health.

The cookies are made with coconut oil instead of fatty butter. Every box of Nonni’s Chocolate Chip Artisan Thin Cookies contains six convenient portion packs with three cookies per pack.

So if you’re craving something sweet, this makes for the perfect guilt-ridden alternative.

Nonni’s Cookies vow to bake with real ingredients and in small batches. A tradition of real flavor from ingredients you see and words you can actually say such as eggs, butter, almonds, pistachios, dried fruit and gourmet chocolate.

Whether it’s to accompany your morning coffee or tea, packed in today’s lunch or to munch on during your commute, these health-conscious yet delicious snacks will satiate your cravings anytime, anywhere.

To give em’ a try, just head to

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