Rock Solid – The Whole-Body Vibration Workout

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If you’re trying to get in shape and haven’t seen the results you’re looking for, give the concept of whole-body vibration a try.

Whole body vibration is a fitness system that sends vibrations through your body to simulate movement and burn fat while toning muscle.

Our recommendation? The RS2200 [pronunciation: R-S-twenty-two-hundred] by Rock Solid Wholesale.

Seen on The Doctor’s and the Steve Harvey show, the RS2200 is one of the most popular options on the market.

The RS2200 is for men and women of all ages, it allows you to strength train, improve your balance, relax your muscles, and increase your functional movement.

And all you need is 10 minutes a day for a safe and effective workout in the privacy of your home. The RS2200 is versatile as well – you can squat, plank, lunge, do ab lifts, and so much more.

In addition, it comes with a remote control, easy to follow workout poster and dual resistance bands for additional workout options.

This has been sold for as high at $1,845.00, but you can take advantage of today’s special pricing of $179.00.

So if you want to get in rock solid shape quickly without the time commitment of going to the gym, head to


Sustainable Agriculture Is Gaining Momentum


By: Megan Nichols

The non-GMO movement and protests against Monsanto garner most of the media’s attention in the agricultural news, but there’s much more happening. Many of the nation’s farmers are quietly switching to sustainable methods, and the cumulative impact on the environment is positive. It’s not only small farmers getting involved: Many Midwestern farmers with vast tracts of traditional row-crop land are also changing, which means sustainability is trickling up the chain to big brands like Kellogg’s and Unilever.

Courtesy of GreenBiz.

Courtesy of GreenBiz.

Common Environmental Problems With Big Ag

Corporate agriculture has much to answer for, and many of their practices caused severe damage to ecosystems across the country. For example, the use of chemical fertilizers to increase crop yields has harmed wildlife, and run-off is responsible for the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, where no aquatic species can survive.


Pesticides are similarly harmful, and they’re especially dangerous for bees and other pollinators. Reliance on chemical techniques for improving yields has made a royal mess of the land, but sustainable methods promise to help heal the wounds while maintaining a robust food supply for the country.

Preventing Erosion and Protecting the Chesapeake

One major cause for concern with corporate agriculture is its tendency toward monoculture; that is, growing only one single crop in a large area. While monoculture is well known for depleting the soil of nutrients and allowing certain pests to thrive, another side effect is it leaves barren soil for periods of time between growing seasons. After harvesting an entire field at once, the empty land left behind is far more susceptible to erosion by wind or water.

Such erosion is particularly harmful to bodies of water like the Chesapeake Bay. Farmers on the Delmarva Peninsula are working hard to plant more acres of cover crops to reduce erosion. Planting cover crops, like winter rye and clover, on a plot of land after harvesting the main crop is important. This helps prevent erosion, which in turn reduces chemical run-off and contamination of the bay. Composting vegetal waste instead of throwing it away also allows for future soil enhancement. However, this is only one example of a local sustainable farming effort that’s making a significant difference.

Sustainability Takes on Many Forms

There are many ways that agricultural businesses embrace sustainability. Large companies have the leverage to affect change by creating a market for organic products and rewarding farmers for using sustainable methods. They can also be great spokespeople to laud the importance of sustainable agricultural.

Stoneyfield Farms, for example, connects consumers to the farms where their yogurt ingredients are sourced to promote a keen interest in sound environmental practices and local farming.

Courtesy of Tree Hugger.

Courtesy of Tree Hugger.

Individual farmers also play a role in sustainability. In addition to amending their practices to include cover crops and less chemical fertilizer, they can also participate in carbon markets to offset their fuel usage. Small farmers can also keep a close eye on their supplies and practice the old “reduce, reuse, recycle” protocol in much of their work.

Many people don’t realize how current agriculture practices depend on plastic. The term “plasticulture” exists because farmers rely on plastics for many reasons. This includes soil fumigation film, irrigation drip-tape, and bulk seed supply.  However, some farmers are taking action to reduce their dependence. Some farmers make the eco-friendly choice to recycle their bulk bags and plastic films. With sustainable agriculture gaining momentum, it’s only a matter of time before more recycling options are available.

The Bottom Line: Sustainability Is Good for Business

Farmers large and small are making great strides toward increased sustainability in agriculture, and the results are truly working. There’s little doubt that people are becoming more concerned about the plight of the planet. As they continue to do so, they’ll seek sustainable products, and farmers will practice methods that do right by the land and bring in enough money to allow them to sustain their families — and that’s a win-win for all inhabitants of planet earth.

4 Robots that Could Completely Change Life as we Know it

By: Kassidy Coleman

Here at NewsWatch we have a bit of a love-hate relationship with robots. We love that they’re quickly advancing and make our lives a little easier, but we still consider them to be one of the top five scariest technologies. Regardless, we can still admit that they are pretty cool. Check out these four robots that are going to change life as we know it.

  1. Food Delivery Robot – We’re pretty used to getting our food delivered by a person, but soon we might be getting them delivered by a robot. According to Time, Starship Technologies has self-driving delivery robots beginning to make an appearance in London, Dusseldorf, Bern, and Hamburg. Two food delivery services from those areas, Just Eat and Pronto, will be using the robots. The grocery store Metro Group and shipping service Hermes will also be using them in those areas. Starship believes that these delivery robots could cut down cost and time spent on delivery. If you’re worried about whether or not these robots are safe for public – don’t. They are totally safe and have been tested over 5,000 miles and have encountered 400,000+ people. There have been zero incidents reported so far. We’re hoping these robots come to America soon.

    (Photo source: Starship Technologies/YouTube)

    (Photo source: Starship Technologies/YouTube)

    2. Robot Pet that Does Chores –  Robot? Pet? Does chores? Count us in! SpotMini, created by Boston Dynamics is a 55-pound, four legged robot. This guy can unload your dishwasher, throw away trash, and even bring you a can of soda from the fridge. This is probably the kind of robot that would terrify Andrew. It’s really cool, check it out here:

    3. Home Health Robot – Pillo is the first intelligent health and wellness robot for your home. This robot, whose Indiegogo campaign is close to hitting their $75,000 goal, plans to help families stay healthy and take their medicines. It features advanced facial recognition to distribute your medication and can even track your heart rate and steps if you download the wearable app. Link it to your doctor and inform family of any potential problems. Pillo wants to help you with all your medical and health needs.

    (Photo source: Pillo Health/YouTube)

    (Photo source: Pillo Health/YouTube)

    4. Robot Security Guard – Yup, robot cops are totally a real thing now. Recently Uber has adopted K5, a five-foot, 300-pound security robot that looks like a giant egg, for their parking lot. Created by Silicon Valley start-up Knightscope, this robot could potentially replace human security guards. It features a thermal camera, 360-degree vision, weather sensor, four microphones, a license-plate recognition camera, and even person recognition capabilities. So this robot can’t really do anything if it sees anyone suspicious, but it can set of an alarm to notify human security guards as well as record the whole incident to later be used by police.

    (Photo source: Knightscope/YouTube)

    (Photo source: Knightscope/YouTube)


Which robot do you want in your life most? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter!


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This Fall iOS 10 Will Help You Easily Register to be an Organ Donor

By: Kassidy Coleman

With September just around the corner, Apple users are eagerly waiting to see what new features iOS 10 will bring to the iPhone. Last month at WWDC, we were given announcements that made us excited for iOS 10 to be introduced to the public, including iOS 10 being more outsider-friendly. Now, Apple has announced that they will be making it easier than ever to register to be a national organ donor right from the Health app on your iPhone.

Apple has partnered up with Donate Life America and announced that with iOS 10 in the Health app, users will be able to quickly and easily register to be an organ donor. Once you register to become a donor, it will be sent directly to the National Donate Life Registry.

Apple stated
, “over 120,000 Americans are currently waiting for a lifesaving transplant – and every ten minutes, a new individual is added to the national transplant waiting list. Each organ donor can save as many as eight lives and heal many more through the gifts of tissue and eye donation. In the absence of donor registration, families are left to make the decision about donation in what is often the worst moment of their lives, the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one.”


The shortage of organ donations has been a rising issue in the United States. CEO Tim Cook told Associated Press that the problem really hit home when his good friend and boss, Steve Jobs, had an “excruciating” wait for his liver transplant back in 2009. Jobs passed away two years after he received the transplant that extended his life, due to complications from pancreatic cancer.


The updated Health app will help users become educated and aware of the importance of organ donations, while also providing health and fitness information.


What do you think about being able to register as an organ donor from your iPhone? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter!


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Stay Aware During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a long process filled with a lot of questions and you should have a quick way to find answers.


Every women’s pregnancy is a little different and if it is your first pregnancy there are a lot of questions. Ideally mothers would love it if their doctor were on-call at all times for every little questions, but that can be a little unrealistic. For mothers who want to a want to keep track of their journey to motherhood and clear up some of the questionable phases of pregnancy, Pregnancy Care Plan App is a valuable resource.

My Pregnancy Care Plan App or CaPl app is essential for anyone expecting. The app serves two purposes, it makes sure you are aware of your risk of developing pregnancy problems and it keeps you informed and prepared for your doctor visits. This app uses 3D animated videos illustrate various tests and stages, so everything is crystal clear. With CaPl guiding you through the process you can be sure the doctor is making the correct decisions for you. There’s also a contraction timer, kick counter and other cool tools. The app is not only important for those in developed society, it’s even more important for those in undeveloped regions as they may not have access to doctors regularly. Pregnancy CaPl is available on Android devices.

To learn more, visit today.

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Selfie On A Stick

Improve Your Life Using Smartenfit

Finding the best way to loose weight can be a hassle. With all the different diets, trends, and workout plans it can be hard to find the best method to get results.

The app SmartenFit was created by Dr. Charlotte Markey, a Health Psychologist; Dr. Jennifer Van Riet, a Cognitive Psychologist and expert in mobile innovation; and Dr. Lorie Sousa, a Social Psychologist and Data Scientist. SmartenFit is a companion app to the book “Smart People Don’t Diet” and it helps you track your health and fitness goals and keep you on the right course. The app provides tips, inspiration, and helps you stay on track once you’ve created a goal with consistent reminders and notifications. SmartenFit is available on iOS devices for $2.99 so run don’t walk to the appstore and download it today.

To learn more, head to today.

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The C+ Medical Band Is First Of Its Kind

There is a lot of wearable technology available today, but each product is made with a specific purpose. iCareTech has made a wearable product that has the purpose of keeping you aware about your health.

Many people don’t take the time to keep up with their health. Though it is important to understand how healthy your body is, not many people take the time to get checkups with their doctor or eve just stay aware with any random changes personally. iCareTech has a product that will make staying in the know about your body and overall health super easy.

iCareTech’s C+ Medical Band is the first wearable medical intelligent band in the world. It’s a revolutionary product in the health and technology industry. To learn more about iCareTech, visit today.

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Parity For The Workplace

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