Enjoy Summer And Great Food

Summer time is all about enjoying the weather and eating great food.


Even though it is swimsuit season, one of my favorite summer activities is enjoying a cookout with friends and family. Of course, any cookout isn’t complete without great hot dogs. Firing up the grill and eating a few hot dogs is always a fun time and if you choose Nathan’s Famous reduced fat hot dogs you can get more than just a delicious meal.

Nathan’s Famous is continuing its tradition of delicious taste with their new 50% reduced fat hot dog. It’s full-flavored with half the fat, and is an all-beef hot dog made from the same spice blend and ingredients as Nathan’s regular hot dogs, but with 50% less fat. You can have fun by entering the Nathan’s Selfie Sweepstakes, running all summer long through September 14th. To enter all you have to do is take a selfie with a Nathan’s package of hot dogs and upload it to http://www.nathansselfie.com/.There are four winners every month.

To learn more, visit http://www.nathansfamous.com/ today.


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