Go On An Adventure Just By Adding Sauce

Go on an adventure just by adding some sauce.

Food has the power to help us experience aspects to another culture. Certain flavors and spices make your meal come to life and let you experience the traditions of another culture. Hungry Uncle has mastered the taste of the Caribbean.

Hungry Uncle’s Bajan Barbeque Sauce puts the feeling of the Caribbean into a delicious sauce. Inspired by the flavors of Barbados and the greater Caribbean, their sauce delivers punch after punch with levels of sweet, tangy and spicy. Bajan sauce uses ingredients like Caribbean hot sauce, exotic seasonings, raw sweeteners, natural ketchup and West Indies Rum for that extra kick. It can be used on everything from your favorite meats like chicken, fish and pork to shrimp and scallops. The Hungry Uncle character is a culinary explorer used on their logo and website and is inspired by the CEO’s worldly travels and love of food. Hungry Uncle is currently working on developing new and exotic recipes. Each 12 ounce bottle goes for only $7.99.

To learn more, visit http://bit.ly/1L1S3zW today.

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