Instagram Drops New Features and Kills One

Courtesy of Endgadget.

Courtesy of endgadget.

By: Hazel Lovely Saunders

A couple of weeks ago Instagram released a surprising new feature called Stories, which allows you to share all the moments throughout your day. Similar to rival app Snapchat, stories consists of mini video clips or pictures stay up for 24 hours, appearing as a mini slideshow or video series. Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, attempted to purchase Snapchat a couple of years ago. They couldn’t buy the app, but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t integrate their ideas in their app.

But Instagram released a feature that Snapchat doesn’t have: zooming. This gives the users the ability to zoom in on other users’ photos and videos by pinching the post. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for iPhone users, but they say it will be released soon on Android.

The new zoom feature allows marketers to get even more creative with content on Instagram. Instead of watching a video in one perspective, users can now zoom around and choose a certain focus to view.

Courtesy of Tech Crunch.

Instagram will also take advantage of the new iPhone 7 plus dual camera. Courtesy of Tech Crunch.

The problem with this new feature is that Instagram images content can look grainy if you zoom in too much. But this isn’t stopping users from using this new feature—there’s even a trending hashtag about Instagram’s latest addition.

These features are here to stay, but the photo map feature is on its way out. This classic feature allowed you to see a map of where a users’ photos were taken (if you allowed it). Instagram said in a statement to Mashable, “Photo Map was not widely used, so we’ve decided to remove the feature and focus on other priorities.”

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You Can Now Record Your (or your Pet’s) Entire Life

By: Kassidy Coleman

(Photo source: Perfect Memory)


If you could record your entire life, would you? Well, now it’s possible with Perfect Memory, a sleek, modern camera with great video quality. This camera streams both photo and video directly to your phone, can be used on your pet, and works with any sports camera mounts.


(Photo Source: Perfect Memory)

Made with Instagram and Snapchat in mind, it allows you to instantly take photos or videos of anything. You can even do timelapse videos and photos. It is easy to control by using the control buttons on the device or from the app on your phone. With no limit to the size of your video, the possibilities are endless.


Don’t think your life is interesting enough to record? Think again. Perfect Memory allows you to auto-edit portions of your life into fun clips and videos. So you can go back and see what you actually saw throughout the day. Kind of creepy, kind of cool.


The idea seems interesting, and with it being 2-3x smaller than GoPro’s most recent model, it is a great alternative for people who have been turned off by GoPro’s techy aesthetic. And it is even compatible with all your GoPro mounts.


Is it necessary to record your entire life? Probably not, but it’s a fun thing to be able to do. We will definitely be trying this out on our dogs to see what they’re truly up to during the day.

Early bird backers can get the camera in silver or rose gold for just $199. It will be shipping out in October.


Would you record your entire life using Perfect Memory? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter!


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Instagram Has Good News for Businesses

Recently, Instagram has been full of changes. Earlier this month, they updated their famous app icon and also gave the app a sleeker, simpler design in order to have the focus more on photos and videos. Now they have another change that is good news for businesses.

With over 400 million monthly active accounts, many businesses have wanted to use Instagram to their advantage for a long time. But with a lack of tools provided from the social media app, it has been a struggle and hassle for many businesses. This morning, Instagram officially announced their new tools exclusively for business users. These new tools include analytics, new business profiles, as well as the ability to turn Instagram posts into ads.

Before making these changes, the social media app worked with many different businesses to find out what exactly they wanted out of the app. They found out that many businesses were having a hard time making their accounts stand out.

Much like with Facebook, the insights that businesses can now track includes post reach, engagement, and top posts. Business accounts will also be able to collect data on their followers such as location, gender, and age. Analytics will be able to be collected even if the post isn’t an ad. If the business wants to turn their post into an ad, they can easily do it directly from the Instagram app. Previously, to make an ad on Instagram, businesses had to do it from Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, which could be a hassle and is not ideal for small businesses that are often on-the-go. Businesses will also now be able to add a “contact” button on their Instagram profiles, which will allow them to have customers either call, text, or email when users press the button.

Fortunately, not just anybody can have a business profile on Instagram. You have to already have a Facebook Page for your business in order to change your account.  So that means people that are just self-promoting won’t be able to abuse the system.

What do you think of these new Instagram changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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Parents Could Be Sued for Posting Pictures of their Children on Social Media

By: Kassidy Coleman

You’ve most likely seen people posting pictures of their babies on social media, or maybe you have even posted some pictures of your kid. Well, you might want to be a little more cautious about posting those pictures of your kid online because they could end up suing you once they’re older. In France, parents have been warned to stop posting photos of their kids on social media due to them possibly suing them later in life for breaching their right to privacy or jeopardizing their security. The law could actually be catching up with the technology we have as this was never really an issue before social media. The children who grow up and sue their parents for breaching their privacy and putting them in danger could be awarded with substantial compensation. Parents might face a penalty of up to a year in prison and a hefty fine of €45,000 (which is roughly $51,000). But is this kind of punishment a little…extreme?

There is potential danger in posting pictures of children online. A recent (bizarre) trend is people stealing other people’s baby pictures and role-play as parents on Instagram. Not only that but authorities are worried that pedophiles may target families when they see pictures of children posted publicly. And then there is the question of if it is ethical to post pictures of your baby online when they have no say in it. As adults, we have a decent amount of control in what parts of our lives are publicly displayed online. Now there are kids just being born into it without much of a choice. Their online identity is being created for them instead of them deciding for themselves.

A year in prison and a fine is kind of severe for posting pictures of your child, but there should be some sort of regulation on what photos of kids can be posted. It is one thing to post newborn baby photos and it is another to post a more intimate experience such as your child being potty-trained. Of course this is also happening in France and not in the U.S. (yet) but it still something to think about. The best solution for now is probably to only share those photos in a private album that only family and friends can access.

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Who is Watching you?

App Review

You spend a lot of time on social media, don’t you? Don’t worry, most of us do. And if you are like us, you have probably been at least a little bit curious about who is actually looking at your profile the most. Maybe a former friend or someone you like is secretly lurking your profile? Well now there is a mobile app that can show you your top profile views. Check out the mobile app Social Network Analyzer.

Social Network Analyzer was created by Bilal Raad. This innovative app retrieves a full list of your social network profiles – like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then it goes on to work analyzing your top interactions like comments, likes, and chats – it even goes as far as showing you your profile views. In order to find out who views your profile you have to interpret the list a little bit. But don’t worry, it is easy. All you have to do is exclude the people that you normally interact with, the rest will be your viewers. There is a free version and a paid version. Check out the free version first and try it out, if you like what you see you will have the option to switch to the paid version. The free version shows you a part of the list but for a complete list you will have to purchase the full version. If you do not want to pay, there are still bonuses that allow you to unlock the top spots. All you have to do is share Social Network Analyzer on your Twitter or Facebook profile.

Ready to find out who is secretly viewing your social media profiles? Go download Social Network Analyzer. The app is currently available on iOS and Android devices. Head to your app store and search for “Social Network Analyzer” to download it today.

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