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With mobile texting at our fingertips at all times, it feels like verbal conversations have become a thing of the distant past. That means you need a keyboard app that works for you. Check out the ultimate keyboard app, Kika. Kika Tech is a Google Top Developer that specializes in enhancing the mobile experience through next-generation keyboard apps. Their signature Kika keyboard is an instinctive, expressive, and universal app that provides everything you could possibly want to colorfully express your thoughts.

We know that sometimes the only way to get the point across in a text message is to use emojis. The Kika keyboard comes with more than 1,600 awesome emojis and emoticons plus smilies, stickers, themes, GIFs, word predictions, smart auto correct, and smooth swipe. This keyboard also supports more than 70 supported languages and a whole lot more. There is almost no limit to this beast of a keyboard. What can’t this keyboard do? We know that it gets annoying when you download a keyboard app that only works in some apps. Well, the Kika keyboard gives users a consistent universal experience across literally every app in your phone including Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, Kik, as well as all your search tools. Kika is also the first keyboard to support WhatsApp’s skintone emojis. Not to mention this keyboard also supports the newest Unicode 7 and 8 emojis like the classic middle finger, unicorn, and taco.

In just over one year the app has been downloaded over 130 million times and boasts an average of 20 million daily users. But best of all, the Kika keyboard is free. A keyboard that comes with everything you could possibly want in a keyboard app and it is completely free, people. Right now you can download it for iOS, Android and Amazon by heading to your app store today.

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Enhance Your Keyboard Experience With Falcon

Most technology today gives you everything you need with a touchscreen keyboard. But when it comes to writing long emails, blogging, or even keeping up with your Facebook, having a physical keyboard is the best way to go.

I know it’s probably been a while since you last had to look at keyboards, so if you need a little help check out the bluetooth capable Falcon Keyboard. Keep the convenience of using your tablet and just connect your keyboard using bluetooth.

Falcon Keyboard is a multi-platform keyboard that’s compatible with any Bluetooth capable tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. With it you become more efficient typing as you reduce the need to move back and forth from the keyboard to a mouse or track pad. There are some extra features, including the ability to set the keyboard for left or right hand operation, the ability to link it with up to three Bluetooth devices at once and switch between them with a two key shortcut. The keyboard is sealed with silicon rubber and uses a USB port seal to provide protection from liquid spills, dust, and dirt. You can pick up one of your own for $99.

To learn more, head to today.

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ai.type – Customize your Keyboard

Something that is overlooked, but essential, to our mobile devices is the keyboard. We use it for most every action on our phones and tablets, so why not customize it? 


I downloaded ai.type and customized my keyboard with a picture of my puppy. You can use any picture you have saved on your device, and even enlarge it so the keys and photo are bigger. Plus, with ai.type you can type faster and more accurate messages!

To learn more about ai.type, click here!

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