Will a Smart Watch Help Your Kid Learn Time Management?

By: Kassidy Coleman

(Photo source: Joy/Kickstarter)

(Photo source: Joy/Kickstarter)


It can be extremely difficult to teach kids good habits, that will help them later on in life, like time management. Seriously, in the busy world that we live in, even as an adult it can be hard to have good time management. So expecting kids to be able to develop that skill on their own isn’t really fair. A smart watch specifically for kids might be the perfect solution.

(Photo source: Joy/Kickstarter)

(Photo source: Joy/Kickstarter)

The Octopus watch by Joy started a Kickstarter campaign and has over $328,267 pledged of its $50,000 goal. This is the first smart watch for kids to teach them both good habits and the concept of time. On their Kickstarter page, the company states “Studies have shown that children under 8 years old don’t understand the concept of time, let alone remember what to do when a certain time rolls around. We have designed the first watch that helps them understand how parents expect them to use their time. We believe this will help children form good habits and help them to take responsibility for their actions.”

It has three purposes: to work as a watch, scheduler, and an assistant. Intended for children 3-8 years old, the watch helps kids and parents work together to maintain good habits and eventually develop a sense of independence and self-esteem. It shows the time paired with icons that represent an activity that goes with that time. For example, at 8:00 pm it might show an icon a person in bed, letting the child know it is bedtime. This makes it a clock that a child can actually comprehend by linking time to certain events. Over time, the clock face can change to help teach kids to read digital and analog.

Sick of power struggles with your kid? The scheduler allows parents to program certain visual reminders from their phone that can pop up on the kid’s watch. If you’ve ever tried to get a child to brush their teeth or do a chore at a certain time, then you know it can be a nightmare! At a certain age, children just love the thrill of power struggles, no matter how well-behaved they usually are.

(Photo source: Joy/Kickstarter)

(Photo source: Joy/Kickstarter)

It works as an assistant by helping parents prioritize expectations and stay consistent with daily routines. If you expect to get your kids into good habits, you must be too!

We think this is an interesting way to incorporate technology for young kids without being overbearing. There’s no games or messaging, but it is still a fun tool for kids. There are options for kids to be able to unlock virtual badges based on their progress.

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Parents Could Be Sued for Posting Pictures of their Children on Social Media

By: Kassidy Coleman

You’ve most likely seen people posting pictures of their babies on social media, or maybe you have even posted some pictures of your kid. Well, you might want to be a little more cautious about posting those pictures of your kid online because they could end up suing you once they’re older. In France, parents have been warned to stop posting photos of their kids on social media due to them possibly suing them later in life for breaching their right to privacy or jeopardizing their security. The law could actually be catching up with the technology we have as this was never really an issue before social media. The children who grow up and sue their parents for breaching their privacy and putting them in danger could be awarded with substantial compensation. Parents might face a penalty of up to a year in prison and a hefty fine of €45,000 (which is roughly $51,000). But is this kind of punishment a little…extreme?

There is potential danger in posting pictures of children online. A recent (bizarre) trend is people stealing other people’s baby pictures and role-play as parents on Instagram. Not only that but authorities are worried that pedophiles may target families when they see pictures of children posted publicly. And then there is the question of if it is ethical to post pictures of your baby online when they have no say in it. As adults, we have a decent amount of control in what parts of our lives are publicly displayed online. Now there are kids just being born into it without much of a choice. Their online identity is being created for them instead of them deciding for themselves.

A year in prison and a fine is kind of severe for posting pictures of your child, but there should be some sort of regulation on what photos of kids can be posted. It is one thing to post newborn baby photos and it is another to post a more intimate experience such as your child being potty-trained. Of course this is also happening in France and not in the U.S. (yet) but it still something to think about. The best solution for now is probably to only share those photos in a private album that only family and friends can access.

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Puzzles for Children with Autism

App Review

It is often said that children who have autism do not see the forest for the trees. They simply pay too much attention to the little details and unfortunately miss the whole picture. Research also shows that once a child develops the ability to mentally integrate multiple features, there is a breakthrough in the general learning ability of the child. Well, ImagiRation has developed a computerized early-intervention therapy application – Mental Imagery Therapy for Autism or MITA.

ImagiRation was created by a group of scientists, educators, artists and developers who are passionate about making the best educational games for early childhood development. MITA consists of interactive puzzles designed to help children learn how to mentally integrate multiple features of an object. These fun exercises are disguised as interactive games for kids, and work as a really great therapy tool to use for children with autism. The MITA app follows a systematic approach where kids start with very simple, easy exercises that require attending to only one feature  – such as color, size, or shape. Then the exercises move on to requiring simultaneous attention to two features, such as color and shape, or shape and size. Then the exercise requires attending to three features such as shape, or size and color. The exercises continue on until the child can integrate multiple features into one Gestalt. The three pilot studies of MITA have demonstrated that it can be successfully administered by parents at home to their children that are as young as two years of age. This innovative, educational app is already being used by thousands of kids with autism.

If you are ready to help your child with autism, this app is available to download. Right now, the ImagiRation app is completely free and is available on iPad, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire.

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A Small Snail In A Big World

Kids love playing games on your devices, so why not give them a fun game that stimulates them mentally?

Milli The Snail

Games are a great way to teach children important lessons about life in a fun, stress-free way. If kids are laughing and learning in a care-free setting, it is easier for them to not only retain information from the lessons but also want to learn more. Milli The Snail teaches kids everyday skills through an interactive adventure.

Milli: A small snail in a big world” is an aesthetic game that is designed around the story of a snail named Milli. She sets out on an adventure to find out who she is and what her place is in the world. She crawls around Apple Tree Hill where she lives and interacts with various animals like owls, birds, and ladybugs. With every character she comes across she is faced with helping them by solving some puzzle or a game. It teaches children how to solve problems and to be empathetic. For example, Owl has lost and broken her glasses. Milli helps her find the various pieces and put them together again. Each animation is water-color and potato stamp based and was drawn by a young artist in Germany. The art is close to a child’s reality, allowing them to identify more with the game. Milli the Snail is available on  iOS and Android Devices for $2.99.

To learn more, visit http://bit.ly/1ET9sGs today.

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American Greetings iPad App For Personalized Cards

“Michelle is the Social Media & Client Coordinator with a passion for communication and the media. Having recently graduated with a degree in mass media, and dreams of ruling the world, Michelle brings a fresh take on all things news – technology, politics, and yes, even sports. Her love for people makes the job something she loves, which is obvious in all that she does for the studio.

Have you checked the prices of greeting cards lately? They’re ridiculous! It’s rare that I find a card that I like for less than $5. I’m sorry, but these cards just aren’t worth it.

A new adorable app that we came across is called Creatacard (iPad only), and it allows kids to make personalized greeting cards (for a cheap price). Kids can add pictures and drawings to their cards, and then have them professionally printed and mailed. The app is 100% free to download and the cards only cost $3.49 to print and deliver, which is much cheaper than the standard cards that you would find at a pharmacy. Learn more about this app by watching our video review below.

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Monitor and Restrict Your Kids Internet Access With WebCurfew

“Michelle is the Social Media & Client Coordinator with a passion for communication and the media. Having recently graduated with a degree in mass media, and dreams of ruling the world, Michelle brings a fresh take on all things news – technology, politics, and yes, even sports. Her love for people makes the job something she loves, which is obvious in all that she does for the studio. @misontweets

Technology has changed many parenting methods throughout the years. Instead of going outside to play, most kids will watch television, and instead of giving kids a book to distract them, kids are given iPads to pass the time. Almost everything kids use requires some form of internet connection, whether it’s for fun or school.

When you think of the best way to punish a kid nowadays the easiest way to get your message across would be to take away the one thing that connects to all of their sources of entertainment. Don’t just take away a phone or computer, take away their internet connection!

WebCurfew allows you to either put a timer on any device connected to your internet router or manually disconnect any device. This is a cloud based platform so there is no installation required and it’s interface is user-friendly! Along with the connection restrictions, WebCurfew also allows you to restrict specific websites and content so that your children can’t access it.

WebCurfew is the perfect way to monitor what anyone is accessing on the internet. This platform gives power back to the parent and reminds kids that internet access is a privilege that can be taken away.

WebCurfew can be purchased for free to use manual control and basic filtering settings and has monthly fees for more premium features! Check out our video review of the product below!

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Let’s Paint Dinosaurs!



Dino Run – Prehistoric Endless Running Game

Dino Run is a fun and endless running game based on the BBC documentary, turned 3D movie, Walking With Dinosaurs. Play as Patchi the Pachyrhinosaurus and escape the hungry Gorgosaurus. This suspenseful game is loaded with action and dangerous obstacles, but if you collect enough leaves you can unlock boosts, new characters, and different levels!

Dino Run

The Walking With Dinosaurs bundle is a prehistoric journey the whole family can enjoy.

Search Walking With Dinosaurs: Dino Run! in your app store today!

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