Lingvist – Take Your Language Skills to the Next Level


In today’s world, knowing more than one language is invaluable. But how do you get past the basics of Hola or Ciao?

Lingvist is an app that employs machine learning and efficient repetition to get you learning Spanish, French, German, Russian…or English in no time flat.

Lingvist is the quickest way to up your language game. Here are some of what it features:

  • Fast – learn the things you need to, right when you need to learn them. Make fast progress by skipping material you’re not required to learn or practice
  • Personalized – keeping learning relevant and challenging
  • Focused – Designed to get into a learning flow with zero distractions
  • Constantly accessible – Use the app when you commute or anywhere else on the go

You begin by taking a placement test. Lingvist actually figures out what you know without having to ask you everything.

You then start learning the most frequent and relevant words first. And the magic is in the repetition

Lingvist’s advanced machine learning algorithm learns which words you need to practice and when its time for a new word. Each person’s experience is completely different.

The simple design makes the app easy to navigate. It doesn’t use tricks or gamification – it just focuses on your learning.

Anything worth doing takes dedication but if you’re serious about learning another language, why not join the 2.5 million people who have saved themselves tons of time using Lingvist.

You can download the Lingvist app on your iOS or Android device or simply head over to today.


Memrise – Learn All of the Languages with Some Gamification


Did you know that there are over 6,500 languages in the world and that the vast majority of people on the planet only speak ONE? Well, if you’re looking to change this, we’ve got an app for you to check out.

It’s called Memrise.

This app was created in 2010 and has over 35 million users, offers dozens of languages – from Japanese to Danish to Spanish to Italian.

It’s not just comprehensive, but it takes the intimidating task of learning a language out and makes understanding it fun. It uses techniques such as gamification and real-world scenarios to help you understand your new language so you can fall in love with it.

How does it exactly work? For starters, Memrise has created a scientific formula that begins with repetition and building new memories by hearing native speakers, watching videos and using their pronunciation and conversation tools.

From there, the app reinforces those memories that you’ve built for fun, simple, and engaging games. But the language you’ll be learning isn’t just found in a textbook – instead, Memrise uses everyday vocabulary so you can speak like a local.

If you want to pick up a new language faster than ever before, visit today.

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