Chord Hero – Design and Play Your Ukulele

Consumer Update

When it comes to learning an instrument, it can be a fantastic experience for kids. But what if we took it a step further and teach kids to build and put together their very own instrument?

This is where Chord Hero comes in.

Chord Hero takes an initiative to make music learning more affordable and engaging for everyone involved. With a DIY, hands-on approach, The Chord Hero Maker Ukulele set is a kit that lets anyone assemble their own ukulele and decorate it using watercolors. This results in an instrument that is uniquely personal to that individual.

Now, this isn’t a toy, it’s an actually an instrument that can be played! And if you don’t know how to play, no worries! It comes with the Monster Chords app that teaches you how to play the ukulele in addition to the guitar.

The app also analyzes how you play and provides real-time feedback and guidance on your playing, making it perfect for beginners or even those who have some experience with the instrument already.

On the flipside, Chord Hero offers teachers the opportunity to teach topics like the science of sound and music with a real-world hands-on activity. You can purchase your Maker Ukulele Set today head on over to

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