LifePortalPro – Teaching Life Skills Through Gamification and Entertainment

Consumer Update

When it comes to growing up – we’ll never forget some of the life lessons we learned. Whether it was learning how to tie a tie or change a tire, there was always a learning curve. And when it comes to mastering life skills, it would be nice if they’d teach these things in the classroom, wouldn’t it? Instead, we’re left to ask an older sibling or have a talk with our parents.

That is until the LifePortalPro app happened.

Through their latest game, kids will be able to connect with friends and create clans, all with the purpose of teaching them the skills that most of us were required to learn through osmosis.

All the games and lessons within this app were developed along with a world-class curriculum. And let’s not forget the most important aspect about it – it’s a fun time!

Players are even able to compete against one another within the app, merging entertainment with learning. What’s better than that?

LifePortalPro is currently looking for schools and administrators so they can incorporate their app into their curriculum.

So, if you know someone who could use LifePortalPro in their classroom or you want to help mold a young person’s mind, you can head to to learn more today.

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