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Automotive marketers know they work in a crowded space. In fact, consumers see at least 60,000 ads on TV alone between car purchases.

Nielsen’s Auto Cloud fueled by J.D. Power equips auto marketers with the latest car shopping and purchases data from Nielsen and J.D. Power to help them cut through the noise and reach consumers more effectively.

To date, auto marketers don’t have an end-to-end marketing and measurement solution. And they are dealing with a series of challenges, namely:

1) distractions, people watching media content in a lot of different devices, different places

2) attribution, the ability to have that platform to link outcomes AKA sales and finally personalization the ability to mesh that data give personalized ads to their consumers.

Nielsen developed a solution in the Nielsen Auto Cloud powered by J.D. Power to help auto brands stay ahead of the curve, cut through the clutter and deliver improved ROI. The Nielsen Auto Cloud starts with a strategic relationship between J.D. Power and Nielsen. Where J.D. Power brings the best of what it has an understanding of, who purchased a car and the best of what Nielsen has which is an understanding of consumers media habits.

Nielsen Auto Cloud’s always-on frequency management capabilities enable you to proactively measure and manage how often and which types of ads people see throughout the life of a campaign.

Nielsen Auto Cloud includes the following features:

  • Data management platform
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Audience-Based buying
  • Marketing ROI measurement
  • Ad ratings custom analytics

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Patron – Branded Content and Social Media Through Blockchain Technology


Social media influencers and sponsors currently enjoy a financial partnership through already established social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. But just because those platforms already exist doesn’t mean they are the best option for influencers or sponsors.

In an influencer market currently worth over $1 billion, shouldn’t we assess the system to make sure it’s the best it can be?

Well, we’ve found a platform looking to disrupt the norm. PATRON, one of Japan’s leading blockchain companies, is currently building a decentralized influencer-marketing platform that will eliminate inefficiencies in branded content and social media.

As part of this new platform, they’ve introduced their very own crypto token, PAT, which will be used to pay for sponsorships. With this brand-new platform, PATRON is looking to create a sharing economy for influencers that can be leveraged globally.

PATRON utilizes their very own evaluation system which is used to evaluate certain people and influencers. Based on the level of influence they do this, and brands, fans, and influencers, they all flawlessly communicate with each other in order to achieve their different goals.

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The Essential Marketing Tool

If you are an OS X or iOS developer, or if you offer Apple-centric services pertaining to that marketplace, you might have a little trouble finding out how to get people to hear about your product. prMac is the only exclusively-Apple press release distribution website out there. Press releases are a vital marketing tool in ensuring a successful launch of your product. By constructing the right press release with pertinent information and distributing it to the right outlets you get the word out there in one fell swoop, and prMac is with you every step of the way.

Getting yourself and your product out there can be hard, especially at first. prMac makes it simple and easy. They provide a platform where you can easily fill out information on your product or service following simple step-by-step instructions. When you are done, your release is sent to an editor who moderates it, and can even offer you feedback on ways to make the press release more effective. Once your press release is approved and ready for distribution, they send it out to a media list. Each press release goes to a different media partner depending on its channel or interest, so your campaign is tailored especially for people who are searching for something like you have to offer. prMac offers Extended Releases for enhanced visibility, including Google News and media aggregation and even Video News Releases that are sent out along with the Extended Release.

Are you ready to get your product on the radar and start driving results? Registering with prMac and distributing through their platform is free and there are also other paid options for enhanced exposure. Head to to get started today.

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What You Need to Know About Snapchat’s Most Recent Makeover

By: Kassidy Coleman

(Photo source: Snapchat)

Snapchat has been all over the headlines recently. But just in case you haven’t been paying attention to Snapchat (because let’s face it – you’re either a Snapchat fiend like us or you just don’t get it…there’s no in-between), here’s a recap of what’s been going on with them over the past few months: Back in April, Snapchat made a drastic update (Snapchat 2.0). With Snapchat 2.0, they brought everything we had been waiting for and more – it changed the way we view stories, allowed us to send photos during a call, introduced new audio and video features, and gave us over 200 fun stickers to send friends. Then last week it was announced that Snapchat is completely dominating the world of social media by beating Twitter with total daily users.

Well now Snapchat is making headlines again. Yesterday Snapchat got a makeover, mostly focusing on the Discover page. Back in 2015, Snapchat first introduced the Discover page, featuring brands like Cosmo, CNN, IGN, Vox Media, and Mashable. Well, apparently not enough people were watching those. Most likely because people couldn’t always tell what content these brands were providing behind the fairly simplistic logos (Really, nobody was intrigued enough by the tiny circles that simply said “IGN” or “WSJ”). Well now the Discover page is  a tiled-layout that allows you to quickly glance through what the different publishers have to offer. Publishers can have custom photos and headlines which will hopefully get more people watching their stories.

IMG_0891So, for example, this morning iHeartRadio showed a picture of Kanye accompanied by the headline “19 Kanye Lyrics about Food.” And National Geographic showed a photo of a shark with the headline “15 Stunning Marine Moments.” Most likely you’ll be more inclined to click on the stories on the Discover page than you were before the update. Its kind of like a modern, interactive newspaper.

Users can now also “subscribe” to publishers’ channels. When you subscribe, those stories will automatically appear under the “Recent Updates” section, making it more likely that people will watch these channels on a regular basis.

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Snapchat Beats Twitter in Daily Usage

By: Kassidy Coleman

It is becoming more and more clear that what people want out of a social media app is quickly evolving. Remember when it was weird if you weren’t on Twitter? Well, now its not that weird. Although we know Twitter can be very influential, especially with their trending hashtags, they are starting to see a steep decline. As far as daily use goes, Snapchat is beating Twitter. According to The Verge, Snapchat has 150 million people using the app every day, while only 140 million people use Twitter every day.

That might not sound like a big deal until you think about how old each of the social networks are. This past March, Twitter turned a decade old. While Snapchat is only five years old. It is obvious that Snapchat is swiftly building an empire while the one Twitter has built up is kind of starting to crumble.

And Twitter is really feeling the struggle to stay relevant in the world of social media. Twitter Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey said that Snapchat is “very modern” and he is aware that Twitter can be both confusing and alienating, but he is trying to fix that. Maybe that’s what led Twitter to stop counting links and images in their notorious 140-character limit in an attempt to make it easier for new users. But it doesn’t help that Snapchat continues to roll out features that users quickly fall in love with. From silly filters to face swapping to being able to send stickers to friends, Snapchat’s most recent changes have users begging for more. And businesses looking to advertise on a social platform are well aware that Snapchat is where they should be doing it. Meanwhile, Twitter has been struggling to convince advertisers that they can make them money, but businesses are practically begging to be able to advertise on Snapchat to be able to reach the 13-34 year old demographic.

IMG_0891Regardless, it is apparent that Snapchat is more favorable than Twitter. It makes you wonder if Twitter will soon face the same doom as Myspace did back in the day. Of course, without question, Facebook is still the most used with a total of 1.09 billion daily active users and it isn’t likely to decline any time soon.

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Instagram Has Good News for Businesses

Recently, Instagram has been full of changes. Earlier this month, they updated their famous app icon and also gave the app a sleeker, simpler design in order to have the focus more on photos and videos. Now they have another change that is good news for businesses.

With over 400 million monthly active accounts, many businesses have wanted to use Instagram to their advantage for a long time. But with a lack of tools provided from the social media app, it has been a struggle and hassle for many businesses. This morning, Instagram officially announced their new tools exclusively for business users. These new tools include analytics, new business profiles, as well as the ability to turn Instagram posts into ads.

Before making these changes, the social media app worked with many different businesses to find out what exactly they wanted out of the app. They found out that many businesses were having a hard time making their accounts stand out.

Much like with Facebook, the insights that businesses can now track includes post reach, engagement, and top posts. Business accounts will also be able to collect data on their followers such as location, gender, and age. Analytics will be able to be collected even if the post isn’t an ad. If the business wants to turn their post into an ad, they can easily do it directly from the Instagram app. Previously, to make an ad on Instagram, businesses had to do it from Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, which could be a hassle and is not ideal for small businesses that are often on-the-go. Businesses will also now be able to add a “contact” button on their Instagram profiles, which will allow them to have customers either call, text, or email when users press the button.

Fortunately, not just anybody can have a business profile on Instagram. You have to already have a Facebook Page for your business in order to change your account.  So that means people that are just self-promoting won’t be able to abuse the system.

What do you think of these new Instagram changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Smart Marketing Solution

MWC 2016

It is too often companies promote themselves using only one or two methods, such as a mail flyer or an email. But now there is one great way to promote your company that is too often overlooked. Think about it for a second. What is the one item that you can guarantee almost everyone carries around with them daily? Their phone. Go4Clients provides you with the perfect solution for all things in the realm of mobile promotion.

The creator of Go4Clients, Telintel, has been the one-stop shop for anything that involves mobile engagement since 1997. Now with the addition of Go4Clients they have truly taken it to the next level. This unique advertising platform allows for personalized robocall and SMS campaign creation. The personalized campaign includes relevant information that specifically applies to individual clients. Even better, it allows you to easily reach thousands of your customers all within five minutes. The user intuitive platform also offers landing pages, text2speech, IVR or interactive voice response, sms2call and click2call. All these options and a global reach. Reaching customers from all over the world has never been so easy! These services Go4Clients provides are not only valuable if you are a marketing agency, collection agency, contact center, but is also a perfect and simple solution in any situation where you need to reach a large mass of people easily and all at once. Each message, call, or landing page can be completely customized and tailored to your business’ specific message.

Go4Clients is a pay to go system with a basic package starting at $49. So if your brand or client needs to target an ad towards a large, global mobile audience, head on over to to sign up now.

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